Great Earth Cleanup!
by YourEnchantedGardener

Laundry Area Overflow   17 y  
Emotional stuff up again...intense
6:04 PM August 4, 07 Turned by attention from my room to the Laundry area overflow outside. I had two big boxes. There was a bunch of rags, and some blue towels I need to return to the Hilton. The blue towels were used to wrap framed photos from the International Feng Shui Conference 05 and have been sitting in one of my laundry boxes. This cleanup has been bounncing off my own inner energies and banging against emotional stuff. The intensity of the pain this afternoon is again enormous. I do not know how God gave such talent to to such a hole filled man, wi ...   read more

Sales Tax Report 06-07+   17 y  
Completes this week...working on Sales Tax report...prelim. Remove shipping costs on E.G. Project support, and on Jensen web site. Other Things to Do NOW. Rent Increases, etc.
12:43 PM July 26, 07 I finished the Sales Tax Report. It was harrowing in places. My stress level was Up. I am dealing with learning disabilities when I take this on. I have come a long way. Now that it is down, I want to take on the Non Profit status. I am going to need more assistance.... of the calibre of Lee Forman, who does my IRS forms for me as an EG Sponsor. May I can get help from the Rotarians, and the Judge.... It would be sad if I allowed my limits and fears to keep my ministry from being all it can be. I have to take more steps to c ...   read more

Basement Cleanup Notes   17 y  
Draft One of Notes on Basement Cleanup. P and Leslie, Read in part at gathering Friday July 20. N present, Scott, Angelene, Leslie.
5:39 AM July 21, 07 These are the Draft of Meeting Notes written by P B and Leslie Thursday, July 19, 07. Notes from our talk this morning about a vision for function in foundation/basement. As a group/house/community, we’re asking for a shift in behavior and thinking. We’re recognizing the necessity for change, and as a matter of survival, we’re needing a shift in patterns of thinking and behavior that involve respect of others, space, self and spirit. Going beyond the emotional aspects of change, this is a matter of practicality, business and coo ...   read more

Climate Crisis in the Basement   17 y  
Clean up plan phase #1. Defining Outcome and Clean up Plan.
11:12 AM July 21, 07 Off to a Memorial for Dr. Garry White. The meeting where parts of this were presented went well. I will revise and add group input later.... ____ Resolving the Climate Crisis in the Basement: The Basement Cleanup: July and August 07 4:49 AM July 21, 07 These are not normal times. We have an intense infestation of biting buglife in the basement. We have odors that bring to mind mold. We have intense dirt and dust. We have a wall toward the South end the leaks in winter, or allows in water if there is too much watering or rain. W ...   read more

Down, Down, into the Black Dark   17 y  
Facing the inevitable journey into the Dark Basement.
11:17 AM July 15, 07 Saturn Day...I am feeling really bad. Victimized.... The Basic Meaning of the Eight of Spades The Eight of Spades is the most powerful card of physical and will power. When this card is present, you will find yourself experiencing more power over your health and work matters. Success is indicated by this card, along with the ability to overcome any obstacles that may appear in your way. Power comes from a focusing of our will, a narrowing down of the areas of our interest. Because of this, we often lose focus in less important areas while we gather f ...   read more

Success--from The Open Circle   17 y  
Dave Burnight sends Open Circle Newsletter. Fr Niel Voight has passed.
11:12 AM July 14, 07 To Laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and affection of childreh; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betralay of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to fuind the best in others; to lkeve the world a bit better, whether by a healthy childk a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know enven one life has breatheed easier becuase you have lived., This is to have succeeed. --Ralph Waldo Emerson Lovely cover on The Open Circle the Summer 2007 newsletter from Intersection House Associati ...   read more

Can't Save Everything   17 y  
Decluttering learnings.
8:28 AM July 14, 07 I can’t save everything. I have to create a different way of letting go, if I want to make faster progress. This is painful cleaning up so many papers. each has energy. Each is an incomplete. Each takes time to deal with completely or toss out. There are not enuf minutes and energy to deal with so many requests for energy. 8:31 AM Paris said he can do something with the Old Essene Tapes. They need to be transfered to CD format to preserve. I thought I would have him for the summer, likely a few weeks. Let us see what we can create no ...   read more

Week Review--Decluttering   17 y  
A week of decluttering. IT was slow going. I learned a lot about relationship in between.
8:31 AM July 13, 07 Felt discouraged a lot. Very slow going. Hit a highlight yesterday: working the shelf with notebooks collecting letters and things from my primary relationship the last seven years. I saw a lot of growth, and realize we both went all over the map emotionally. We really used the time to dig deep into all kinds of emotions and feelings that needed to surface. I am upset how much I slept during the week. I couls work for an hour and a half clearing papers form notebooks, then needed to nap. I felt like I was in prison, and a prisoner to ...   read more

Summer Completes + Declutter Sessions   17 y  
Summer Decluttering for Me
July 12, 07 9:20 AM Declutter session. progress report... 12:55 PM July 7, 07 Decluttering and organizing system: 1- Ghana Follow up Toni crawford... 2- Joe--farmers’ Markets 3- names from Earth Day in Earth Day book.... Completes Here I go!!!! Jumping in!!! 8:30 AM 6/26/07, 8:17 AM - 8:32 AM (00:14:32) : Wrote to Marina Lighthouse for support. She is one of my Feng Shui Friends. Wrote to Arcelia, Medicine Woman, and Ananda, Magnetic Attraction Priestess. Getting my Team Together for this job. Jumping IN 6/26/07, 8:33 AM ...   read more

Fellowahip for Intentional Community Update   17 y  
FIC update...Fellowship for Intentional Community
Greetings youreg, editor for Enchanted Garden, We have added a new feature to our Online Communities Directory ( ) that we wanted to let you know about. In an effort to allow readers of our Communities Directory to share their experiences with others, readers can now post public comments on community listings on the Online Directory. We hope that this will be a valuable service to community seekers and all those reading our site. By default, all comments must be reviewed by a community listing’s editor before they are displayed to the public. You ca ...   read more

Every Day, Weekly, Manager Duties   17 y  
This is My Weblog of Daily, Weekly, and Manager Duties
3:42 PM June 25, 07 Feeling discouraged. Looking at the whole of things. Two Doves came and sat at my window, and cooed once. They have been here before. I am concerned with how much to do I will not get to my own clean up in my Office and Bedroom. What I have taken on here is more than can be done, it appears.   visit the page

BIG Job, Little Pay   17 y  
The State of this Garden: Labor Intensive. Lots of Work, Little Pay. Better be taking Satisfaction out of what is here already!
11:41 AM June 25, 07 Paris P. Paris, AKA Paris Bingo says it well. The Enchanted Garden is a small model for what is happening on the Planet. So many things need doing: Big Job, Little Pay! That is the Way it is: Living in Peace on Earth is more about Being than Doing. and Being requires slowing down and seeing. Faster! Faster! We are going so Fast!!! TRYING to go Faster!!! Whole, Pure, Natural Living is Labor Intensive. Community Living is Labor Intensive. Many Hands, Less Work I once heard. Many Hand learning to work together... Labor Intens ...   read more

TO Do List: Organic Steps   17 y  
Organic Steps....To Do List for The Great Earth Cleanup...
8:08 AM June 25, 2007 What is needed next? House Meeting Preparations: 1. Explain the Three Books. Why the Three books. What is being asked. 2. Print up The Calenders with different color pens. Assign colors... Work on what I did last week... or find it in my Blog. Set up Blog Leslie’s Every Day Cleanup....weekly cleanup.. Print out sheet from web site.... for book... Explain every Day cleanup...and weekly [ I had an energy leak around this yesterday... Did N consider what she was doing as EDU/WU/ or Deep? Calendars... What Calendars are n ...   read more

Blogs Needed: Great Earth Cleanup   17 y  
Blogs I need to write for The Great Earth Cleanup
7:58 AM June 25, 2007 I wrote in Depression Set in just now. I feel better. Here are the Blog names I need to Create on this Blog: ENCHANTED GARDEN INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY 1. The Vision 2. Things that are Giving Energy 3. Things that are Asking Energy-- Debts... 3A. Accounting and Record Keeping 3B. The Non- Profit. [ Is there another way to get funding from the S. F. other than being a Non-Profit? Or can their yearly stipend, be given to an Account to F L P or W F F that I can use as a Consultant ...   read more

Goldman Nervous   17 y  
I feel unnerved.
5:09 PM June 22, 2007 One of my housemates has the Big C. She is fighting for Life, and is concerned she could come down with an infection. She is in Chemo. We have been working on the Upstairs Bathroom. Scott made some repairs and got some paperwork as far as costs of new materials. There is a mold problem behind the plastic we will replace. She is deathly afraid of mold. Rainbow Works, AKA Rainbow, AKA Donald is my Handyman and Plumber. He is an old friend and ally. Lots of good feelings between us. He has been able to handle most things at the house. N. ...   read more

Summer for The Great Earth Cleanup   17 y  
Capturing ideas....before heading out To FM....
10:08 AM June 17, 07 Diakon...Plant experiment is working!!! Tamar and I planted before he left... that was on Wednesday... The sprouts are up through the Rhimax paper...!!! Working with Peter Powder in early Sunday garden walkaround... His is 50% bigger....also some biting of insect on his... some leave unhappiness on both... Used more Peter Powder on his. Two Notebooks... Slow down and record...the steps This is The History Of Peace on Earth. Basilio support....My Canyon Farmer.... Use of cane in a neet pile that rest off the property.... Food Day...T ...   read more

Angelica Seeds Recovery   17 y  
Replanting Angelica Seeds. Will they grow. Energy to be cleaned up. Do I want to take that on now, or after I come back from World Environment Day?
8:52 AM May 27, 07 Found my Angelica seeds on the ground one day after the cleanup of the refrigerator. They are intended to be refrigerated. I asked for one of the outdoor refrigerators to be consolidated to cut back on electricity that is way over budget. A is doing the job. We have an energy breakdown most times we talk. I cannot afford the expense of this energy breakdown. I am four days away from an very important event, participating in World Environment Day in Tecate. Lots of emotions that last two days. I cannot afford to be distracted. I need to manage ...   read more


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