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DRY skin (and not only).. according to AYURVEDA !!

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Published: 6 years ago

DRY skin (and not only).. according to AYURVEDA !!

I bet here on this forum, you keep sharing the Recipes of How to MOIST your skin and Look Healthy.... but have you Ever thought that DRYNESS of Skin can be just ONE of MANY indicators of INSIDE DRYNESS of the body which (will) lead to Many Health Disbalances? (!)..

(!) Dryness of the body, cracked lips/ heals/ tongue, Thyroid issues, Paralyses, Problems with sleep, High Blood Pressure (one of 3 reasons), Pain and Cracking in Joints (and many more) HAPPEN......???
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Well, according to AYURVEDA.. Cracked Heels are one of the indicators of Body Inside DRYNESS called Aggravation/ disbalance of VATA dosha... among other indicators could be: constipation (this or that sort), dry/ dryish stool, numbness, Cracked/ cracking Tongue, dry lips, dry skin (or skin prone to dryness), darkening of elbow joints (as well as knee ones), cracking on joints, pain in joints, darkish colour under eyes ( and around elbow joints), dark patches on tongue, splited finger nails, problems with sleep, bloating (vata dosha is related to Air accumulation), headache and many more. There are more than 80 different health issues related to Disbalance of VATA dosha (paralyses is on that list too).. So if you decided to go for a baby, then Both partners need to get ready for it by starting improving their Health at least 6 months before conceiving the kid by blansing Vata dosha inside their bodies through balanced and proper life style and Healthy eating habits otherwise those VATA imblances will be passed to their kid too.

If you have hairfall (and perhaps numbness of fingers.. anyhow, go for Blood test and check your Entire Endocrine system (!)... if you have issues with it then you can contact me at and i will send you the links with a endocrine balancing diet.. even those who already have Hypothyroid CAN benefit or even fix it). It's Free, of course. :)

The VATA (Dryness INSIDE and Outside) happens mainly due to Wrong diet / eating habbits and not appropriate life style. There are 3 types of prakruti (body types we were Born with) some can have only one prakruti, majority of us 2 (one of them is Predominant) and some 3 (out of 3). It determines our body types (prone to Slimness or easy ways to balance the weight or... difficulty to make it happen). Also due to wrong diet and life style those doshas (vata, pita, kapha) which also determines our body type and even character traits and behaviors can be Aggravated or disbalanced thus it will require BALANCING... MOST of us have disbalance of VATA (dryness) dosha which can aggravate/ get worsen EVERY Day thus... Immediate actions should be taken into account IF, of course, u do not want to disbalance it even further... Too much of everything like too much sex, too much sport can Aggravate Vata in the body.. also Very Quick Slimming down Can do it.

There is a list of foods to avoid and include in balancing Each dosha type (we till talk about it later for Sure) but the BASICS of it is a Healthy Eating Habits and a Proper Life style. In brief way: for VATA (dryness) dosha u need at least to REDUCE/ Better AVOID WHITE Sugar (it is Great disbalancer of it!) - use Jaggery or fruits instead (honey in Moderation), no soft drinks, Bubbly drinks (vata is related to Air), Crispy and dry food and dry fruits (dry fruits Should be Soaked for some hours), dry nuts (should be Soaked for at least 7 hours plus they will be Much easier digested).....Life style: going to bed at 10-11 p.m (they recommend Before 10 in the evening and getting up early (in 6-9 hours) and a few more (best time to get up is around 6 - it means 5.45 a.m). Vata is related to DISBALANCE thus you need to Structure your day, like eating in more or less the Same hours, always make bed and so on which will be repetitive and more or less in the same timings.. going to bed at the same time and rising in the morning Also will do the trick. Even if you are Kapha or Pita prakruti (body type you were born with) but you have VATA dosha Disbalance (as the majority of us have) then untill you fix it, you need to stick to VATA balancing diet. Also see what tastes will balance and aggravate all 3 doshas. It is Briefly I stated... :)

To REDUCE Vata (dryness) in the body a person Also need to Apply OILS on the body every day or in a day (if skin is dry) and 3-5 times a week if skin is ok (Morning time (!!!) is the Best for applying oils (30-60 min plus massaging it in). On Head (30 min and Massaging - Ayurvedic Ksheera.Bala oil, Ayurvedic Brahmi oil for Memory, Not refined pumpkin seed oil)... Ghee can be applied on body too (when you Know for Sure no other oils added to it!). Ayurveda beleives that it Greatly balances Vata dosha aggravations (Helps I would say coz Other factor Should be Also taken into account)..

If u feel too much Heat in ur body then apply coconut oil (cooling effect) or Pinda (ayurvedic oil). If your limbs (arms and feet) usually cool and u have a tendency to feel cold then u can choose from the following oils: UNrefined/raw olive oil, sesame seed oil, or some of the Ayurvedic oils - Ksheera.Bala oil (can be applied on body, head, Face - wrinkle softening one), Kottam.Chukadi oil, Dhanwantharam oil (rejuvinative and also very good fro pregnant ladies to apply on body)..

DO NOT(!!!) apply any oils if u have Flu/cold, Bleeding, Burns, Period (at the very end of it it is ok IF really necessary), Skin Irritations as it will WORSEN the condition (so those days SKIP applying oils on body, do Not apply oils those days) (!). :)

Read in the net about Dosha imbalances - vata, pita (pitta), kapha.... u will be Amazed of how well Ayurveda structured everything !! You also can place in a search program something like - how to balance vata (pitta, kapha), or just vata, pitta (pita), kapha body types and just educte yourself more...

In order to MAINTAIN your DIGESTIVE Fire at its BEST... Always take Showers BEFORE meals (when needed). If taken after food - digestive fire will be Diminished/ reduced Thus making digestive process NOT that effective.

A few words about Baby care:

New mothers Need Regular oil application and so do the babies (for mothers the best choice is Dhanwantaram oil and on second place Kshira.bala oil - see above when it should be avoided). Babies can be massaged Every Day for up to a Year after they are born and this can be contined throughout their life on occasional base at least. Whatever the circumstances, Both mother as well as the baby Must be oleated (apply oil) for At Least 45 Days after delivery (!). The baby can be massaged as soon as he is born (ayurvedic massage for sure) if you are Careful Not to touch umblical cord, or you can wait to begin untill the cord falls off.

Massage should NOT (!) be done Soon After the feed, when the baby is Hungry, having cold or fever, in the Evenings, Night and very cold weather. So the RIGHT time will be - Between the feed and between 10 a.m and 4 p.m. :)

Sesame oil medcicated with herbs is Ayurveda's traditional choice for massage oil. But Almond, olive, sunflower or coconut oil (all Not refined!) can also be used. NEVER apply Not edible (like Mineral) oils neither on your body nor your Baby's (!).

Hope it Helps. :)



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