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Food without Water: An Introduction

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Published: 6 years ago

Food without Water: An Introduction

A Simple, Free, & Powerful Diet for Optimal Health

This article introduces the concept of Food Without Water, a dietary guideline that originated in Asia and is currently largely unknown within the Western population.

Unlike many dietary regimens, the Food Without Water diet does not have any food restrictions (though there are recommendations). It is entirely free and does not require any shopping. Anyone anywhere can start this diet immediately after grasping the few basic principles. Best of all, it has been proven to be very powerful ó many have healed various ailments with this diet including cancer.

So what exactly is it and how does one begin? Like its name suggests, the Food Without Water diet simply means to separate your food and liquid intake. In other words, have liquid-less meals and drink water or beverages at a different time. There are three basic principles to remember:

First. Always separate (liquid-free) food and water (or other liquids) intake by two hours. This means after having a liquid-less breakfast, you have to wait two hours to have any kind of a drink. Then, after you drink anything, you have to wait another two hours to have a liquid-free lunch, and so on. Fruits go into the liquid camp. Soups, porriges, and too much salad are discouraged.

Second. Start each day with a liquid-free meal when you get up in the morning, NOT water, no matter how thirsty you are. You can only drink water (or any other liquid) two hours after you have first eaten a liquid-free meal everyday. Do not eat or drink anything after 10:00 PM.

Third. When itís time to intake water and liquids, drink only to your heartís content. If you donít feel like drinking anything, then donít, skip that liquid session and carry on with your next meal. Do not force a certain amount of water into your body just because you think you should. You may be so thirsty in one session that you drink a gallon while you feel no thirst in another session. That is all fine as long as you follow your true need and let your body self-regulate.

Thatís all you need to know if you are interested in starting this unique diet. However, you may also wish to know why it is so different from the standard health recommendations that we are all familiar with. You may be thinking, What? Shouldnít I drink 8 glasses of water a day to maintain hydrated? Donít I need to cleanse my colon with water in the morning?

The Food Without Water dietís answer would be, no. Hydration is critical to our health. However, hydration is about absorbing and utilizing water, and not about burdening the body with inaccessible water.

By having liquid-free meals, the body activates its salivary glands to properly break down the food before it enters the stomach. When the food reaches the stomach, the stomach acid is at full concentration (rather than diluted with water) to efficiently digest it. When one restricts water intake until two hours after a liquid-free meal, one can be certain that digestion has completed and the body can now absorb water at full capacity. When water is truly absorbed, one remains hydrated and does not need to drink as much.

How did this concept emerge and why didnít we know about it before? While part of this idea is vaguely present in certain early Chinese literature, the superhero who has brought it to full blossom is a Korean gentleman named Lee Sang Moon. How he discovered the Food Without Water diet requires another article post, but ever since that discovery, he has been exploring and expanding on it and has helped many people to regain health.

Still in doubt? Take a look at how animals eat and drink. Goats and rabbits are among the ones known for tolerating dry conditions with very little water, and they are also known for superior resistance to infectious diseases.

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