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Dyshidrotic Eczema Cure
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Published: 8 years ago

Dyshidrotic Eczema Cure

Dyshidrotic Eczema Cure - There is hope!!!

I have had dyshidrotic eczema for the last 7 years. Until this last outbreak I had never had the extreme disabling, itching, painful, anxiety kind of outbreak that others have suffered for many years. I always had small outbreaks along side my ring finger of my left hand. Annoying, itchy, ugly, but not the kind of horrendous experience this last outbreak was. I had to laugh after reading other people's accounts of mildly considering cutting off the offending hand because : I WAS THERE. I thought "I can't live with this". The itching was so intense it was making me insane. If I popped this blisters they just filled back up. I tried SO HARD to not touch if. On the 5th day of being extremely vigilant I woke up in bliss. I was in the supremely satisfying half asleep state and something felt better than anything else in my life up until that moment. Then the terror set in as I realized what felt so good was that I was scratching the hell out of my hand in my sleep!! Then the despair set in! Because we all know what happens when you give in and scratch the blisters - they get worse!
During this outbreak I had been calling my parents who live on the other side of Washington State. They know a lot about Western & Naturopathic medicine. My Dad had been taking a natropathic cannabis medicine called Rick Simpson oil for prostrate cancer (it's now in remission). My Dad also has had very light dyshidrotic outbreaks. My Dad has been emailing with about 15 professors from around the U.S. that have been doing studies on different medical trials for cannabis. The last time he had an outbreak he decided to try mixing some of the Rick Simpson oil with coconut oil and putting it on his outbreak like a salve. The outbreak dried up and went away after 2 days.
At this point I was desperate to try anything, and after scouring the web I had had no luck with any other type of cure. My doctor had offered me a Prednesone shot, but I wanted to wait and use that as a last resort since steroids are so damaging to your body.
My Dad packaged up the Rick Simpson oil for me and sent it to me. Now I have to note that I live in Washington State. I am over 21. Cannabis products are legal here. Where you live this may not be. As a person who had suffered this horrible disease I only want to give you the information that cured me. What you do it your business. Maybe your dyshidtrotic eczema is so bad that you are willing to get on a plane and go to WA or CO. Maybe you have a license for medical marijuana and can pick up the Rick Simpson oil at your local Medical Marijuana dispensary.
I would also like to state that I am not a cannabis user. It's legal where I live, but I just don't enjoy it. I want you to know that I have no Pro Cannabis agenda. All I care about is that if one person reads this and decides to try it for themselves and is cured then that is a wonderful thing. Being able to share what 100% cured me with no awful side effects, and helping a fellow sufferer is all I want.
Rick Simpson oil is sold and packaged in a plastic syringe. It is incredibly tacky, sticky, and hard to work with so this is the easiest way to monitor how much someone is taking and measure it out. When I received the package from my Dad this was how it came. He had sent me 2 syringes. I took the first one and pushed out about a teaspoon into a clean glass bowl and mixed it with equal parts softened good quality raw coconut oil.
I then applied it all over my fingers and palm where I had the blisters and open sores. I had my husband help wrap my hand in medical guaze so I wouldn't get it all over the covers. A few minutes afterwards my hand started lightly burning. I was worried but at this point I thought "well maybe it's going to make it worse, or maybe it's because it's working". Even though it was a little uncomfortable I decided to leave it alone, and go to bed. When I woke up the next morning the blisters had all deflated and the whole area was much less inflamed. I repeated the coconut oil salve for the next 4 days. I didnt have a single new blister since the first night I put it on. My hand also didn't disolve into the gaping wounds and cracked skin that usually follows the blisters. I was healed. I have repeated this mixture every time I get an outbreak and it heals it immediately and painlessly.
I would also like to tell you a few things about Rick Simpson oil. First is that I did not have any psychotropic effects from using it on my skin. It can make you high put ONLY if you ingest it. This is why I wrapped my hand with gauze because I didn't want to accidently ingest it in my sleep. Also Rick Simpson oil is VERY different than the CBD oil that is sold in almost all dispenseraries(sp?). My Dad explained that CBD is much more refined and left over from the commercial hemp crops in Europe. Rick Simpson oil is made for the purpose of isolating all the healing properties of the whole plant instead of only certain cannabanoids (like THC) that are usually isolated for a different purpose (like smoking). So if you buy the oil that people use for smoking or CBD this may not work. You need Rick Simpson oil, which you can also make at home. There are plenty of online resources that explain it. If you have no way to get it near you, my Dad thinks you can get close to the same thing by steeping an ounce of fresher marijuana in a small amount of coconut oil. You can find out how to do that online as well.
Bless all of you fellow sufferers, and I hope you try this. It didn't "kinda" cure me, or help a little, THIS MADE MY OUTBREAK DISAPEAR!

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