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Re: Tumor-Fighting Suggestions: Part 2.

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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: Tumor-Fighting Suggestions: Part 2.

9) I'd order a copy of Belleruth Naparstek's CD, "Health Journeys for People With Cancer." I own the CD and listen to it at least once a week as part of my anti-cancer insurance program. Your daughter should listen to it as least once each day. Belleruth is a magical woman (with a name like that, she HAS to be), and by the end of the CD, your daughter will know she's in good hands. You can buy it from Check out the glowing testimonials for the CD.

10) I suggest that your daughter eat a tablespoon of rice bran every day. I mix mine into my mid-day yogurt (Stonyfield Farms Organic Yogurt). See my post on the cancer forum, maybe a month ago, about the strong, anti-cancer properties of rice bran. That post will also tell you where to buy it. It's cheap.

11) I think your daughter should be in bed every night by 10 P.M. She should get up around 6 A.M. That's a good time for meditation and saying prayers and affirmations. The hours between 10 and midnight are when our bodies enjoy deep, dreamless sleep. That's also the time our bodies choose to do their best healing. You can't burn the midnight oil and stay healthy for long. It's a rare night when I'm not asleep by 10 P.M.

12) Your daughter needs to exercise regularly. Walking is wonderful, because it gets her outside under the sun. Leave the sunglasses home, and don't use sunscreen. Her body needs to absorb the healing rays of our life-giving sun.

Another wonderful exercise is rebounding. See my post on the Lymph forum (3 months ago) about the importance of rebounding. It's fun to do, it's easy to do, and it does a multitude of wonderful things to your body. If she were mine, I'd buy her a rebounder. I use mine a half-dozen times each day. I LOVE it -- and more importantly, it loves me.

13) Last but not least, I think your daughter should start talking to her body every day. I mean that literally. Every morning, I lie down on an exercise mat, put pillows under my head and knees, and a dry washcloth over my eyes. Then I begin talking to my body. I've been doing it for decades.

At first, it will seem very odd to her. But she talked to her dolls when she was young. Communicating with your living body is much more important. So at the beginning, tell her to pretend. I guarantee by Christmas, she'll be a believer -- and probably a healthy one.

Here's a sample of how it might go:

"I want every one of my 75 trillion cells to generate a pulse of electrical energy, and send an internal email to every other cell. Fill that message with Love, Light, Blessings, and Healing Energy. So that every cell is now sending a comparative small amount of Love, and receiving an enormous amount of Love. Let me feel a slight tingle as those messages zoom back and forth."

All our cells and organs know that some parts of our body are hurting. So let's send healing energy to those parts which need our help: the tumors in our breast, the pain in our back, (list specific sites). I want my sweet body to harmonize and balance every cell in my body. If there's any negative energy in the form of tumors or cysts, I want my immune system to dissolve that energy, and send it safely out of my body. Please locate and destroy all cancer cells. If there are any poisons or heavy metals, I ask my immune system to flush them out of the tissues they're in, and remove then from my body ASAP.

I love you, my sweet body! I'm sorry that I hurt you by feeding you bad food, and perhaps some bad habits and thoughts. But the Bad Old Days are over! From now on, you get the very best of everything. Promise. And now that you know that, you can begin to heal all the parts of me that are sick. And I don't want it to be work for you, my sweet body, I want it to be play! Find a way to turn this healing process into play. Enjoy it! Every day, I'm going to laugh and sing and bounce up and down on my rebounder like an 8 year-old. And when you feel us bouncing and hear the singing and humming and laughing, then you will KNOW that I've chosen to walk up the Healing Path.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!"

If any of that dialogue resonates with your daughter, tell her to give it a try. Ideally, she should make the "talk" her own. I have a friend in Texas who calls her cells "The Girls" and talks to them every day. She is on the Healing Path, just as your daughter will be soon.

Don't forget to give us some feedback in the weeks and months ahead. I think your daughter is about to begin a Great Turnaround; an exciting time which will, in years to come, seem like a Blessing. When she's 25, she may well thank God for this illness, because it forced her to make changes that NEEDED to be made; changes that were, in retrospect, easy to do and even fun.

Be positive, be upbeat, be confident! You WILL regain your health, Young Lady! And in the years ahead, you'll undoubtedly use your newfound knowledge to help many people whom you haven't even met yet. Your Healing Quest has begun!




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