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iodine debate at weston price
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Published: 8 years ago
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iodine debate at weston price

i am sure this has been posted before. been reading it because it popped up elsewhere. there are some fallacies in there. but i noticed the twist on this one and it made me think:

"As proof of the W-C effect, the textbooks point to the fact that large amounts of potassium Iodide can remedy hyperthyroidism."

well if large amounts of KI can remedy hyperthyroidism(which it can), and they know it, then why isnt this happening instead of radiation of the thyroid to kill it and thyroid meds for life???? what is their excuse for this barbarism they practice? especially if they are going to kill the thyroid anyway if it doesnt work!!??

here is another mind-blowing(to most people) quote:

"Critics of the W-C effect note that the standard dose of potassium Iodide was 1 gram until the mid-1900s, which contains 770 mg of iodine, over five thousand times more than the RDI. For many years physicians used potassium Iodide in doses starting at 1.5 to 3 gm and up to more than 10 grams a day, on and off, to treat bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, apparently with good results and few side effects. Even today, dermatologists treat certain skin conditions, including fungal eruptions, beginning with an Iodine dose of 900 mg a day, followed by weekly increases up to 6 grams a day as tolerated."

so that five grams a day i took for two weeks was nothing. more than 10 grams of KI a day??????? really?

"Thyroidologists cite the W-C effect and warn that TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) blood levels can rise with an Iodine intake of one milligram or more."

imagine the poor health of the japanese and their 13+mg of Iodine a day!!

"In a 2000 review paper on use of iodine as a water disinfectant, author Joe Hollowell notes that studies indicate marked individual sensitivity to iodine; the most vulnerable to adverse effects are those with underlying thyroid disease and previous low iodine intake. Problems from consumption of iodized water—including both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism—usually resolve after consumption is discontinued. A safe dose is 1-2 grams per day, and most can tolerate much higher amounts without problems.19"

hey! i told ya so. the worse the reaction to iodine, more it is indicated. the marked individuality of signs of sensitivity to iodine in 2000 has to be halogen imbalance.

" Increased exposure to goitrogenic mercury, bromides and fluoride compounds, and soy products ubiquitous in the food supply, coupled with declining levels of thyroid-supporting nutrients such as selenium and vitamin A in modern diets, may explain why some people need much higher levels of iodine than those found in traditional diets."

ya think?

"In spite of these successes, mass iodine supplementation programs met with much resistance, especially as side effects emerged. While the programs almost completely eliminated goiter, the prevalence of autoimmune thyroiditis increased in areas with iodated water or in those using iodized salt. For example, a threefold increase in autoimmune thyroiditis was noted once iodine deficiency was eliminated in an area of endemic goiter in northwestern Greece, an association confirmed in clinical settings. In one study, dietary restriction of iodine reversed hypothyroidism in twelve of twenty-two patients; seven of the patients with reversed hypothyroidism were re-fed iodine and became hypothyroid again (Anthony P Weetman, Autoimmune Diseases in Endocrinology, pp 50-51)."

this one i dont fully understand. i need more data.

at any rate, its a good read. see what you think. next post is a mirror of the page.


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