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Day 21 of Water Fast

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April 17, 2011

I wasn't sure if I was going to get up on time to go to the Palm Sunday service at church. I am so used to the 11:15 Service that the one service at 10:30 at the Palace, made me wonder. But I got up early enough that I went early. The Service wasn't until 10:30, but I got there around 9:30 a.m. It was at the Palace, the same place I was at the night before. LOL. I went to sit in the same seat that I was in the night before, and an usher asked if I could move up front. I did, but I wasn't happy. I don't like to sit at the front during a service for some reason. Probably because I have always sat in the back, even when I was a child. So I sat closer up front. Since I had nothing to do, I read my Bible, as I brought it with me, not knowing if I would need it or not. I started reading Exodus, and got as far as the end of Exodus 10, but I plan on reading more of it through out the week. I tried not to pay attention to the young family, that had a new 2 week baby, as well as a young daughter as it tugged my heart strings, as I would love to have my own little family like that. I watched a little girl and her brother. I wondered if others realized how blessed they are to have a family like that. I did a bit of praying for my father, my mother and even for the guy. I told God that it was hard to pray for the guy, but nevertheless, I do wish him well, regardless how he treated me in the past. I reminded myself that God KNOWS my heart.

The Service was lovely and I wondered if they recorded it so I might get a copy of it. The whole congregation was shaken up when Pastor Mark sang, and then spoke, as today was his last time worshiping with us, as him and his family is moving to Florida. I hate to see him go, as he is a wonderful pastor and he will be gratefully missed. They took a love offering for him, and I realized I didn't have any money, then I realized I did. I still have the $40.00 dollars that the guy gave me a while ago, and hadn't spent. You can say that I had developed an unhealthy relationship with that little bit of money. I wouldn't spend it, because he gave it to me and it was all I had left of him. It sat in my wallet hidden from sight, but I knew it was there. I decided that if I gave it to Pastor Mark, then I could release myself from it, and it would be more helpful to me, then having it. It was a way that I could take a step to let go ever more. So I gave Pastor Mark the $40.00 that I had in my wallet since early March. I have to say that it was a big step for me as well as it made me feel so much better. I thought I would get upset or even cry, but releasing it was freeing for me. I am glad that I did it.

After the Service, I went to Christy's, as I was going to take her to Walmart to get her free Easter photo of her son. She was drying his clothing and wasn't certain if they were going to be dry or not. They were. She put him in red running pants and a gray shirt that said “Reality sucks”. I wanted to say something, but then I realized that Christy didn't have any “nice” clothes for Jesse to wear. That was as nice as it was going to get. I then realized that how I was raised was so much different then she was raised. I know that my mother would have had something nice for me or my brother to wear. Not something so casual, but a bit more dressy. I felt bad for Jesse, but then again, I don't think Christy cared what he wore, just as long as it was clean. I found out later that Jesse was wearing his mother's T-shirt. Sigh.

While they were getting the photo taken, I went to tool department, as I was going to some tools, in order to fix her kitchen table. She has had since she moved in, but the guys couldn't get the nut broken off of the bolt on the leg to attached it to the table. So the table sat upside down for a couple days with only three legs on it, and then they took it apart, and put it in the closet. Since we were going to be coloring eggs, we had to have a table or have to do them on the floor. I told her that I would fix the table, since the guys weren't. I bought a convenient box of household tools for $19.99, every much like the ones I have at home for my vehicle (which are not in my vehicle). I bought some rust remover (like WD40 but especially for breaking rusty nuts and bolts). As I was making my way to the photoshop, I found a new cheap Veggietales movie! It was “Its a meaningful life”, a parody on “Its a wonderful life”. It was a lesson on contentment. I didn't have that one yet, so I decided to buy it.

Well, the picture was okay. Jesse didn't take his leather jacket off (as it was really chilly out side so we were all wearing our jackets) when it was taken, so it didn't look very special, as it could have been. I don't think he was happy getting his picture taken again. Oh well.

We went back to the house, to find Christy's mother and stepfather waiting for her. It was her birthday, so the house was full of people in a manner of minutes. Christy, her son, her boyfriend, another friend, her mother and stepfather, her brother and his girlfriend and Christy's sister. I got busy dragging out the wooden table from the closet and working on getting it together. I sprayed the rusty bolt/nut, and let it sit, while I put the other legs on the table. Big Ron, one of Christy's friends, asked me if I wanted him to do that for me. I told him “No” He then said “I can do that for you if you would like” I said “No, you guys had plenty of time to do it in the last couple weeks, now I am going to put it together so she can use it.” I am certain he was a little miffed on what I said, but it was the truth. They come and go, eat her food, and really don't help her as they should. I couldn't get the bolt broke from the nut. I only had one wrench, and nothing to grip the bolt, as it was turning out of the wood. I finally took the bolt out of the wood, soaked in the oily mixture, while I walked to the store and got me a locking pilers to help me.

As I was walking to Family Dollar, I called my Dad. I found out that I woke him up from his nap. I told him I didn't mean to, but I called to see how he was doing and stuff. I told him what I was doing for the day, and that I had been busy and my schedule was always full with something. I asked him how he was feeling. He said that he was doing much better. We chatted for a about 25 minutes and then I told him again sorry for waking him up. I told him that I loved him and I could call again on Wednesday. He told me that he loved me too, and we ended the call. By that time, I got to the store and bought my pilers, which weren't too expensive and got back to the house. By the time I got back to Christy's, every one was gone, but Christy and Jesse. I still couldn't get the bolt broken from the nut, so I cleaned off it off and screwed it back into the leg through the brace. We normally would have just set the leg with the bolt through the brace and tightened it with the nut, but since we couldn't do that, I did it the other way around. It worked. I commented to Christy “You have to be smarter then the table.” LOL. Christy and I turned the table upright and she put a table cloth on it. After I took the time to clean up (as my hands were a little bit oily), cleaned/wiped my tools and put them away, I realized that I am definitely my mother's daughter. I told Christy this and she laughed with me. I say that because, first I finished something that other people neglected to finish (something my mother has done and does do) second, I used my own tools, and cleaned them (something she taught me, as she was a plumber -one of the only women plumbers in town) and third, I didn't allow a man to take over, when I knew that I could do just as a good job as he can. It was funny, because as I was cleaning up in the bathroom, I looked in the mirror, and I saw my mother staring back at me. Normally I would be upset and try to “run” away from being so much like my mother, but this time, I was proud that my mother taught me to finish things and to do them correctly. Christy, her boyfriend and her other guy friends, could have finished this months ago, but they didn't. Probably not motivated enough. I did it because it NEEDED to be done. Something that my mother instilled in me. That I am proud of .

Two kids from down stairs came up to play with Jesse, and I told them if they wanted they could color eggs with us if it was okay with their dad. So they ran down stairs to get permission and came back. I took a half an hour break before we started coloring eggs. I laid down newspapers on the table cloth, and I was happy that I bought paper towels the other day, so we could use them. I opened up the 5 egg coloring boxes of (two of them were only to be used for the stickers). I opened up the egg cups and distributed the dye pellet, and bent the egg holders to be used. I added the warm water to the cups, while Christy added the teaspoons of vinegar to them.We set aside the gold paint and the paint to be used for the speckled eggs. So the kids came back from running downstairs and all ready to color eggs. It was fun. The kids did more eggs then Christy and I did. Well, we had boiled 3 ½ dozen and 6 eggs were too cracked from boiling that we actually only had 3 dozen to dye, which is not bad. I made an Alien (with the a Grey features – big black eyes and slit nose and mouth) that I colored a green-blue. I did to show Christy the type of egg that I once made with I was dating Travis, as we colored eggs together one year for fun. We used crayons to decorate our eggs before dying. It was so much fun. Afterwards, the kids up stickers on them and took one egg and tried to make speckled eggs with the gold and primary colored paint. It was really messy, so that is one reason why we allowed them to do only one. We allowed the eggs to get cold for a while, before we allowed the 2 kids to pick and take 2 eggs home with them.

The rest of the night that I hung out over at Christy's I crocheted (worked on my pirate blanket that is always in my huge zippered tote, which I keep in my car) and I continued to rip seams in Christy's striped shirt that she wanted me to make into apron for her Medieval garb she will be wearing to Ren Faire.

I keep myself busy and rested. I didn't get home until close to midnight, as we were talking and watching movies. It seems that Christy and I get to talk more later in the night, then we do during the day. I think it is because there are less people calling her, and she isn't on the phone as long. I was feeling a bit “off” and tired, so I told her that I probably wouldn't come over on Monday, but I might if I was feeling different, other wise she would see me on Tuesday so we could go tot he Women's Expo and go to the grocery store to get Easter stuff for Jesse and Brianna.

Of course when I got home, Mekong was happy to see and I spent some extra time with her, since I had been gone all day. Pretty soon I will be spending more time with my kitties, as Christy should be going back to work soon. She took her drug test on Thursday and if she hasn't heard anything by Monday, she is to call Tuesday to find out. She is a really excited about it. She told me that she will be able to lose all the weight that she gained. Of course, I told her that she could do that easily, if she would watch her portions, change what she was eating and get a little bit more exercise. Of course, it probably went in one eye and out the other, as it usually does.

It feel really good to lay down and get some sleep. I was really feeling exhausted for some reason.

EXERICISE: walked 3.50 Miles,

WATER INTAKE: 35 ounces of water

WEIGHT: 113 pounds

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