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Published: 4 years ago


if your eyes have kindly crossed this, I need your help.
you see I've been fighting this for 15 months.
I've gone to the extremes of testing for HIV in the negatives,
lymes panel negative, even to Lymes DNA testing where we found evidence of Babesia, Chlamydia Pneumonae, and Ehrichlia, only DNA though. At that point, My joints were in so much pain, muscles burning, neverse pricking and on fire. It really sucked, lol.

so along came a friend---> I went on doxy-cycline ( couldn't tolerate anything else) on month two, there were only strange minty cool sensations in my knee caps. thats it, it was wonderful considering the attack I was under

also including fatigue, mild dumbness, vision degradation, and the Chills that plagued me like sleeping in a bunk bed above jack frost... So persistent.

at 3.5 months, my liver enzymes became escalated they had to pull me off for safety sake so I could build up natural immunity.
other Antibiotics like CEftin failed to be effective, so now I'm on:
LDN & Auro Cefixime, plus: cats claw, Banderol, olive leaf extract and oregano oil. (started 3 week) seems like it nailed the symptoms (at least decreased) for a while But the persistent demon is coming back.

oh: I get day rashes on my knuckles, they appear and the poof back to the abyss -gone= I'm not sure what to do It's disheartening...

I've done many of the auto-immune tests -negative-
there was a slight elevation in uric acid and also more Eosinophils which i think means my body is fighting parasites too, tried a parasite cleanse once using 3 different pharmaceuticals BUT, My body couldn' take it, hurt too much had to quit, so finished a herbal parasite cleanse with Black-Walnut bark...

Here's the weird part, it all started on a tour through five countries when i got back in 2015, my bloody esophagus became so irritated. then all this other misery erupted. I started to find ways to help it and have it under control now 90 % of the time BUT now, I have yet another demon in my closet:

seems i've developed a good case of fibromyalgia. excercise for a couple of hours, and damn do i hurt for 3 days like insane pain.

kay, I'm just looking for an earthly brother or sister to find the cause and it really seems to be a microbe of some sort,

I also did heavy metal chelation to remove lead and mercury as they were high in my 6 hour provoked tests.

The person that helps me heal this, or identify the name of this demon, I will muster up what i have left from exhausting over 32,000 dollars on treatment out of pocket and get you a Visa gift card for $400.00 if i can keep this in remission for at least 5 months.

oh, i forgot i had night sweats, not sure if that was from anxiety in the beginning and now for poops sake i have an itchy anus every day and twice on sundays, I'm thinking that's nasty parasites.

Please help

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