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Are SOme of The things Obamas pastor saying far from the truth?

In a state like Montana where the white population has a history no less ruthless than Adolph Hitler and the German SS.
the slaughter and humiliation of Native Americans has never been addressed by White Montanans.

Date:   3/17/2008 6:15:00 PM   ( 15 y ) ... viewed 2730 times

I am an aging man who has been around the block a few times and has come a long way from my bronx roots.

I did not know too much about racsim growing up in the Bronx. But, I do now!

It is interesting to see how outraged white america is getting about the remarks made by Barack O'bamas Pastor.

Imagine that?

But since many in white america are actually in denial or will outright lie about their racism. It is no surprise that so many Americans will not look at themselves in the mirror and see what liars and bigots they actually are

What I have seen in and around the USA, Especially in Montana is a racism ingrained so deepp. it is at every level of the white population in Montana

In a state like Montana where the white population has a history no less ruthless than Adolph Hitler and the German SS.

200 years later in places like Montana, hotels still profile Black customers. Many Blacks and other minorities more qualified than their white Supervisors are relegated to jobs as janitor, kitchen help and porters. It is still okay for their white superiors to implement racist stereotypes. With the support of other like minded white supervisors. They could practice racism with the support of a staff and management that will sacrifice truth in order to protect it's business from lawsuits.

In Montana, one is now proud to call themselves a 5th or 6th generation Montana. Even though that probably meant that your ancestors took part in murdering, raping , insulting, stealing, from Native Americans who kept Montana and its environment balanced. It became the role of the White Montanan to
Treat native Americans in a manner similar to that of Adolph Hitler's treatment of Jews. Native Americans were murdered, demeaned, the women were raped, the tribes were thrown in an 18th century version of Concentration camps. Montana and many other parts of the USA became lands without a soul. Where the wounds were so deep , the only alternative for the white race in Montana was to follow a path of Denial.

Clean land that was filled with wildlife and nature has been replaced with pollution, bigotry, animals and open land have been replaced with littered land, extinct wildlife and large gas burning vehicles that now soak the bloodstained land with poisonous toxins. All in the name of greed and self gratification that many in the white race have come to expect at all cost.

We have always known as one nation under God but in the past decades God and faith has been thrown out of public schools and out of our public lands. A generation of self absorbed generation of the children of the counter culture have not been able to follow the path of their god or embrace the integrity and witnessing of truth that comes with being a person of Faith .

These same white Montanans forced native Americans to learn their language and live under their white idea of who and what god is!

In Texas Baseball star Roger Clemens is protected and admired by the lapdog white racist media while Barry Bonds is treated like crap. Jackie Joyner is stripped of her Olympic medals, as was native American Jim Thorpe.

Yet, Texas media allows roger Clemens to not have to field questions, the Houston Astro's keep him on staff.
Is this not clearly racism in America?

In the last few decades, many of leaders in politics, Business, Corporate America,
Public education have left a life of integrity and honesty to embrace the dark side of
life, greed, lying, Revenge, hate and sin. Life had no longer been about doing what was best for society, but, it had become Living a life that was best for ones self esteem and ego.

A new generation had no foundation of belief only instant gratification. One can now find new words to use to replace their hateful ways, their lack of integrity. It became okay to lie in the workplace, gossip replaced any type of employee respect. The honest hard working , righteous person became the outsider.

We had created a generation of people who would hide their lack of self esteem and ability to live with integrity and honesty. This group grew as honesty was replaced with a generation that drowned their
Depression and anger in Alcohol, rugs, gossip and hatred directed at those who stayed on course and lived a righteous lifestyle that was positive and faith based.

In my world I saw in the hospitality industry how a generation of White People could now claim they embraced a certain political belief that was allegedly that of open minded, caring individuals that embraced all races, creed , religions, etc. When in actuality it had become a generation more racist and hateful toward people that are different than their white brethren than ever in our history. One could now lead a life that was of Symbolism over substance. Where one could say they embraced all people . Yet, within their peers the racism, bigotry and jealousy had grown to epic proportions. One could now discriminate yet lie about their motivations. In a State Like Montana that is 94% white. All many of the people would have to say teach other is they care. They are making a difference. If one tells a lie enough times,. It becomes the truth? Was it not Adolph Hitler or the Nazi regime that said that first?

My experience with employment at Wyndham hotells showed me that the entire structure of Wyndham hotels is to run a hotel with preferential treatment for the stereotypical White Business Man and woman, To stereotype and mock minorities and actually charge minorities who pay cash higher deposits, for Wyndham hotels to ignore managers describing Muslims as towel heads, for Wyndham hotels to force Muslim and Jewish employees to partake in Christian Christan Rituals and Xmas parties.

Businesses in Montana like the Wyndham Hotel and others know that state leaders and white staff members who are supposed to protect employee rights against civil rights violations are mere lapdog racists who will do whatever it takes to protect white owned business and their arrogant attitudes toward minorities

The radio airwaves, white owned bars, restaurants are now filled with white Americans shouting it's displeasure with other darker skinned cultures wanting to share in the American dream. In a land that had hundreds of native American Languages. Most silenced by the guns of the white man, the white man now shouts it's displeasure with any one speaking Spanish or any other ethnic dialects.

The Corporate White leaders and Hospitality industry has tried to keep the dark skinned immigrant a second class American. One they could exploit, abuse and place in slum housing. Often treating them in manner not much different than the 18th and 19th Century slaves of the South. Only worse!
In Montana, A Mexican Immigrant died in Big Sky Montana while working outdoors at a hospitality industry site. He worked for a pittance of salary in sub freezing weather without proper equipment or heat.
He tried to keep warm by making a fire and died because of lack of Oxygen. The Bozeman Chronicle article only says Mexican dies in Big Sky. Another disposable dark skinned person who is thrown aside like trash by the powerful White run bigots in the Hospitality industry of Montana and the Rocky mountain region.

Just a few weeks before in another small Montana Town a Dark Skinned Mexican American was stopped for a misdemeanor violation and a White Police Officer actually shot his gun at this man who accidentally backed his car into the polices vehicle. When you have a Predominantly racist state with a racist Democrat and Republican party that is in the pockets of white business owners, Businessman who also keep their sheets and mask hanging in the bedroom closet . Where across the border from Montana in small Idaho towns many men gather in back rooms and small restaurants at local Arian Nation meetings. Where one may accidentally take a wrong turn in a Idaho restaurant to while looking for a rest room and see a hanging poster of Adolph Hitler.

In small towns of the western Rockies while many radio stations in the other parts of America are celebrating the life of the Rev. DR Martin Luther King, Idaho, Utah , Montana talk radio shows are filled with local callers attacking the life of Martin Luther King. One radio show in Utah actually had many callers who called Martin Luther king a fraud and even worse.

In Bozeman , Montana, 20 people came out on a cold Sunday Morning and Marched down main street in memory of DR Martin Luther King. Not one corporation, Hotel or local white politician, city commission member , Mayor, etc showed up for the March. It was a bitter cold morning but 20 people braved Main Street in Bozeman, Montana from Main Street to the Bozeman Public Library. The only media to show up was the Bozeman Chronicle, every TV station and other media outlet ignored the marchers and any recognition of DR King. A group of an additional 30 people showed up to pay tribute to DR King at the Bozeman Library. In a city of 34 thousand White Residents. Only 50 people came to pay tribute to DR King and his accomplishments.

Later that day one of the Marchers went into a local tavern to watch the NFL Playoffs
And was recognized by a white gentleman who verbally abused the marcher, calling him a Jew bastard that did not belong in a Bozeman bar. This man went on to threaten this marcher and threaten to beat his Jew ass.

The man was ejected from the bar, but was allowed to return to the bar despite his hate filled racist tirade.
In a city with many like minded white Majority individuals in media, business and politics. It is no surprise
That all they need to do is deny their racism and hatred and their like minded
White brethren will be there to support them.

In another bar on Main Street in Bozeman . A white man in his 20's was drunk and spouting off how he hated niggers and fags. yelled out anti gay obscenities and was not immediately thrown out of the bar. Why? Because racism is Montana's and many of white Americas dirty little secret

As I walk down the un shoveled ice covered main street I pass by a Church where there are 5 new SUVS
Parked out in front of the Church. All the cars have their motors running and smoke leave the tailpipe and dissipates into the Montana Air. I see two Hispanic men riding a Bike through the slush filled streets.
They attract the attention of some of the white church goers getting ready to enter the predominately white Church. The Bike riders do not enter the Church, They stop and look and then proceed on their bikes.

I am reminded of a story where a black man is sitting outside a Church crying while white Christians are praising their loving lord on the warm inside of the Church. God appears in front of the Black man who is crying and asks the man why he is crying. The Black man tells god that the Church forbid him to enter because he is Black. God looks at him and smiles and says. "Don't worry I have been trying to get into that Church since it was built.


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