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Abnormally thin body frame - how to deal with this?
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Published: 5 years ago

Abnormally thin body frame - how to deal with this?


I am 31, male, and my skeletal frame is very thin. For example, my wrists are 6 inches around. My chest is 34 inches and it is hard to find shirts my size. I don't see a problem with my weight, which is usually 118 lb and my height is 5'8".

Until about 10 months ago, I was aware of the very thin wrists and ankles, but not of the rest of my frame being thin because there was some fat around it. Then I went on a raw vegan diet and did some fasting, and the fat was gone, and now it is very clear that my frame is much thinner than average.

Over the years, several people – perhaps seven or eight – have commented on how thin my forearms are. And since I transitioned to a high raw diet 8 months ago, nearly everyone I know thinks I am rather thin. It is quite a challenge, often, to be in situations where people see you as weak and sick in appearance.

I have been reading upon osteoporosis but from my current understanding that condition means low bone density, and not low width of bones. Also, I don't want the radiation from a DEXA or ultrasound scan, so I am reluctant to ask a doctor for an osteoporosis test.

I am mostly vegan but usually I take a lot of green leaves for calcium and take a vitamin D supplement and try to get sunlight frequently.

When I remember my childhood and look at pictures, I do not remember feeling too thin. I have a feeling that my frame shrunk between ages 14 and 20. There seems to be a difference before and after this phase in the width of my bones as compared to my body as a whole.

Is this possible? What could be the cause for this if it happened?

Do you think this pronounced smallness of frame could be an illness?

Can one increase the size of one's skeletal frame?

Recently I read this in a book by Andreas Moritz -

"Phosphate stones are formed in particular from eating too many foods that are high in phosphate and low in calcium, such as meats, cereals, breads, pastas, and nuts, as well as all carbonated beverages. To neutralize the highly acidic phosphate, which could easily burn the delicate kidneys, the body leaches extra amounts of calcium from the bones and teeth and uses whatever magnesium it can obtain from such foods as green vegetables... So be kind to your kidneys. The presence of phosphates generates an acidic environment in the body, which literally dissolves bones, leading to osteoporosis and shrinkage of body frame."

I don't know if this applies to me or not. Since all disease is perhaps either toxicity or under-nutrition, and I am working on both cleansing and eating a high raw vegan diet, it seems that I am on the right path. However, some specific strategies to understand and deal with this issue would be helpful.

I would really appreciate any thoughts on this. Thanks.

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