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Depression, Anxiety, Leaky Gut and Acid Reflix Cured!!
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Published: 7 years ago

Depression, Anxiety, Leaky Gut and Acid Reflix Cured!!

Hey everyone, I just like to say that I am almost completely over my Depression after suffering with it for 6 years, along with the symptoms which I did not know it all consolidated with depression, such as anxiety, acid reflux, mood swings, leaky gut, food allergies and IBS. Years ago, I suffered from Depression and thinking there was no way out of that mess. Before that, I did not eat very healthy or have enough fruits and vegetables. I usually would eat something sweet for a snack, high in Sugar everyday and have a soda almost everyday, which I would never do anymore. But back then, I would do that everyday. As soon as I hit 19, At work, I ate some Pizza on my lunch break with a friend who went to Little Caesars right next door. I had a couple of slices, went back to work, started itching, broke out into hives (This was the first allergic episode that I had) I was like, "What the hell is happening to me" So I went to the office and talked to my boss about it, she questioned me about it, like what I had to eat. I said that I had some pizza. So she called my parents, they told them what happened and they took me home. Other episodes of having an allergic reaction, a couple were way worse, that I got sent to the Emergency Room. So later on, I couldn't eat a lot of the stuff I loved and used to eat. This was before I knew the term "Leaky Gut" existed. So I was allergic to a lot of things. Then a couple of years later, In the winter, I got more and more depressed, then fell into a deep Depression and get very anxious and totally freak out about the very small things. I suffered an anxiety disorder along with the depression.
After I graduated College, I was still working at the same place since I was 18. Since I was out of school, They had me work full time working the graveyard shift. Night Shift sucks; all I did with my life then was work all night and slept all day, no social life. That was when my depression started to get a bit worse because of the lack of sunlight and maybe from a lack of sleep. I would get heartburn after my shift like major acid reflux heartburn, that it felt painful. So I went to the doctor, because I have had it with this depression and the heartburn and she drew my blood. Later I got the results thru email and according to the results, I was fine. Which I got mad at because I knew something was wrong with me. So I decided to change my diet around. This means a strict diet (I didn't want to do it but I had no choice). Because of my food allergies as well, I took off Wheat, Gluten, Sugar and Dairy out of my diet. Ate more fruits and Vegetables, drank more water than usual and took a multivitamin. A couple of years passed and I was a little better, not as depressed or as anxious, but still pretty depressed and get anxiety attacks and my heartburn and Ibs was bugging the hell outta me. I went through a lot of BS at that time, thinking there was no way out. So I looked online and googled, How to cure depression. All I could find was just Diet and exercise and medicine. Which I changed my diet and exercised 4 times a week, half hour a day, but didn't seem beneficial for my depression. So I looked up both Depression and food allergies thinking there was a link inbetween, that's when I heard about the term "Leaky Gut Syndrome". I looked up more info about that and realized your gut is like your second brain. And if it is leaky and inflamed from eating crappy and drinking all those sodas in the past, then chances are you could suffer a depression, suffer food intolerance, Acid reflux and autism which I had a mild case of Autism when I was a kid. So I looked up a way to heal Leaky Gut and the main supplements to heal it is L Glutamine and Probiotics, I took both for several months with a meal. Also drank Bone Broth which is really healing for your gut. My depression was almost gone, my Acid Reflux was GONE, but still would feel anxious from time to time. Just a couple of weeks ago, I looked up "Probiotics for Anxiety and Depression" and saw one result saying Taking them on an empty stomach before bed is 10 times better than taking them with a meal in the daytime because the friendly bacteria would have a much better chance of killing off way more bad bacteria instead of being washed away from stomach acid by eating. So I did that, took probiotics right before I went to bed on an empty stomach, almost two weeks later, I am less anxious!! I know for sure I am on the road to recovery!!
I am just so glad to say that, that hellish six years of my life is FINALLY over. I hope for those who are suffering depression and anxiety would read this and hope this will help you!
Thanks and Good luck!!

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