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Fat-soluble pollutants and liver flushes
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Published: 4 years ago

Fat-soluble pollutants and liver flushes

So I was reading literature on persistent organic pollutants (POPs). POPs are man-made chemicals, relatively new in human history, that accumulate in fat tissue and are incredibly difficult to get rid of; they can stay in the body for decades. Animal products, especially those high in fat, are the biggest sources. Even if the person loses weight, the POPs simply get more concentrated in the remaining fat and during the fat loss process POPs are released inside the body, causing symptoms and problems. There's a strong link between POPs and obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cholesterol, with studies finding that people with high levels of POPs were much more likely to develop the diseases.

One of the reasons they're so difficult to get rid of is because the body excretes them in bile, however most bile is reabsorbed. The bile gets broken down by the digestive system, the pollutants get carried back into the liver and excreted into bile again indefinitely, becoming more and more toxic over the years. It seems one of the only ways to get rid of the bile for good is for it to bind itself to fiber, certain types of fiber are more efficient at it than others. But essentially, fiber is very important.

Obviously Liver Flushes are controversial, there's no solid proof one way or the other that what shows up in stools is stones, although it's hard to believe the mainstream explanation that they're saponified oil. So why do people believe it? Because they feel better. I myself felt fantastic after my first flush, even if I saw no stones. I wonder if the reason for that is because the Liver Flush forces a unusually large amount of bile out, some of which the body is not able to reabsorb, resulting in a net loss of POPs and improved health. People repeat this 20-30 times, believing they feel better because of loss of stones, but in reality they feel better because they are slowly getting rid of POPs. It's a true possibility. It's also possible that both are true (loss of stones and POPs). Or that neither are true, I'm not an expert.

If my hypothesis is correct that means eating fiber during the Liver Flush process would increase its' efficiency several-fold. You should also eat more fiber during every meal, as a way to continuously get rid of POPs. Most people have decades' worth of the stuff, a strong continuous effort is required to get rid of it.


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