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Herpes & The DMSO Deception

It’s bad enough to promote ineffective treatments to the general public but I consider it a crime to promote the use of unsafe therapies just for the sake of taking advantage of the huge population of herpes sufferers.

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Herpes and the DMSO Deception

DMSO is a Dangerous, ineffective, un-natural and illegal therapy for the treatment of herpes.

I wrote an essay over a year ago called “The Natural Health Products Hustle: False Prophets chasing Profits”, to describe my dismay at seeing all the unethical businesses jumping into the new gold rush which is the “natural health products” market. You can read that essay here-

What mostly happens with these companies is that they over-hype the effectiveness of their products which give cynics an excuse to criticize vitamins and supplements, but rarely are the products dangerous.

DMSO (di-methyl-sulfoxide) is an exception. DMSO is not an herbal medicine, vitamin or a supplement. It is a man-made solvent derived from the pulp and paer industry. Its main use is as an industrial solvent to clean heavy equipment. DMSO does have some medicinal uses, primarily for the treatment of interstitial cystitis, and to help race horses cope with the strain on their unnatural bodies.

Only pharmaceutical grade DMSO (USP) which is 99.9 pure is safe for use with humans, and it is only legal to sell or buy it with a prescription and it is only approved for human use by the FDA for use in the treatment of interstitial cystitis (an inflammation of the bladder).

Greedy companies unconcerned about the danger of DMSO get around this law by selling industrial and veternarian grade DMSO which is only 99% pure on the internet by pretending that they are selling it as a solvent for industrial use. No legitimate company or healthcare professional is involved in the promotion of DMSO as a treatment for herpes only the convicted felon Kevin Trudeau and another dubious author with a book fancifully entitled “Never and Outbreak”.

You may think that 99% pure DMSO sounds pretty pure, but actually it isn’t. DMSO is a great sub-dermal delivery system. It penetrates through your skin, through your cell membranes and is one of the few substances that penetrates your blood-brain barrier which protects your brain. 1% impurity makes any non-pharmaceutical grade DMSO too dangerous for human use. DMSO will also carry anything on the surface of your skin right into your body with it- bacteria, viruses, and toxins. DMSO also can burn and cause severe irritation to your skin.

DMSO has never been shown to be an effective therapy for the treatment of herpes either in peer-reviewed clinical studies or in clinical practice by those treating herpes. In my 16 years of treating herpes I have never met or heard of any herpes treatment specialist advocating the use of either DMSO or DMSO and hydrogen-peroxide therapy.

It’s bad enough to promote ineffective treatments to the general public but I consider it a crime to promote the use of unsafe therapies just for the sake of taking advantage of the huge population of herpes sufferers.

But some of the blame has to be placed on the shoulders of those who are buying DMSO for herpes treatment. Herpes is a lifelong viral infection and there are no-magical quick fixes for herpes. Those who either in desperation or ignorance look for gimmick treatments on the internet are putting themselves in a bad situation. If you need help with your herpes treatment plan turn to a professional instead of a anonymous internet company.

Herpes can only be managed over the long-term by either drug therapy or a holistic protocol involving dietary, exercise and lifestyle changes, and anchored with real-herbal medicine. Treating herpes naturally isn’t complicated at all but requires patience and effort on your part.

These are some of my thoughts on herpes and the DMSO deception. Below is some additional reference material on the dangers of DMSO.

Christopher Scipio
Holistic Viral Specialist


“The major thing (outside of the fact that it is an *extremely* powerful solvent... which can carry any solute directly into the bloodstream) is that on exposure to air it forms a very high and toxic level of peroxides.
DMSO frequently causes a garlic-like body odor and taste in the mouth. Other reported side effects include stomach upset, sensitivity to light, visual disturbances, and headache. Skin irritation can develop at the site where DMSO is applied topically. Only highly purified, properly diluted DMSO should be used and the skin site as well as the applying hand should be thoroughly cleaned before application, because the solvent properties of DMSO allow contaminants to be absorbed through the skin and transported into the bloodstream. Improperly diluted DMSO can also burn the skin. Severe consequences could result if the impure industrial or veterinary grades of DMSO are used on humans.
Dr. James R. Crook, professor of medicine at the University of Alaska and a specialist in human diseases, expresses the fear that users of DMSO may be unaware of how fast the solvent and materials dissolved in it can penetrate the skin and other parts of the body. Because of the fast action, a substance which by itself might have limited or no effect could cause serious damage or death if accidentally or intentionally applied to the body in a DMSO solution.”

DMSO is neither a nutritional supplement nor an over-the-counter product; its use for the treatment of interstitial cystitis—performed by interstitial instillation—requires a physician with expertise in this procedure. Bladder instillation may be harmful in patients with urinary-tract malignancy. Those who receive long-term treatment with intravesical DMSO should have liver and renal function tests as well as ophthalmologic evaluation performed every six months during treatment. DMSO has been associated with lens changes in animals.
Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid using DMSO.
DMSO used as an industrial solvent is not medical grade.
Adverse reactions reported in those using DMSO for treatment of interstitial cystitis include garlic-like taste, transient chemical cystitis, bladder spasm, discomfort, allergic reactions and anaphylactoid reactions. Adverse reactions for topical use include garlic-like taste, local dermatitis, nausea, vomiting, headache, burning eyes and sedation. Concomitant use of DMSO and sulindac may cause peripheral neuropathy.”


DMSO is a by-product of the paper industry and is able to carry some drugs rapidly through the skin and other tissues. There are no FDA approved uses for DMSO in food-producing animals. Approvals do exist for uses in horses and dogs. Industrial grade DMSO is widely available for various non-medical uses such as paint remover and other solvent uses. DMSO is often found stored on dairy farms or mixed with other drugs intended for use in dairy animals. Such use may lead to an increased chance of drug residues, off odor and off flavor milk.

FDA considers the use of DMSO for any veterinary purposes other than approved uses in dogs and horses to be illegal. DMSO is an unapproved new animal drug which is unsafe to use in food-producing animals.

The storage or use of DMSO is a violation of itme 16 r.”

“Dimethyl sulfoxide is a by-product of wood pulping and is frequently used as solvent in a number of chemical reactions. In particular DMSO proved to be an excellent reaction solvent for SN2 alkylations: it is possible to alkylate indoles with very high yields using potassium hydroxide as the base and a similar reaction also occurs with phenols. DMSO can be reacted with methyl iodide to form a sulfoxonium ion which can be reacted with sodium hydride to form a sulfur ylide. The methyl hydrogens of DMSO are somewhat acidic in character (pKa=35) due to the stabilization of the resultant anions by the sulfoxide group.
It is important to use caution in handling dimethyl sulfoxide, due to its strong solvent power and the ease with which it penetrates the skin. It is especially important to avoid contact with the mucous membranes.
In certain conditions, dimethly sulfoxide can produce an explosive reaction when exposed to acid chlorides.”

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