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Re: ALBENDAZOLE & IVERMECTIN PROTOCOL: Strongyloides, Morgellons, & Filariasis
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Published: 24 months ago
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Re: ALBENDAZOLE & IVERMECTIN PROTOCOL: Strongyloides, Morgellons, & Filariasis

Some observations on these protocols.

These protocols need updating in relation to more modern understandings and questions asked in the threads.

I have had limited progress due to immune dysfunction and malabsorption. So I tried the following modifications:

The following is from memory and maybe mistaken in it's description, so it should not be taken as correct, it relied upon, but should be verified through qualified sources as to correctness and efficacy, instead.

Ivermectin works by blocking glutamate up in the parasites, stunning them overtime, until they die from it's continued use. I used to benefit from using l-glutamine, which converts to glutamate. Trying l-glutamine powder, which gives through the gut too, produce a lot of silence from them and more die off, after due off slowed and rebounded.

I also found that malabsorption, common with some people like in autism spectrum and maybe chronic fatigue, seemed to reduce absorption or use significantly of some ivermectin product, like potato starch powder versions, versus liquid version. I wonder if the same goes for Albendazole, which also requires a certain PH to absorbed better. I forget which direction, but presume it was more acid. So, I am looking at trying maybe a good hci tablet if my stomach acid appears to be low.

Looking up how Albendazole works, it works partly through disrupting the ATP energy cycle, which is the normal cellular energy cycle, also part of how the immune system works. It disrupts the recycling of malate which also disrupts the citric acid cycle. I'm wondering how healthy that is long term, and presume it maybe ok short term for the protocol. I then contemplated if magnesium malate and calcium citrate supplementation counteracts and reduces the drug"s effectiveness. I noted that on the protocol, they no longer produced the uplift they did. A question related to this is, about how to use fruits in your diet.

The other part here, is the modification in the uptake of sucrose and glycogen, and how that should be treated? This makes me wonder about the use of liquid glycerine based olive leaf extract, a large immune booster, how much that counteracts or helps the protocol?

The rest of how Albendazole works has to do with modifying the parasite absorption of nutrients, and disrupting their effective reproduction. So, the question is if there are any safe ways to help that?

Is it safe to use an immune ATP boosting strategy, of nicotinamide riboside? It too didn't seem to be boosting energy like it is supposed to, but am I working against the Albendazole treatment?

I notice the parasites seem to like chocolate. So on the last day of my third round of Albendazole, I also tried using dark high cocoa chocolate as most of my 40 grams of fat, to increase parasite uptake of the drug. I also tried mixing in some extra virgin coconut oil with this, and had started using l-glutamine the day before. Greatly reduced flourishing of parasite numbers and increased die off symptoms, of what should have been largely finished.

As asked before, about the use of extra virgin coconut oil as part of the 40 grams of fat per Albendazole serve. I also tried extra virgin olive oil, which passes through more and maybe wasn't as effective. Are they usable and helpful here? How much, and what ratio? I continue to try a high percentage of coconut oil, and maybe will try a low percentage of olive oil. I've been told of use of olive oil for parasites, but it it helpful for these parasites?

The discussion on extra virgin coconut and olive oil, and olive leaf extract. I can't remember which is which? remember extra virgin coconut oil, has more of a chemical which disrupts, maybe, cell linings. My interest was to kill the bacteria in and around the parasites, which they feed off of, reducing lymes/morgellons, and disrupting the parasite's energy cycle, and desire to re-inhabit/inhabit the host. Olive leaf extract also had some effect in treating disease and possibly olive oil?
The salt vitamin C protocol is another one effective with lymes, with the newer protocol much more effective. However, with the high likelihood of vitamin C reducing the effectiveness of the protocolo here, I have only used it strategical on occasions, such as outside of several hours after the end of a 2 day round of ivermectin, and earlier than 2 hours of beginning of a new round, on the off week of Albendazole spaced away from that, otherwise once a week just for an unrelated HGH uplift, and occasionally to fight die off toxcitity reaction. The Himalayan rock salt is says to be more effective than the older provokes salt, but the high number of minerals in it, I am worried will neutralise the dewormers etc here. So use it strategically as well, but it dies seem to calm the parasites down, so I gave high salt meals.

Bicarbonate Suda often calms down the toxcitity of the due off reactions, the out break of parasites, but is something I fear will neutralise the treatments here, so I use it strategically, as with the above vitamin C and salt in the last paragraph above. As I wasn't getting a large out break last night, I haven't used it.

Black English breakfast tea, lanchoo blend. I am unsure if this calms down these parasites, but has potential to neutralize some of the effectiveness of the protocol here.

I tried water sanitized with hydrogen peroxide silver combination. Not able to get the aquasil product here any longer, I made my own version, as I had the equipment here and had access to the right grade of ingedients (which are definitely dangerous in their raw undiluted form) and mixed and diluted down to say levels, which are such high ratios measuments become a challenge without the best equipment, as it's nearly 5500:1. Not a try at home thing. The thought was it was very antibacterial, but water was one of the things that parasites and what biofilm protects needed, so that the very small pure silver could pass through them.
Yes it did produce die off. Generally, my skin was much better over time, particularly with everything I did lately, which reduced reinfestation substantially.

I noticed that my immune system was not functioning, so taking co-nutrients of the immune system, helped effectiveness a lot. Part of this is deficencies in various b group vitamin handling, and of methylation of vitamins, minerals and fats. As noted in the protocol here, they have to be kept seperate from various things, to reduce interference. Different people will have their own unique requirements, so advice from a suitable health professional, like a very competent good naturopath, should be sought to figure out what one is deficient in. People with autism spectrum or chronic fatigue will likely have unnusual and specific requirements. ICU links to a general list of co-nutrients here.

Noticed that insect repellents with just picaridin (artificial form of peperine) helped fir three - four plus hours of sleep, but liquid trigger versions lasted better. Also, Vics vapour rub spread around from mouth nose ears cheeks, and not close to eyes, disquaded them longer then just closeup.

Pure high grade home made silver water nasal flush, not regular store bought stuff. The purer fresher better anti parasite affect of skin and as mouth rinse.

Use of hand sanitizer with safer denatured alcohol and chemical formulas that they don't like, helped during day. These things are poisonous, so it helps to check them out and hie sparingly to use them. Pyrethrum cream and ivermectin cream in wounds also helped, but these are dangerous used to much (and the ivermectin absorbs through skin adding to the protocols ivermectin dosage load). So, one has to be cautious. Too much pyrethrum is related eventually to, blood vessel and heart issues, which can kill.

The morgellons and lymes disease associations should have some topical treatment protocols (remember, the ICU protocol in the thread here is about internal treatments, which if not treated, will result in continued outbreaks).

With the protocol here, I noticed even though there was some initial stronger reaction, there was then bounce back. Near the end of the third Albendazole round, there was still substantial flourishings of internal parasites. With the immune boosting items here, the protocol worked better for me, but I had to go to boosting l-glutamine and better absorption strategies to get them down a lot.

Well, sorry for any typo mistakes here, but I was quickly passing through. I found my results where many times lower than expected and applying these things at the end of the third round of Albendazole, they suddenly seem to be working as much as I expected in the first week or two. But am I right in that? How much progress should one expect in the first, second and third rounds.

I also have recently read a way, in another protocol, to break down the biofilm that protects the parasites and bacteria from treatment, which ICU hadn't been aware of 10 years back. It's in another morgellons anti parasite protocol, but I haven't checked it out, and am hesitant to mention it, as it allegedly releases all parasites at once to drug exposure. That would be a rough hyper dissemination state. Would it be useful after this protocol? The coconut olive leaf extract stuff here, was an personal attempt to kill the bacteria and break down the biofilm.


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