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Pelvic infection that spread to rest of body, please help.
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Published: 5 years ago

Pelvic infection that spread to rest of body, please help.

Hey, I'm sorry for posting this here as I'm not sure I picked the correct categories but there isn't really a simple way to describe what is going on with me and I need help so excuse my rambling please.

So last September I started experiencing uterine pain and excessive, white discharge. I'm sorry if this offends someone but I got these symptoms after using a toy. I used protection and I didn't share it with anybody else. I never thought that it would have made me so sick or I would have never done it.

They gave me doxy and Flagyl because they thought it was pelvic Inflammatory disease and so did I, but they couldn't find a specific bacteria to cause it, no STD's, trichomoniasis, yeast or even bacterial vaginosis. I had a severe allergic reaction to Flagyl and had be switched to augmentin. I don't know if these were just symptoms to my disease or a reaction to the Antibiotics , but my groin lymph node on my right side began to swell up and my abdomen bloated as if I were pregnant, with most of my abdominal lymph nodes swelling up but only a few are visible.

I completed my Antibiotics but it did not get rid of the problem. The pain then eventually began to spread to my joints in my hips, and all of a sudden the left side of my body where there are no swollen lymph nodes went somewhat numb and has been ever since. Then, my vein in my vulva on the left side swelled up and hardened. I now have damaged varicose veins on the left side of my pelvis. I experience random bruising on my legs as well. These would be indicative of lymphoma or leukemia but I've been tested for cancer and it was negative. Then my bladder started hurting and I got symptoms of a bladder infection but no test resulting positive for infection. Then I got intestinal pain and bleeding.

I got a cat scan, which showed literally nothing. I got many pap smears and colonoscopies, again nothing. All my blood tests came back negative for everything.

However, just recently the lymph node on the right of my neck and under my throat swelled up too. Which explains my ongoing migraines. So this is no longer a uterine problem, this is a whole body problem. I can't for the life of me figure out what is going on and neither can my doctors. My best guess is that a really rare bug of some sort made it up my uterus and to the rest of my body. But only the right side of my body is responding which I understand is not normal, lymph nodes are supposedly supposed to swell up on both sides with the left being more swollen. As a result, the left side of my veins are hardening and I now have pain and strange numbness on the left side of my body because my immune system is not attacking it. My left eye is losing vision as well.

I have tried many natural herbs and remedies including raw garlic, tumeric, dong quai,charcoal, astralugus, cats claw, oregano oil, grape seed extract, ACV, baking soda, black cohoosh, goldenseal, AG immunohancer, folic acid Miracle-Mineral-Supplement ... I tried going back on Antibiotics ... I've tried so many things with no success. Admittedly I have not tried dmso, Colloidal Silver or iodine, mainly because I don't know where to get them or how to do them.

I'm currently attempting castor oil packs on my uterus, but since it spread to other organs I don't think it is working so well. I tried manuka honey and that seemed to provide relief more than anything but I have to buy jar after jar and I cannot afford something so expensive when I am borderline homeless. My next step is to try essaic tea and bioplasma. I'm seriously thinking of taking bloodroot capsules internally as my next step if these don't work, and if the bloodroot doesn't work I'm not sure what to do. Maybe a rife machine if I can afford it. I'm running out of ideas, but I refuse to live the rest of my life like this. I want to get married and have a family someday and I won't let some stupid bug, be it parasite, fungus, virus or bacteria ruin it for me.

Basically I'm trying to reach out to anybody who has successfully treated serious, whole body infections naturally and what they did to do it, also anything that helps swollen lymph nodes. I'm willing to try anything at this point. And if you have any guesses as to what could be going on please share, my doctors gave up trying to figure it out.

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