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I believe I've cured myself of peeling lips
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Published: 3 years ago

I believe I've cured myself of peeling lips

I believe I am cured of peeling lips, for the past 48 hours ive seen full a full remission of my symptoms, the fissures in my lips have filled in and have healed properly and I am more relieved now than I have ever been in what has felt like years.

Alittle back story/
I'm 20 and It all started 8 months ago last summer I was grabbing burrito boyz(CAN) at a plaza down from my hometown and just as I was about to pay I hear a cheerful, "hey there bae" being hithered behind me. And there she was, Melissa a girl I'd known back in highschool we were in art class together *sigh. The way she poised her hips to the side made me realize how nurturing an experience college is and also motioned to me how f***ing on it was. Fast forward a week and we're at a party partaking in plenty of drugs and recreational events involving drinking etc etc, its that point i take Melissa to my buddys room and enjoy her sweet company mano e mano. Now, i dont mean to make this sum 50 shades of grey fan fiction shit but melissa and I were really into each other, and i mean some national geographic shit. It got so bad that eating her face out would literally turn into her eating my face out, like she would suck the f*** out of my bottom lip, as if to gain sustenance from my lip nutrients or some shit. But that flame kept going every time we got together, especially when refreshments were involved (she didnt smoke, which i did profusely) in weeks my bottom lip started to chap alittle, worse than before because i always balmed it, and I knew that my Mel the maneater was the cause of my predicament here. But who was I to say no to that shit? It was hot af. It didnt take long before I started extensively looking at the mirror, biting them flaky bitches off every chance i could, (alittle side story but I used to bite my fingers and it got pretty bad at one point in my life, i even had to use an acid peel to rid myself of the issue) but that ultimately became my downfall. I peeled layers of skin off of my lips regardless of what mel or anyone said to me, to think of it mostly when i found myself high and alone. Eventually it got so bad mel broke it off with me, and I found myself a f***ing mess. My lips looked like a f***ing crusty ass half-eaten pussy. This was at the end of the summer and going back to school I couldnt let people see me like this. So I lathered on layers and layers of lip balm on the drive up, and resisting the urge to lick my lips in any way whatsoever it soaked that dry pussy up real good and I thought nothing of it. I quickly realized that my lips weren't normal anymore. Lip balm took ages to dry off my face, and trenches had formed in sections of my lips due to smiling. I thought I had destroy my lips forever and that lipbalm was my f***ing lifeline, it was agonizing feeling dependent on that shit. But there was an upside, girls said my lips tasted like candy, my lips got so dry that I would be reapplying lipbalm every 20 mins. My life was one night stands and booty calls for months and it changed weeks ago when I changed lip balms from blistex medicated spf balm, to eos organic vanilla balm. because blistex just wasnt doing it for me anymore (doing research on it blistex has many chemicals that can have negative effects on the lips drying it out more than it was before creating an almost dependency to it* which i already had which was like dependency squared). At first my lips looked amazing right after the switch then days had passed by and my shits became crusty as f***ed, the balm wouldnt dry out and the fissures were exceptionally highlighted by the luster of my lips thats when i chipped out i started licking my lips more, then cleaning them with water wiping my shirt with my lips then lathering on as much balm as i could. It got so bad that I could see it in my colleagues eyes even when they laughed at my jokes, or looked in my direction, i felt the unease my lips wrought. I felt like noone could ever love something so crust, that i could never have true intimacy again and so soon into my life. That is until I discovered that what I had was a condition, that many people like you who are reading this now find themselves precariously facing. Well fret not good friend, for hopefully this will work for you as well as it has for me. (provided the symptoms don't take a complete turn in the coming days and i fall into a deep depression)

From what I understand, the lip is delicate piece of work and is essentially a soft mellow, containing a vast network of capillaries that make them red and tasty looking. Now if the lips were to say suffer extreme duress and irritation the lips would try to shield itself forming a callus to defend itself from the damning weathering of everyday life and nature that it could protect itself from otherwise. Which is egregiously fed by deadening lipbalm only to die and fall of the following day or two. The point is lip balm is the issue here. Most of you probably suffer from this condition from the intense use of lipbalm, and it is likely that that lipbalm you use contains dreadful chemicals such as phenol, menthol and camphor (all of which are in blistex) . Do research and find out what lipbalm best suits you. It must be fully organic with ingredients that allow the lip to breath during its healing process which is what I believe is the key to this whole cure.

What I did/
Now I know the only known cure for this condition right now is waiting for months and allowing the natural healing process to rid your body of that gruesome curse. And who the f*** can stay at home all day like a f***ing hermit with the lips that look like some webmd shit fam. f*** that. I took curing this shit as priority in my life researching on similar cases and potential success stories of people using lemons f***ing pineapples, f***ing baking soda and f***ing sky dances shit name em I've tried em all. Nothing seemed to be yielding positive consistent results. I cleaned up my diet, eating lots of fish and drinking lots of water I even take spectrum mens daily vitamins so that my body gets absolutely everything it needs to heal itself of this ailment.

Then I read on this site that someone cured themselves by licking their lips and applying some organic shea butter or sum shit right after constantly which exponentially decayed until he no longer had to do it anymore and was cure of the disease. I believe that, THAT is the cure. I've read that saliva has healing properties and i've also read that it breaks down the protective lining of your lips, drying it our more than it was beforehand. Both of which are true , but if you have a condition wherein your lips has a lining that needs to be broken down but your lips also cant dry out to properly heal them. I think that the the saliva helps break down the callus while the lipbalm protects the lips from irritation and inflammation. And that is how i cured myself (fingers crossed since its only been 2 days) I believe a good diet, ensuring the body gets everything in order to regenerate itself, and most crucially to use lipbalm that uses clean ingredients that the lips can use to breath and aid in the healing process.
Now unfortunately it is impossible for me to say that this is a definitive cure and while I cant promise that this will work for you as it has for me, I hope this message helps you dear reader in any way and I hope you rid yourself of this terrible plague, if such has befallen you.

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