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Salt Energy

Salt has a very unique energy and, if it’s true life on Earth started in the seas, sea salt, and it’s energy, is essential to life.

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All energy is connected. The energy of salt in humans is connected to all salt energy, everywhere. This is true of all energies they're all 1, connected.

The energy of salt links humans to the oceans which transfers and absorbs certain types of energy such as stress, agitation, anxiety etc, which are all products of stimulation, from humans to the oceans when the link's in place and strong.

These energies, left in humans, produce unbalanced behaviour, and the transfer of these energies to the oceans acts to balance people, maintaining equilibrium.

At least it does when the salt energy is present.

This flow acts like a siphon drawing conflicting, stressful energy from humans into the oceans, and when the link is broken, these energies remain in place, in humans. Large bodies of water absorb energy.

Once the link is restored, through using The Therapy Part 3: sea salt, the flow of conflicting, stressed energy out to the oceans resumes and with it a calmness and relaxation comes to a person along with a slowing of the perception of the passage of time.

People in an stimulated state perceive time to be passing quickly. The less stimulation the slower the perceived passage of time. When there's no stimulation in humans, which includes desire, there's no perception of time passing. This state could also be described as happiness.

Stimulated people become adrenalin addicts an addiction which also falls away as stimulation reduces.

The connection with the oceans energy is a 2-way street with benefits flowing from the oceans into humans including, depth, clarity, fluidness, security through unity and a sense of wholeness, to name a few. The flow out reduces the desire to be stimulated.

In the womb the developing child floating in amniotic fluid reflects this relationship, and our connection with the oceans, through the energy of salt, continues this.
In humans salt energy supplies the underlying link or pathway which other processes, both energy and physical, need to work.

For instance a major factor in both motor neuron disease (MND) and dementia is a lack of energy from salt in the body regulating, conducting and controlling electrical energy.

Electrical energy in the human body can only function correctly when the underlying filtered energy of salt is present.

Filtered salt energy will also release, and help drive out, insect life energy from a person and it's the dissipation and absence of salt energy by the energy of petrochemicals which gives the life energy of insects its chance to get in.
This salt energy has to be filtered salt energy as it was originally received in the womb through the placenta.

Simply eating salt in food will not replace depleted filtered salt energy, at least it might over 10 or 20 years, but then only if the petrochemical energy that destroyed it in the first place has gone, but using sea salt with The Therapy Part 3, will replace the lost salt energy in a few weeks as it's boosted by the batteries.

Salt energy in humans can be depleted or dissolved by the energy of refrigerated dairy products containing antifreeze, which is a petrochemical, such as ice cream and as ice cream is often given to young children, the process of beneficial personal development is halted early on, being replaced by a mental and emotional structure created from the energy of petrochemicals and the damage done to the system.

This structure, however, will dissolve when the energy of petrochemicals is removed from a person by using The Therapy.

Small amounts of petrochemicals in food are very powerful due to their high energy content - they come from petroleum after all, and even if the physical part is filtered out from food before consumption their energy can remain.

Filtered salt energy also takes up space in the human body so other invading things such as air borne infection, find it harder to get in. Air born infection finds it easier to get into a person when the bodies filtered salt energy is depleted, leaving space for them, and the salt connection to the oceans, which will also help to filter out harmful energies from things such as bacteria and viruses, is broken.

Removing their energy is the same as removing their vitality making them weaker and more venerable to the human immune system.

Once The Therapy Part 3 has resupplied a person with filtered salt energy, the salt energy will engage and help push the energy of invading viruses out of the human body. This is because an invading virus, and its energy, takes up space in the human body reserved for the energy of sea salt, there being an order to such things - salt energy has priority.

Salt energy will also help shield a person from being detected by air borne infections.
Please note in all cases of infection a Doctor or Physician must be seen first.

In the blood insect life energy combines with iron energy in the blood, making it less useable to the body, becoming a factor in conditions such as anaemia, fatigue (CFS or ME), and blood disorders where white blood cells attack red ones as the insect energy has joined with the red cells marking them as hostile, or invasive, to the body. So the white cells attack them.

The filtered energy of salt will fill the blood, again helping to push out any insect energy which has no place there, from which it circulates around the body helping to push out all invading energies that have been occupying its space.

Once in the brain the energy of sea salt fills the brain cells, protecting them from insect life energy, which is a major factor of dementia, and then individual cells can begin to function properly, as well as being able to link together, which is another function of filtered salt energy.

The energy of filtered salt energy flows around the body carrying many other energies such as those of sodium bicarbonate and magnesium sulphate, both salts, which come next. This system is an energy supply system to the various parts of the body.

Once The Therapy Part 3 has re-established the flow of salt energy in the body the next step is to introduce into that salt energy other basic beneficial energies, which would normally come from wholesome food.

Once these basic filtered energies have been put in place, the individual can take control and proceed with their personal development, through their choice of food, which will provide the energies for their progress.

An individual's choice of the food that creates their emotional, behavioural and mental state may be based on knowledge or instinct, but it will be their choice. So their personal development and their life's journey will be their choice.

Once the power of filtered energies has established itself in a human body, regulating, protecting, controlling and connecting, they can then overflow into creativity, expression, personality, compassion and enthusiasm. A true human experience unique to the individual.

The destruction of the bodies salt energy though, means that these energies no longer flow around the body and their benefits are lost.

The tongue selects, filters and absorbs energies that contribute to a person's emotional content from food through the taste buds. Foods have different tastes: bitter, salty, sour, sweet and the new one umami.

Each one has its own energy delivering its own content in humans. Animals don’t appear to have this ability and it may be what sets us apart. Fish remain in their own environment, seemingly for life to develop from in the future if needed.
In a person the different energies combine to form the basis of emotional development.

Absorbing energies just through the tongue on its own would take many years to resupply the energy from food, as it can only supply small amounts of filtered energy.

This is why humans don't start developing until 10 or 20 years after birth as, along with physical development of the brain, it takes that long to acquire and assimilate the energies.

In an ideal world we would be drawn to food that had the physical and energy content beneficial for the individual, but in the real world the body is so distorted internally adverse choices are made regarding food based on desire rather than need and, as has been said, the filtering, selecting action of the tongue has been compromised by chemicals from toothpaste, tea, coffee etc.

With the destruction of the salt energy in people, salty food will be eaten to compensate and to try and restart the flow of salt energy internally.

Salt energy can’t be replenished quickly through the tongue and not at all while the chemical energy that destroyed the salt energy in the first place, from petrochemical products like antifreeze, is still present.
It does go some way to explain though, why excessively salty food is eaten.

Lack of salt energy leads to all forms of desire becoming very powerful. Petrochemical energy in a person is an unchecked stimulant. The 2 together can produce some very compulsive, excessive, driven behaviour.

The tongue selects filtered food energy by probing the food and acquiring its energy content through the taste buds passing the energy sometimes directly into the stomach, sometimes into salt energy to flow around the body. Basic, primary foods go directly into the stomach.

In the stomach filtered food energy from basic, primary, carbohydrate foods, grown in the earth, such as potatoes and crops enters the bodies energy soil, which will be talked about further on, from where it spreads out into an existing energy wall, or backdrop, which rises up from the stomach through the body and up into the brain.

This backdrop on its own is inert and nothing can pass along it until the energy from basic, primary, carbohydrate foods grown in soil, fuse with it turning it from passive to active.

The energy from animal products, dairy and breast milk wont energise the body's internal energy soil or energy wall as they don't contain the basic, primary energy of the earth which is needed for the body's energy wall to start working.

Vegetables grown in the ground contain some energy suitable for this process, but its weaker, secondary energy, not primary.
Fruits don't contain a suitable energy for this process.

The energy of the first basic, primary, carbohydrate food consumed will fuse with the energy soil and from there spread into the energy wall changing its nature, energising it and making it work, or function.

Once this happens no other energy from basic, primary carbohydrate food can fuse with the energy soil or wall, the basic nature, or character of the soil and wall is now fixed, and while it can be strengthened by more infusing of the original energy, it can't be changed to a different basic, primary energy.

So the backdrop, or body condition, of a person's life becomes fixed.

Other primary energies from food then serve secondary purposes in a person, entering the bodies energy soil where they mix and combine with other energies before moving into the brain and body via the energy wall.

As energising the energy wall requires carbohydrate energy from crops grown it the ground it means a link is formed with the ground which, like our link with the oceans, has a beneficial effect on humans promoting grounding, rooting and providing support.

A basic, primary food energy consumed, usually from the staple crop for that area, contributes to the underlying nature and character of the people of that area.

For instance filtered potato energy imbedded in the wall produces an emotionally sanguine person and, to generalise, potato energy has contributed to the emotional state in people in some of the countries of Europe and is the underlying energy in them. The energy is low as potatoes grow underground.

Overlaid on the basic potato energy will be the energies from other basic, primary foods, which build up in layers. Then other secondary energies from food, which have compounded in the energy soil, are drawn up through the energy wall bringing about more changes.

These energies are mixed and added too as they cross the energy wall, blending and mixing, creating a prototype energy which is the forerunner of feelings and emotions. This energy continues rising up where they enter the brain, which sends them into the mind, to be interpreted.

This is basically how we judge and evaluate a situation giving it emotional content and, while complex, is a guide. These feelings are meant to come and go. When this process becomes damaged and/or contaminated feelings and emotions remain and endure and cease being a guide, becoming factors dominating and determining action and the type of action.

The internal energy wall between stomach and brain acts in an osmotic way drawing energies from the energy soil in the stomach, up the energy wall like a plant climbing a trellis.
The energies that becomes feelings and emotions start in the stomach from the food eaten.

Filtered food energy is an energy just for the bodies energy soil and is a completely different process from digested food energy which is a more physical energy for the body

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