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Christopher Bryson is an award-winning investigative reporter and television producer. He covered Guatemalan Army human rights abuses from Central America in the late 1980s for the BBC World Service, National Public Radio, and the Atlanta Constitution. In 1988 he was part of an investigative unit that won a George Polk Award with Jonathan Kwitny at Public Television’s The Kwitny Report. In 1998, he was a member of a team at ABC News Productions that won a National Headliner Award for a History Channel documentary on the bombing of Pan Am flight 103. In 1999 he won a Project Censored Award with Joel Griffiths for their first linking of the U.S. Army Manhattan Project to public water fluoridation. Bryson lives in New York City with his wife, Molly, and son, Owen.

Books by Christopher Bryson
The Fluoride Deception
The Fluoride Deception
by Christopher Bryson

ISBN: 1583225269
Price: US$ 16.97, Available worldwide on

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