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More on distilled water!
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Published: 14 years ago
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More on distilled water!

Since we are on the subject of water !

In Dr Beddoe's Book a Reams practitioner!

"Distilled water is the perfect water for changing and maintaining proper body chemistry. Here is why, First, the process of distillation makes the water higher in energy. When water is distilled it is converted to steam by bringing the water to a boil. As the water vaporizes into steam it leaves behind the inorganic mineral that was held in the water molecules in the liquid state. This means that the energy it took to hold the inorganic mineral is now freed up; and, this results in the water molecule having not only a lower surface tension, becoming polarized (more electronegative) . Therefore, the water becomes wetter. Not only is distilled water wetter water, but it is higher energy water due to the simple fact that the heat of vaporization was added to accomplish the boiling and vaporization of the raw water. This heat energy is not all lost when the steam is cooled to condense the steam back into distilled water. Therefore, distilled water is wet, high energy water. Second, water, just like food, has to be converted to the frequency to the frequency of the body. Because distilled water is wet, high energy water, it can be converted to the frequency of the body easier than any other type of water. Third, distilled water moves throught the membranes of the human body easier than any other type of water because it is wetter, high energy, and polarized. This means it is able to help remove and control the toxic waste substances, including the waste salts of body metabolism."

On page 23 Dr. Beddoe states: "Wet water would be soft, low in mineral, high in energy, and heavy. Steam distillation of water makes this sort of water because it adds energy. This is why steam distilled water catalyzes energy reactions in the system so well.
The highest energy water comes from the steam distillation process. No other type of water is able to carry mineral into the system as easily as steam distilled water. Most people who hear about drinking steam distilled water think that is is being done because of purity or the lack of mineral, but that reason is really secondary. The primary reason for consumption is the energy that is added to water when it is steam distilled."

After I read this in Dr. Beddoe's book I was very careful when buying distilled water in the supermarkets that I only purchased the "Steam Distilled Water", while it may be true that the distilled water that is made through reverse osmosis and ionization and some kinds of filteration may be low in minerals, they would not be as high in energy as the steam distilled. However if the steam distilled is not available the distilled water would be better than any of the other choices available.


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