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7 cm Ovarian Cyst my journey DONT GET SURGERY- You have HOPE!!
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Published: 9 years ago

7 cm Ovarian Cyst my journey DONT GET SURGERY- You have HOPE!!

So for any of you women suffering from an ovarian cyst here's my story of everything I know to help you! Don't think surgery is your ONLY option!

So I found out soon after I was married that I had a 7cm cyst in my ovary. Thats about the size of an orange (Lovely I know very painful as well) And according to past ultrasounds (not the healthiest lady around runs in my fam)I had had this thing since 07 it had been growing through the years. But dr's over looked it!! once again another reason why I will not see a DR that's not HOLISTIC!

Anyhoo I starting feeling lots of pain in august 2012 and finally went to a gyno about it. He ran an ultrasound and put me off for a week total jerk didn't return my calls a week later I find out from one of his nurses my result was a 7cm complex or hemmorhagic cyst in my right ovary. (complex means it's filled with blood and tissue and is not completely circular as opposed to a balloon like cyst that would be full of fluid.)

There only options for me were birth control for 3 months to "See if it makes it go away" or surgery and i'd most likely loose my ovary. Needless to say I was shocked ! and horribly disappointed in my dr. he very well knew I was on "Birth Control" for 7 years for MEDICAL REASONS I had a month long period (my first period at 13) that wouldn't stop with out it. To clarify i'm Catholic and HIGHLY against BC for any other use. But BESIDES that fact it made me VERY ILL for those 7 years, my life was a blur. I spent it on the couch, non stop headaches, nausea, NO ENERGY, HORRIBLY DEPRESSED, and weight gain and horribly painful periods! the "stay home from work/school curl up on the couch and take pain killers that dont work have your legs go numb to the point where you CANNOT DRIVE for 5 days every month" kind of periods.

What a lovely way to spend all of your highschool and college years am I right??!!! And no dr would take me off them as sick as I was. I FINALLY after going through MANY found one that would do a D&C on me "at my own risk" as he put it in my files. But it WORKED for the first time I had a regular period 5 days not 30! and all on my own NOT DEPENDENT ON CHEMICALS (horse piss is in BC just so you know as well as many other horrible things)

POINT IS my dr knew all of this and he still only gave me those 2 options as I said I was newly married of child bearing age and was not going ANYWHERE near nasty Birth Control. They say it gets out of your system in a month. But im not filling my body with chemicals to infect my child! hell no!

So after my dr. let me down and said i'd LOOSE my ovary because the cyst was most likely inside not on the outside. I had to do something!! I wasn't going to take BC and NOT loosing my ovary!

So I went holistic!!

Loved my dr. BUT I am a basket case of illness he had me taking 55 supps a day ... which if your getting the good standard process stuff is PRICEY! Don't let me scare you away by this like I said i'm a rare case! So after a few months I couldn't hold up the apps any longer. It did help me, but he was trying to do so much for me but here's what I learned :

Ovarian cysts can be caused by many things:

1.ladies only eat organic meat and dairy!! the added hormones (they use to plump the meat more $ per lb remember -GREED-) screw up OUR hormones!

2.RUN away from Soy! same thing it throws your hormones out of balance and its in everything!!! Throw out your vegetable oil ladies its not made from the carrots and cauliflower on the label its made from soy!

3. NO wheat for you my dear! It causes inflammation and bloating and if you have an ovarian cyst you know that the cyst can already cause you those problems!

4. Painful periods ARE NOT NORMAL if your periods are painful (mine were excruciating pain killers did nothing! only sleep would get me away from the pain) you are deficient in calcium. He put me on standard processes calcium lactate.

5. Chiropractic care is SOOO IMPORTANT! the way he explained it is your whole body is full of nerves (duh) and they all send signals to and from your brain through your spinal cord. If your back is out of alignment your signals can cross causing extra pain in other areas (referred pains) OR extra pain in general! after a few weeks of work I had NO PAIN WITH MY PERIODS something I had NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE EVER! For once my legs didn't go numb!! and even after not being worked on for 3 months now I still have NO PAIN WITH THEM!

6. Hormonal imbalances cause ovarian cysts getting your body back in balance which effects your whole endocrine system as well as your adrenal glands is the first step.

7. Since it does effect adrenal glands as well that explained why I was hypothyroid as well.

8. Because I was put on BC from the start my body didn't know what its hormone balance ever was since I had always had fake BC hormones in their place

9.Hormonal balances can cause infertility so don't loose hope!! Once your balanced out your body will be healthy enough to conceive. Besides God has his own plan for you he knows the perfect time that is right for you to conceive don't loose hope!

10. Coffee, tea, caffeine, alcohol, chocolate and excessive Sugar are all things that can aggravate your cyst!!

11. To get really deep into things phthalates which are found in our shampoos, hair products, cleaning products, soaps, air fresheners are endocrine disrupters!! When you use these products they throw off your hormone imbalance as well.

I know its a lot to take in, just choose a few things a week to change dont get overwhelmed. Ill be posting a forum on lots of detox things I do and how I replace my shampoo, deodorant, moisturizer etc.

So my visits were very beneficial!! I still love that Dr. and plan to start the Chiropratic care again soon.

But still fighting the cyst I was getting impatient we didn't have money to keep up with the supps and visits it was taking too long. So I started reading up on it and found out that Iodine can CURE cysts AND hypothyroidism! And found a girl with a case just like mine who got rid of hers in a few months! So I started researching and got my bottle of iodoral from (my fave site ever!) Now Iodine is something you have to be careful with ive been laid up all day cuz I was taking to much and slacking on my supplements (Stupid me!) So be careful! But that aside dont be scared cuz Iodine is SOOOOOO important! My fave article will be a good intro for you
So when I started my iodoral the lower dosage gave me some side effects foggy head little nausea when I upped it a bit it was great I had energy!! which I was lacking horribly from my thyroid! but I upped it again and here I am in bed cuz im exhausted and my tummy is in knots. For info on how to take iodine you can check this out
or get dr. brownsteins book "iodine why we need it and why we cant live without it"

I def have noticed a difference in the size of my cyst im not going to pay for a ultrasound until I get pregnant (the whole point of ridding my self of this thing! so we can start our family! =) ) but also found out that if you do get pregnant with an ovarian cyst it can make it disappear! because your hormone surge that you have been lacking shrinks it right down! but for most, if your cyst is large enough ovulation is a more difficult time to work on getting that baby here... rather painful =(

BUT I know theres a BIG difference in the size of my cyst because it no longer feels like there is and orange in my side! it went from :
hot deep ache with a huge orange in my side feeling
to deep ache with orange size feeling
to deep ache with golf ball feeling
to pinches and twists feeling (it can twist the ovary)
to pinches
to little aches

in the beginning it was painful almost all month
then it would last week of period and week of ovulation
then for whatever reason ovulation week middle week and period week
then only right ovary months ovu and period
then right ovary ovulation time only

now we can officially try to conceive when I ovulate for the first time in 9 months! No pain =)

current overdose gave me some pains in both which isn't surprising since your ovaries are the 2nd most important organ that uses iodine. So i'm off that for 2 weeks and ill be back to making sure I take sufficient supps to support it and go back to my dose that agreed with me the best.

My BIGGEST piece of advice is LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! You are the only one who knows yourself better than ANYONE ELSE! Dr.s don't know everything and most of them SUCK! they do not care about you or your intentions and no I didn't make that conclusion from one bad experience Ive seen SO MANY Dr
s AND SPECIALISTS through my life and had quite a few procedures and surgerys!! I've learned more on the internet in this past year and from my holistic dr (thanks to my husband who was raised going to holistic) and done more good for myself through that, Than any dr had done for me in the past 20 years!!!

So Good Luck and God Bless!

And if I can help with any other info I would be more than happy to!

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