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Re: Tiny bugs or worms in my nose and eye ducts. Any remedies?

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Published: 3 years ago
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Re: Tiny bugs or worms in my nose and eye ducts. Any remedies?

Hello TheTruthHurts777,

It seems too many people have what you have described.

Several different organisms can infect the nose: various mites, pin worms, thread worms (strongyloides love hanging out in the nose and sinus areas), hookworms, etc....

There are small flys that deposit helminths or larvae onto the eyes, brows and into the nose or ears.

One can pet animals and unknowingly transfer the organisms and/or their eggs to their face since they did not wash their hands after handling animals. Or, perhaps when visiting someone with animals you could have picked up something from a surface, the floor or the air. Many parasite eggs go airborne when animals shake or from litter boxes (e.g., ascaris).

There are other causes for the increase in this issue including immigration.

It is common to spread organisms to the eyes since most people unknowingly rub their eyes and nose.

Good future practice to prevent this issue is to never touch eyes/nose/face during the day unless using clean tissue and frequently washing hands throughout the day.
This is actually a difficult habit to form!


Treatment could be speedier if the organism is identified.

There are many different treatments that can work. Below is the Ivermectin & Saline protocol that works for many.


1. Saline salt rinses, twice daily.

An ENT I know said this can kill many different types of organisms including many parasites. People have used salt solutions to kill worms and mites for a very long time. It kills them by osmotic pressure and dehydration. Must be consistent for a while.

Must use distilled water. Start with a low osmotic solution and slowly increase to a ratio you can tolerate. E.g., start with 1/8 - 1/4 teaspoon in 6 ounces of water.
Best to hold solution in the nostrils for a while.

Option: can include hydrogen peroxide in this solution. It kills some organisms and their eggs.

2. Can follow this treatment with Ivermectin cream, twice daily.

Thoroughly, rub Ivermectin cream inside the nose, twice daily.
Be sure to get every nook and cranny.

Ideal to obtain a compounded solution: 1-3% Ivermectin in VERSA base with 5-10% DMSO.

Optional addition to regimen: when going to bed, apply a ring of an Antibiotic ointment to inner opening of nostrils. And, apply a thick layer of coconut oil to eye area including brow (can also use this in nostrils instead of antiobiotic).
Wash off in the morning. This can really improve various conditions.


1. Place 3 drops of a homeopathic solution in eyes (e.g., for red & itchy eyes) also containing borate, saline, silver sulphate, and sodium nitrate. Slightly tilt head back and roll eyes around 10 times in each direction while holding bottom eyelid down. May need to repeat while holding upper eyelid up and tilt head far back in order to allow solution to reach the upper parts of the eyeball.

This solution is sold at many drug stores. Get the one that best matches your symptom descriptions.

Repeat twice daily or three times daily.

2. Allow eyes to dry and rub Ivermectin cream all over eyes, while closed, including brow and surrounding cheek bone. Rub cream into skin very well.

Continue with this regimen for a month. If needed, can report back in 2-3 weeks for helpful feedback.

Some people combine various treatments.

Other treatments that work, examples:

* Iodine/saline Eye Wash Drop solutions, usually obtained from a physician.
Also, there are topical Iodine creams or solutions to rub on the eyes (e.g., Decolorized Iodine). Rub on eyelids and surrounding area, can be drying.
May need to apply a lotion afterwards.
Iodine is known to kill mites and eggs in addition to to other pathogens.

* Can often smother offending organisms with various occlusive eye drops used for dry eyes, obtained at drug store. Apply twice daily or more. This product basically contains a liquid petroleum oil or a liquid vaseline. It has worked for many when dealing with the eyes.

* Various essential oil mixtures rubbed into the outer bony eye orbit, twice daily.
Examples: tea tree (or lemon myrtle or manuka) then lavender (or lavandin) in olive oil. Good to add Eucalyptus globulus to this mix. Can apply each separately.
Can make this easy and place mixtures into roller ball applicators and rub onto clean finger to apply. Label roller balls. Or, simply mix oils on a ceramic plate.
Use the highest ratio of essential oils to olive oil that you can tolerate.

* Rubbing an essential oil mixture inside the nose, twice a day - it stings but works. It is an emulsified mixture of olive oil, wild oregano oil P73, wild sage oil, wild cumin oil, wild myrtle oil. Use a q-tip or similar to apply everywhere inside nose, twice daily.

This is a broad spectrum approach since the oils attack many different types of organisms including parasites.

If you want the name of the product email me because I don't think they like you to list product names on this site.

* There is a professional solution (i.e., physician prescribed) used for nose issues that works. It is a two part solution protocol.

It is a natural product.
The treatment consists of holding the nose solution in the nostrils, while you are laying down with your head tilted back off a chair for 15 minutes. You repeat this until everything comes out of nose/sinuses.
May need to continue treatment for days or longer.
Prior to the nose solution, you hold a second solution in your mouth for 15 minutes prior to and after the nose treatment.

This is a very effective treatment.
Email me for product name.

* There is another professional product that works similar to the one listed above.
Can email me for the name.

** THERE ARE MANY OTHER PRODUCTS THAT CAN WORK: enzyme sprays, other creams, etc...

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