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by Karlin

Things we do that are "too late to do over" - eg. cancer

Sometimes we get into a jam and wished we could do it over and make different choices... but some things cannot be done over... once the happen, it is too late to change our minds.

Date:   6/7/2013 2:26:17 AM   ( 10 y ) ... viewed 7699 times

  Have you ever done one of the stupid things where it seemed like a good idea at the time, and when it works out it IS a good idea.... until it goes wrong and then WHAM there is no going back.

  Shoplifting, for example. The food is free!! Eat well, enjoy. Do it again tomorrow... but once you get caught you cannot "do over" - it is too late now and it simply was not worth it.

  Or sending that email... it is so easy to write nasty and hit send... then you regret it but it all happened so fast and you cannot take it back. Its too late.

  CANCER. Now you have it, the diagnosis came back today. Many people will ask themselves if they could have avoided it - "did I do something wrong?".

  I am sorry to kick you when you are down, but in almost every cancer case, the answer is "YES, you did do something that brought the cancer on". Sorry.

   Maybe all you really did was "what everybody else does, just the basic average lifestyle everybody lives, so WHY ME?"

  "WHY ME" is because 1 out of every 2 of us will get cancer. 50%. Half. Every other one of us. In other words, its is not "WHY ME?" it is "why NOT you?"... or me, or the boss, or buddy over there. Of the four of us, two will get cancer during our lifetime.

   "Only" half of cancer victims die of it though. So of the four of us, two will get cancer and one of us will die from it.

   It could be that we will die a painful death. Even if it takes just six months, six months of severe pain can seem as long as 10 lifetimes. The cancer itself, and the chemo and radiation all cause pain. Sometimes it isn't bad....

   And, "its too late". You were fine and then it happened and there is no going back, you are in a fight for your life now. Too late to make different choices.

   HOWEVER - if you do not have cancer yet, if your "one out of two chances" has yet to win you the prize, you can bet on it coming. Half!! 50%!!! - if only the lotto had such good odds, eh?

   SO - instead of making those bad choices, those "everybody else is doing it" choices, which happen to be the exact choices that resulted in the 50% chance of getting cancer, we could make different choices.

    Have you ever thought of doing something so radical as to abandon "what everybody else is doing" and going your own way instead? Remember when we were teenagers and we just HAD to have a cell phone because "everybody else has one"? [yes, ok, I am older than that]

  Do you remember our parents saying - "if everybody else was jumping off a bridge, would you do it too?" and we would shake our heads back and forth and mutter in a whiny voice "nooo, but I just wanna grow my hair long" or "Mooooooom... its just music, I want a Beatles record, it isn't actually evil unless you spin it backwards".

  {Jokes? - Oh lighten up. Cancer is the perfect thing to joke about.}

Not following my weird humour? Okay - let me make one thing perfectly clear:

   STOP IT. Stop doing what everybody else is doing unless you want to be the one of two of us who gets CANCER - the diagnosis you cannot "do over" - it is too late, you got it now.

   The REASON that "one of two" get cancer today is precisely because "everybody is doing it".... 75 years ago cancer was RARE!! It is obviously something we are doing...  something everybody is doing.

   WHAT we are doing is stuffing cancer causing chemicals into our body. And ON our body. We breathe them in, we eat them, we drink them, we lather them on our skin.

WHAT are those carcinogens, specifically?
* non-stick cookware.
* processed foods and food additives.
* non-organic foods we eat and the crops they grow in [pesticides].
* cosmetics
* household cleaner chemicals.
* sunblock [may do some good, but not enough to balance out the chemicals].
* And tanning beds

  That is just a short list, a place to start, a few things off the top of my head. Common things.  Everybody uses them.

  That is the short list of things you can do something about - none of those things are necessary.

  Some or all of that short list will be the cause, and when you or I get the dreaded diagnosis, we can laugh and say "its too late, I already did those things" [because everybody does it].

  Stop the cancer epidemic - dare to be different.

------------------Side Notes:

  There are also the carcinogens we cannot do anything about such as nuclear power and coal mining, unless we protest enough, perhaps then it will stop. However, those do not account for most cancers, the list above does.

  As for smoking, I think it is a red herring. Smoking rates have dropped by 50% or more and yet the cancer rates only continued to climb.

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