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Re: The Liver Flush Is BS

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: The Liver Flush Is BS

LMAO yer cute coolgirl! Did ya quit before ya had a chance at success?
Don't say how long in between flushes ya had that ultrasound.
If this was your FIRST liver flush, and whether ANY stones at all were expelled. mind describing YOUR process/technique?

Protocol is to do em ~2-3weeks weeks if ya expell stones right until yer relatively stone free- or aint passin em.

Me- over a year ago GB FULL of small stones and sludge (crystallized ready to attach to or become stones!)

Started doing GB flushes. Supplementing with Chanca Piedra "stone breaker"
1st LF: ~15 smallish emerald green, black, and MANY very small brown pigment stones I call "gravel"
2, 3, 4, same
Decided to FAST on apple juice/distilled water for 3 days PRIOR then to Clarks LF.
5th Flush: HOLY SHIT! BOWEL MOVEMENT actually PASSED and FORMED! of GRAVEL. In that gravel 10 HUGE to me (size of a quarter!) greenish GALLSTONES. The ultrasound said small stones right, yeah RIGHT!! I took pictures and froze em to show ALL my gastro docs n pcp of course all said it was "olive oil poop"
Did several flushes thereafter. Some stones, gravel. Wound up in ER with a GB attack. Dilated common duct anyway ultrasound said Gallstones I got the copy from RADIOLOGY and uploaded it myself! My gallbladder was about 1/3 FULL
only little round stones and cloudy dark sludge/gravel?, but showing improvement the GB walls weren't as thick as 6 months previous.
Continue with flushing, supplementing months go by expellin alot of stones, gravel
Wound up in ER AGAIN! Another stinkin GB attack! Ultrasound showed "a few stones" thickened common duct (I prolly just passed another stone!) I watched it!! a very small collection of 4-5 stones pooled at the bottom leadin to the common duct.

More flushes only a few very tiny green stones and very small amount of gravel.

Due to chronic pain, had my GB out 10 days ago.
GB had a "few small stones" "crystalized sludge" GB severely inflammed (tho no infection) stones lodged in common duct and removed. My gastrosurgeon, gastroenterologists, and PCP post all of this REFUSE to acknowledge LFs got my gallbladder "full" to a "few stones"

and yeah I more than likely gave up too early just like you! too early to the knife but I DID give it a DANG GOOD try, and I can't say for a FACT Liver-Flush are BS. I did post a post op BS swipe tho sayin Liver-Flush for ME was a waste. I was just angry, cuz I had to surrender bein the chicken shit that I am to the knife. You n me we're human right ,-)

Moral of the story: 1 Flush does NOT BS make!


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