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Any views on high "GGT" in blood tests? (And high ANA).
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Published: 19 years ago

Any views on high "GGT" in blood tests? (And high ANA).

I'm hypothyroid which does mean I don't metabolize that well, but have never had any overt liver issues. Now a blood test is showing a liver function measure is high out of range... I'm wondering what the cause or issue often is... and whether an antifungal (Diflucan) taken about 2 weeks before the test is likely to have skewed the results. (I know antifungals can, just not sure if after 2 weeks that should still be the case.)

What can you surmise if anything from these high out-of-range results (new since last year)? --

GGT 71 (ref. range 5-52)

ANA (EIA) 1.4 positive (ref. range <1)

I have high cholesterol too but that's nothing new. The GGT apparently has to do with liver function. I don't know what to tell you aside from I don't really drink or take anything (beyond thyroid meds) that should be harsh on the liver.

As far as ANA... that's anti-nuclear antibodies.. is this the same thing or related to thyroid autoantibodies? (If so, what's the upshot... I haven't had that elevated before.)

...... OKAY... that's the basic gist of things... would welcome answers. (For those that like excruciating detail, symptoms are below.)



As far as symptoms... well, a bunch of basic hypothyroid symptoms:

-weight loss nigh on impossible no matter what

-fatigue in afternoons/evenings (pronounced over past several months)

-achy (especially shoulders, pronounced over recent months)

-dry skin, slow healing, easy hair loss

-some cortisol pattern-related insomnia (low cortisol in a.m. on past tests and elevated at night)

-catch colds easily

-big stressors *really* take the wind out of me, and I feel awful a couple to a few days, as if I just have no internal energy-generating apparatus and can't muster the physical resources to do anything... plus I get a headache and kind of like the way it feels if you've been up 24-48 hours... this kind of stress only happens occasionally... but my ability to physically cope with it has declined over past couple to few years.

- and.. I think I have some gynecological issue my gyn didn't find on basic tests done within the last month... he found no bacterial infections but did give me a prescription for generic Diflucan for a yeast infection, and I've had two days' dose. Though I still feel like something's going on - an irritation or infection - in the cervical area or higher... and he did see abnormal cells from the pap, but such that they're usually not looked at until the next annual visit (given that he was able to screen out a cause or two)... thinking about making a follow-up appointment on all that...

- and.. that doc said he heard a heart murmur (brand new for me) but said it was of the type that is often not a big deal...

My supplements prior to the blood testing included basically:

-a multivitamin daily

-25mg DHEA in the a.m.

-1mg melatonin frequently before bed (I know this can affect thyroid function but am trying it to counter the cortisol sleep issues.. it's helping a lot for that)



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