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Re: Please help me!
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Published: 23 months ago
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Re: Please help me!

You are the first ever posting that I replied to on the site so I'm new at this too. What I have found out is that the harder you fight them the harder they fight back. Unfortunately I don't really have information at hand about the pharmaceuticals, I would have that in my office possibly but I don't dare take time off. I think that we are all kind of at the same point regarding being attacked by these things I am also very I regularly go 18 to 24 hours without sleep fighting these things.
The only pharmaceutical which I have taken with these is Reese's pinworm medication and I took 12 times the recommended dose and it shut them down we're about 2 days there is a book called Guess what came to dinner? I purchased it recently and she mentions that parasites tend to not pay attention to pharmaceuticals that most 95% of them have become immune to the drugs we are using. Even if I wanted to have a script from someone my general practitioner who I've went to for around 30 years who knows that I totally know what I'm doing is in retirement since 2020 so I am on my own with this. This is the good thing with herbal and diet modification is that you are doing something naturally occurring so the pest don't see you coming because you have not introduced anything which they can adapt to and ignore.
One thing that I should mention with all of the things that I have been reading parasites RARELY kill their host.
I have nests of these on my arms and occasionally it looks as if they are going into subcutaneous muscle tissue the things which I have are flat worms or round, which means both cestode and nematode, but again there are rare helminths which switch between the two forms. Mine do.

I'm very sorry I'm rambling I'm very very tired.

One thing which I have found is the parasites that I have really want to play with my appetite and the amount that I drink. They tend to not want me to eat and my thirst has disappeared but I have found if I drink a lot and eat a lot that I can actually battle these things better, I forgot to ask if you have all had a lot of weight loss. Mine have easily claimed half of my body weight probably more. This spring I ordered super body fuel and was supplementing that as a meal replacement on top of full meals and I was managing to get my weight back up but I ran out about 3 weeks ago I am now expecting a delivery today. I was up to eating 8,000 calories a day so that I would not lose weight from these things.
I find that when I am not well hydrated that I have more pain I try and drink around 3 l of water a day. Filtered of course I do believe that these things are in the municipal water supply, about 10 years ago I found one climbing up my water filter. I did not recognize it for what it is. I use a Berkey water filter which I purchased because UNESCO use them in developing countries and they will filter anything down to an amoeba I have used one now for 12 years. Way before these things started with me, which incidentally was on the 3rd of October that I coughed up the first worm that would have been 3 days after one went up my nose. I also use an herbal toothpaste from India called VICCO. IT IS BRILLIANT. I only received it 3 days ago and it is herbal and they really do not like it. Anyway back to my ramblings I was mentioning about these things making it seem like I had a grave injury happening, and in every case I have found that it has been these things masquerading as an injury, the flat worms when they are transparent lie on the top of my skin and look like wrinkles and they burrow down and have live young in between the layers of skin this is the pain which is 17 out of 10. If a doctor would look at that they would say that it is an infected sight either that or that I had worn away my skin by putting all sorts of strange stuff on it. The reality is that it is the parasite on top of the skin making itself look like an injury so that I would stay away from the site. I am hoping that this is what is going on with the pieces of what looks like liver that you have been passing that it is just from the parasites masquerading as liver.

I cannot stress how important it is to be very well hydrated when I do not drink enough I find that they burrow into tissue looking for moisture.

These also jump organ systems so one day I will be having cardiac symptoms the next day respiratory the next day reproductive, skin and so on.

The two which are critical to life are brain and heart and of course respiratory. I am a non-smoker who has taken up smoking because I found a few months ago that if they are in my sinuses throat or lungs that if I smoke tobacco that they will clear very quickly. Tobacco has a very long history of medicinal use. If you look at the native populations tobacco is a sacred herb. What is interesting camphor is sacred in India. Both camphor and tobacco are burned at all religious gatherings. Interesting.

One of the reasons that I have been looking towards history and other cultures is that in North America we are really very ill equipped to deal with parasites believing that aside from worms and scabies and they're really aren't any.
Wrong. I had a roommate who was a chef in a residence for senior citizens and he said no one ever washed any vegetables because there wasn't time. My son has been a chef for 19 years and he said the same thing that in restaurants no one ever washes vegetables. Which means of course that if the person carrying a parasite is in contact with your food to either prepare it or serve it that you have ingested what they are carrying.

I do not know if this will be posted publicly or not or if it will come to you as a private message if it comes as a private message text me back and I will give you a private email that way we can communicate or if you wish I have a phone number which would permit me to call the United States if that is where you are living and it would cost me nothing and we could talk because all of this is beyond belief. This sounds like depending on your age either an episode of The Twilight zone or The X-Files.
All possible peace on your household, Sacha.

I have to go eat.

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