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Re: white shark
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: white shark

You wrote:

"some time back for curing this i changed diet and stopped eating grains(wheat and rice),fruits , Sugar and dairy.

i saw improvement in my lips in just 2-3 days, skin became looking normal and inflammation came down too.

i have to stop diet because of weight loss and low energy."

Sounds like you didn't know what to eat?

Sometimes when people eliminate grains, fruits , Sugar and dairy, they don't really know what to eat, as most of their life 99% of their diet was based on those foods.

Let me tell you something about a diet I am practicing during the last 4 months, it might give you a few ideas what you can eat.

Right now I am on a diet 99% free from all grains, all milk products, all industrially processed foods and all Sugar and similar industrial food additives .

Salt I consume is unrefined ocean salt only.

Spices I consume are just natural herbal spices like fresh or dried oregano, garlic, onion, basilicum, red pepper ...

All the other foods I eat I make in my own kitchen or eat it raw.

What do I live on?

Big part of my diet are raw fish, cooked fish and fresh fruits, cooked meat (biff, chicken, liver), some chicken eggs cooked or raw , a lot of raw nuts and plenty of raw and cooked vegetables.

Sometimes some beans, but not very often.

I often eat raw salmon (sashimi quality), and I often make smoothies from raw fruits like bananas, blueberries, strawberries, oranges, apples, melons etc.

When eating, fruit, I exclusively eat it raw and fresh. No pasteurized fruit juices, no cakes ...

Some people have problems with raw fruits, and they should avoid raw fruits and instead focus on raw vegetables until they build their intestinal microbiota to the point where they can digest fruits.

If you get a juicer, you can easily consume large amount of vegetables that are lower on sugars than fruits and berries.

Eating meat, raw eggs, fish and shrimps will give you all the energy you may ever need, and the only weight you will ever lose will be fat you don't need.

If you exercise, you will build muscles and bones density, and muscles and bones are far more heavier than fat... it will give you needed body weight, if that is what you are after.

To improve your digestion, you should flush your liver every 2-4 weeks.

To improve your digestion, you should chew your food 3 times longer than what you usually do.

The Liver Flush will help you with better digestion, and better utilization of nutrients you are consuming and it will help you build better intestinal flora.

Do not get me wrong. This diet I just described is my own diet, adjusted for my own personal needs and my own tolerances.

I eat what I feel is good for me. I don't care what is good for other people.

You will have to find a diet that fits your own personal needs, and in the same time diet that keeps you not hungry, and not tired.

Raw fish is the best food on earth, if you can tolerate it and if you can get it, try to eat some raw ocean fish at least once every day or once every second day. There you will find all nutrients your body may ever need.

Ocean fish and shrimps are very rich sorce of iodine, selenium, zinc, boron, omega 3 and all other nutrients that may be low in other foods or other kind of fish.

Raw nuts like almonds or raw coconut are also great source of nutrients.

Raw nuts and raw fish are far better than cooked/baked/roasted alternatives.

"i am not sure improvement was because of diet or immune system suppression from low energy & low calories from diet."

Your improvement was result of you not consuming foods you have problem tolerating.
If you have problems with milk or grains or fruit, once you eliminate those offending foods from your diet ... many if not all of your symptoms will be gone.

EC in most people is just a sign of intolerance or allergy.

Many people have problems tolerating foods like milk products, grains, sugar, food additives , processed fats and meats and industrially processed foods.

All foods you eat should be made by you or eaten raw, nothing added to it but simple herbal spices and unrefined ocean salt.

"i am very confused for long time if i have candida or not in intestines or mouth causing peeling lips.

i don't have any sign of candida like fatigue , constipation , headache , brain fog etc."

If you have problems with peeing lips, you have problems with dysbiosis, your intestinal microbiome is subperfect.

Subperfect microbiome is usually caused by prior use of Antibiotics , or artificial hormones or other prescription medications like accutane, antidepressants, or living on junk foods etc.

"i also did diet of fruits and vegetable with dairy , yogurt, which didn't produce good result.
i ate bananas and mangoes mostly with milk and my peeling was not increased just normal."

It could mean you have problems with tolerating milk or problems with tolerating some of the fruits and vegetables you were consuming.

Learn about Elimination-Rotation Diet and find out exactly what your perfect diet is.

"would peeling have increased if it is because of intestine candida as bananas and mangoes are very high in sugar."

Sugar in raw fruits is not very important. It is far more important the amunt you consume, and if that exact fruit you can tolerate or not.

If your body tells you that bananas and mangoes are not good for you, avoid it for several months, and try it again later.
Always listen to your body, do not try to make conclusions beyond what your body is telling you.

"should i do diet again with fruits clarified butter and vegetable (excluding diary ) which will provide enough energy for daily activities and not assume as intestine candida because i don't have any symptom of candida."

The best is to eliminate milk products 100% and try fish and meat and nuts instead.

"my current diet :

eating 12-15 daily chappati made from whole white flour."

(most people with serious health problems have problems with wheat flour. I would eliminate all wheat from my diet 100% for at least 3 months, and than re-test it.)

"before this i was taking parboiled rice.

now my lips are getting sticky after introducing wheat "

Listen to your body when it is talking to you.

If I were you, I would eliminate all grains for at least 3 months .... and see if it helps.

Also all sugar and all milk products.

These 3 groups of foods (grains, milk, sugar) are the worst for most people suffering from dysbiosis.

Candida is just one of many forms of dysbiosis.

Your form of dysbiosis may be different from what other people have.

Learn about how complex is human intestinal microbiota:



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