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Day 46 of water fast Warning: Bowel Movement Description

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Published: 12 years ago

Day 46 of water fast Warning: Bowel Movement Description

      Today is day 46 of water fast, I haven't posted or blogged in awhile because of energy levels. For those who don't know I am male. I started fast at 145 lbs. My current weight is 95lbs. I undertook this water fast as my name shows, to heal my multiple sclerosis, and for spiritual reasons, and to fast to completion or true hunger.

I would like to report that I had my first bowel movement yesterday, after 46 days of nothing. Warning: details might be graphic.



Well I woke to what seemed like acid reflux (had been having feeling for past 2 days). My stomach grumbled and I was gassy. After about 10 minutes my body gave a signal it was ready to release. I sat on the toilet for about 30 minutes, but nothing passed. I then noticed that there seemed to be some clogging. So I proceeded to work out with my finger about 10 to 15 perfectly formed feces balls. I was amazed how uniformed it was, like little gobbstoppers or rabbit droppings, and the relief it gave me. The human body is truly amazing.

Currently urine color is darker. Tongue is still white with a pink tip. I also have some scar tissue that seems to be fading. The numbness in my right had is still present. I don't believe my body will heal it until my body rids itself of toxins.

I have been alternating between dry fasting and water fasting during these 46 days. I now believe one shouldn't dry fast during a water fast of an extended length. I say this because I think I might have been dehydrated for many of my fasting days. I have been constantly having dry mouth every 20 minutes and low energy. I figured it was part of the dry fast, but the past day I have drunk about 64 to 70 ounces of water and barely urinated. Seems my body really wants more water. I also am starting to feel sensations in tongue and throat. I felt these sensations before but when I didn't drink any water it would go away. I believe this is the start of true hunger, yet it could all be in my head. Need some input from the forum experts.

Well I think I need a nap, may have missed some details but I'm not in my full mindset. I will try to update soon.





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