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maybe, maybe not...Re: is my blood getting too thin?really concerned here.

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Published: 12 years ago
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maybe, maybe not...Re: is my blood getting too thin?really concerned here.

Let's recap the situation - 40-something female(right?), history of fatty/congested liver, past benzo/alcohol/otc use, more than just a couple-a-pound to lose, physically active. Blood "thickness": typical American without health issues - dreadfully thick. You: likely even thicker.

Past two months...a few weeks of juice fasting, 2/3 Liver Flushes (1 ended in you not getting down much oil/citrus if I remember right). Raw garlic, cayenne tincture (occasionally), IF#1/IF#2 (consistently?), daily coffee enemas/castor oil packs - last few weeks: no juice fasting and back on more 'typical' diet.

NOTE: there's actually two issues here - the blood viscosity - thickness/thinness of the blood... and then there's the ability of the blood to clot. ALL of our blood is "too thick" due to various chemicals, metals, minerals (aluminum & rock-based calcium are PARTICULARLY evil), dehydration, lack of flow, liver congestion, etc. One can have "thick" blood (always bad) that has a lack of platelets...hence appearing 'too thin', when it's really a lack of platelets and clotting ability. Liver congestion/malfunction can adversely affect the amount/quality of platelets in the blood.

Cayenne does not "thin the blood"; it regulates blood flow/circulation and STOPS bleeding (can't be accountable for a nose bleed or 'vein bruise').

IF#1/IF#2 have no blood-thinning action.

Raw garlic (among it's MYRIAD of health benefits) is a natural blood thinner & anticoagulant.

Is it possible that raw garlic (a few cloves daily) has thinned your thick/sluggish blood enough to cause "really concerned here"? It's definitely not likely, especially given all the other conditions/issues with which you're dealing (but anything is possible). Remember, Dr. Schulze had EVERY 'near death' patient on at LEAST 3 raw cloves daily...and it didn't thin their blood too much (and our blood is 'thicker' and need more help/attention than it was 20+ years ago when he was in clinical practice).

Symptoms of blood being "too thin" (lack of clotting platelets in the blood):
--gums bleeding, bruising easily, cuts that don't stop bleeding, spontaneous nosebleeds

Anne_33, if you'd feel more comfortable cutting back on the garlic and watching/waiting for the results, there's no harm in that at all. Again, IF#2/IF#1 & cayenne are NOT issues here, so do not stop using those regularly. More than likely what you're experiencing is just normal system fluctuations as the body/liver goes from one state to another.




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