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Re: A WASTE OF $10 !!! my $10 zapper results after a day
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: A WASTE OF $10 !!! my $10 zapper results after a day

I would have to disagree about the zapper being a waste of money. Yes, it's my item and I make it.

Is it the most advanced, world's best, or am I the great zapper guru? NO

What I set out to do was to manufacture the latest Dr. Clark specified zapper specifically for people that wanted to use the EXACT Dr. Clark specified circuit. I wanted it to be extremely rugged and small. I wanted to use very nice flexible cords, high quality alligator clips, a rugged battery clip, percision components all of a higher quality than someone making their own would likely have access to. I wanted it to cost less then what it would cost you to make your own from her plans. I wanted to mass produce them, keep 1,000's in stock at all times and ship them the very same day they are ordered. Since I happen to own a large electronics manufacturing facility and am not trying to make a living doing zappers, I can easily do this.

I sell them on eBay, mainly so that everyone that buys one can leave their comments about quality, speed of delivery, how I dealt with them, if I instantly refunded their money if they asked for any, or no reason and so they can generally tell the world whatever they feel like saying regarding the transaction.

So far, after selling zappers on eBay for 10 years; 2,347 positive feedbacks, a 100% rating and ONE negative feedback from some crook I bought something from (guy didn't return my money after I returned his item that didn't match his descriiption). In this 10 years on eBay I have seen scores of zapper makers come and go. I'm still there. I still honor the lifetime warrantee on anything I have ever made and still offer my full refund policy with no explanation required.

I think that's a lot for $10. Anyone that feels it's a waste, you are welcome to send it back for a prompt, no questions asked, full refund.

I should acknowledge the help of Parazapper. I sent him one of the first and he told me there was a better CMOS 555 that I should be using, so I now use the one he suggested (thanks Parazapper).

I do not include any instructions or suggestions for use with my units, because I want to avoid the unpleasant government experiences suffered by Parazapper, Jaguar, Amerein and others before them. I refer buyers to Dr. Clark's books, to Curezone and to Parazapper's excellent instruction book.

I tell people the following:

It is a frequency generator that produces a waveform as described by Hulda Clark in her books (see amazon).

These are intended for people that are familiar with her theories and wish to obtain an inexpensive, yet accurate source of the waveform she describes.

Our position is and must be that we provide well made reliable devices that are a source of particular waveforms for people that for their own reasons, unknown to us, wish to experiment with those waveforms in experiments designed by them for their own purposes. That purpose could be to prove or disprove theories regarding these devices. These waveforms may easily be created on an expensive function generator. We simply provide a small, inexpensive battery powered function generator that is limited to generating one or a few waveforms.

Why you would want one and what you would do with it, is entirely your business. Should you purchase one of ours, it is without encouragement from us, or suggestion that is suitable for any particular purpose.

I now make this item in 15Hz, with a blue LED as well.

In addition I make nicely made 3 frequency zappers with standard banana jack outputs, so people can fashion any sort of electrode arrangements they like. The 3 frequency units come in 3 models (all including pipes). There is basic 3 frequency (15Hz, 2,500Hz & 30,000Hz), there is the same thing with "stabilized wave" and there is one with higher curent. These are intended to match other popular offerings at a much lower cost.

So, I am NOT a zapper guru. I am a manufacturing guru. I can not answer questions about how to use zappers. Fortunately, there are highly experienced people here that can answer questions about experimental useage of these devices and their experiences.

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