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Smile   17 y  
A Simple Reminder of the Power a Smile Can Have
When I checked my e-mail this morning, I had received a message from Yehuda Berg and the Kabbalah Centre. The weekly messages they send out are called a Weekly Consciousness Tune-Up. The e-mail presents one of the 72 names of God as presented by Yehuda Berg in his book: The 72 Names of God: Technology for the Soul. The name contained in the e-mail is then to be scanned and a meditation is to be read and concentrated upon. There is a belief that the actual letters of the name and the name itself have a power and energy to them. When scanned that power is taken within us. Well this we ...   read more

Power of Belief   17 y  
Now that We Have Learned the Power Our Beliefs Have Upon Our Body and Our Life, What Can We Do?
When you finish reading Bruce Lipton’s book, Biology of Belief, you have a fundamental understanding of how negative thoughts, emotions, beliefs and experiences can have a major impact on your body and your life. He clearly points out the scientific evidence that neatly links everything together. Alright, we now know that our thoughts and beliefs are having a negative impact on our health and on our lives but what do we do about it. Well there is a tremendous amount of information out there and different approaches that are geared to help you shed the old stressed out you and replace ...   read more

Going Within Pt. 2   17 y  
This is the Second Message I have Called Going Within Which Details lessons Learned from Our Bodies as Detailed in Lipton’s Book: Biology of Belief
Another lesson we can learn from our cells is that we are not victims of our genetics. In his great chapter called, It’s the Environment, Stupid. We learn how important the environment is in shaping our daily realities. While DNA can provide a blueprint for life, the genes carrying that blueprint can be modified and altered according to environmental signals picked up and then responded to by the inner workings of the cell. So if a cell is greatly affected by its environment, I wonder what could be the environmental impact on organisms such as humans which contain trillions of cells? ...   read more

Going Within Pt. 1   17 y  
When Searching for the Mysteries of Life We are Often Told Go Within. Lipton Shows Us in Biology of Belief that We Can Go within Our Own Bodies not Just Our Spirits or Our Minds to Find the Answers
Many of us are familiar with the teaching that in order to find the answers to life’s mysteries go within. Search within yourself for a divine connection for the divine resides within you and within all others. This is why meditation has been an important part of so many different traditions around the world for centuries and has become increasingly popular in modern culture as people yearn for a connection to the divine. I also have used meditation and mindfulness to go within and realize my connection to God and the universe. I have learned many lessons this way. However, after re ...   read more

Genetic Tampering   17 y  
Detailing the Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods and the Affect it Can Have on You and I as Introduced by Bruce Lipton, M.D. in Biology of Belief
One of the interesting and incredible important topics introduced by Lipton’s book is the use of genetic tampering or manipulation by scientists in the agricultural and food industries. In a pursuit to increase profits and reduce costs, scientists have now given the agricultural and food industries the ability to manipulate the genes of certain foods to increase production. This has created new versions of corn and other vegetables that allow them to produce more on smaller and smaller plots of land. While the owners of these food and agricultural businesses are applauding these efforts ...   read more

Biology of Belief   17 y  
My Review of the Book By Bruce Lipton, Ph.D Called “The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles”
Last week I was in my local Barnes & Noble bookstore searching in the New Age section for anything that peeked my interest. I must admit that I do have a slight obsession with books and reading and can spend hours searching in a bookstore. Anyway, it wasn’t long before I came across Bruce Lipton’s book called The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles which was put out this year by Mountain of Love/Elite Books. I have to say that this was one of the best books I have read in a long time. I absolutely loved the synthesis of science and spirituality p ...   read more

Mind School   17 y  
A Visualization Technique Used to Test Your Mind for Negative Thoughts and Begin the Process to Change those Thoughts into Positive Ones
Well most of the children in the U.S. have now gone back to school, so it seems only right that the rest of us go back as well. Except for us adults it is time to go to mind school. Yes that wonderful school where we begin to examine our mind for thoughts and thought patterns and determine whether they are positive or negative. If they are only positive, woohoo you’ve already graduated and you don’t even need to go to school. If not, then it is time to batten down the hatches and get ready for some work. As many of us know and others are starting to realize, thoughts are amazingly p ...   read more

Letter on Healing   17 y  
An Amazingly Insightful Letter and Quote From Spiritual Healer Bruno Gröning
Several months ago when I went to a free lecture on the German miracle healer Bruno Gröning everyone received a booklet called, “An Introduction to the Teachings of Bruno Gröning”.   This was written by a follower of his by the name of Grete Häusler.   As I was reading this booklet, I came upon a letter that Bruno had written to someone who apparently wrote to him seeking help with some illness.   I just thought the letter was so powerful and profound that I decided to replicate it here.   The letter reads as follows: Dear Friend, It is ...   read more

Grounding Method   17 y  
A Method I Learned Once for Grounding Negative and Discordant Energies
A while ago I learned a great way to ground negative energies that may be present in the body and energy field and replace it with positive energy. I think I was taught this method when I had my first Reiki class and attunement. It is a pretty simple visualization that doesn’t take too long. Here is how it goes: Begin by visualizing yourself in the middle of a forest. You’re standing barefoot on the ground. Immediately see your feet plant themselves deep into the soil. Your feet begin to transform into roots which grow deep within the earth all the way down to the core where they ...   read more

Contact   17 y  
An Amazing Experience I Had While Asleep Which Showed Me that Separation Doesn’t Exist and that Contact is Possible
One day last week I had a dream that was nothing short of amazing to me. It was pretty much unlike any other dream I have had. The dream started off with me standing in front of my house. While standing there my grandmother who passed away two weeks ago comes walking up the front steps. Just as I have envisioned her in the past, she is younger than when I can remember her. She is probable in her early to mid sixties with brown curly hair. I think this was a very happy time in her life and that is why she chooses to project herself this way. I have read before that when a spirit come ...   read more

Hawk and Snake Dream   17 y  
A Dream I had the other Night Filled Me with Such Joy and a Sense of Progress
The other night I had a wonderful dream that helped me realize that I was on the right path. The dream began with me standing in front of my house. I was standing there observing everything around me. As I was looking around, I then noticed quite unexpectedly this rather large snake. It was quite large and reminded me of a cobra of some sort. And when I say it was big, it was probable just as big as I was and it looked rather unhappy. The appearance of this snake startled me and I began to back up to get away from it. The further I got the closer the snake came. I again continued ...   read more

Spiritual Evolution   17 y  
My Thoughts on the Micro and Macro Aspects of the Current Spiritual Evolution
I was reading a blog entry by Liora Leah today called Mother Speaks: Hurricane Katrina. Within the post, Liora Leah shares with us a message that Mother Earth communicated to her regarding the causes and reasons for Hurricane Katrina. You can read this message and I recommend you do at the following link: After reading Mother Earth’s message I had somewhat of an epiphany. Her message made me think about the changes occurring on this planet from a completely different perspective. A spiritual perspective. Like the rest of us, I was ...   read more

Saying Goodbye   17 y  
Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One who Recently Passed Away
Well it is now almost one week since I found out that my grandmother passed away. I was actually at a spiritual meeting I attend once a week when I received the news. As soon as the phone rang that night I had a feeling that it was going to be a call for me. My mom told me that she had passed away peacefully in her sleep. After hanging up the phone I shared with those of the group who were still left. We made a circle, held hands and said a prayer in her honor asking God to take her up into the light and into heaven. I received a hug from each of them and then made my way home. On ...   read more

Freedom Message   17 y  
The Other Day I Received a Message on the Importance of Freedom
On Saturday, I was in my backyard sitting in a comfortable chair and beginning my meditation.  Shortly afterwards I received a message.  This was a really interesting message on the importance of freedom.  This kind of freedom is the freedom of self.  The freeing of oneself from all of the baggage and negative self limiting thoughts and illusions we have created during our lifetimes.  The interesting thing is that it is this baggage or brick walls as spirit calls them in the message that separates each one of us from another.  Separation occurs as we are mostly convinced that ours is the ...   read more

Yesterday’s Experience   17 y  
I Had an Amazing Experience Yesterday During a Guided Meditation
Yesterday I underwent a guided meditation that turned out to be an absolutely wonderful experience. It was so good that I figured I would share it. There actually wasn’t that much to the guiding part, but the setup was to call in certain angels who would help lead each person on their own private path to the Garden of Eden. Once in the Garden of Eden you would then be able to experience your true essence. I started the meditation and thankfully a vision of a path quickly manifested itself. This still amazes me as there was a time that I never was able to get anything during guided m ...   read more

Last Night’s Dream   17 y  
The Dream I had Last Night and My Interpretation of that Dream
Last night I had an interesting dream that had two distinct parts. The first part of the dream took place outside of my parent’s home. I was running around the block just as I did when I was a child. We used to play all sorts of fun games like tag or another type of game like tag called manhunt. I have no idea where that name came from, but that’s what we called it. Anyway, I was running around the neighborhood as if we were playing one of these games. I was running through backyards, darting across the street and jumping over fences. I was actually having a pretty good time. I the ...   read more

Personal Message   17 y  
This is a Personal Message I Received Which May Apply to Others
I woke up early this morning around 4:30 or 5:00.   This was definitely not my usual time to wake up.   However, I have been told that if you wake up around this time it often is a sign that the universe has a message for you.   Apparently, it is easier to transmit messages early in the morning as most people are asleep at that time.   I guess you can sort of say that the grid is a bit quieter.   Anyway, I was awake and could not fall back asleep so I decided to meditate.   As soon as I began, I started to receive a message.   Now this happened t ...   read more

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