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Choose Alternatives to Chemo
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Published: 17 years ago
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Choose Alternatives to Chemo

Brain Cancer

Issues With Brain Cancer and Orthodox Cancer Treatments

Let me start with the observations of one person familiar with brain cancer treatments:

* "Orthodox treatment for brain cancer, especially Children's, is absolutely appalling. Chemotherapy and radiation treatment cause horrific side-effects and permanent retardation. Very few survive for five years with this treatment. Their quality of life is ghastly, constantly sick from the chemotherapy/radiation treatments, their immune system wrecked by this barbaric treatment."
Site No Longer Exists

I wanted to emphasize the concept of permanent retardation. The wife of a good friend of mine developed brain cancer. She had radiation therapy that bascially made her mentally retarded. It was only after this happened that the radiologist admitted to my friend that radiation probably didn't do any good. Needless to say his wife died.

* "As a rough estimate, neurosurgeons do well to cure one in every 1,000-brain cancer patients they operate on. Radiation therapy slows the growth of adult tumors, gaining perhaps one month of life, and may result in a cure of only one in 500-1,000 patients. Similarly, chemotherapy, despite 30 years of clinical trials, has not resulted in the development of a single drug or drug combination that elicits more than an occasional transient response in primary brain tumors."
Dr. Robert Burdick, oncologist and professor at the University of Washington Medical School

Brain cancer and brain tumors are somewhat unique because of the "blood-brain barrier," which severly restricts the types of substances in the bloodstream that are allowed by the body into the brain. While the blood-brain barrier (BBB) is great for protecting the brain from danger, when the brain has cancer cells, the BBB can be a problem.

In spite of the claims of orthodox medicine, I am not aware of a single chemotherapy drug that penetrates the blood-brain barrier.

Issues With Brain Cancer and Alternative Cancer Treatments

Brain cancer is one of the trickiest types of cancer for alternative medicine to treat. While it is easy to kill the cancer cells in a brain cancer patient (many alternative cancer treatments easily penetrate the blood-brain barrier), it is not easy to safely kill the cancer cells. The problem is that the debris from dead cancer cells can be very difficult to safely remove from the brain.

Other problems are inflammation and swelling. Before a cancer cell dies it gets sick. The problem is that once the cancer cell gets sick the immunity system recognizes the cell as being sick and attacks it and this causes inflammation and swelling. This is not good to happen inside the skull.

The only kinds of alternative cancer treatments that do not cause dangerous inflammation and swelling are treatments that build the immunity system and then let the immunity system kill the cancer cells safely. These treatments are generally used in conjunction with a product like Vitalzym, which strips the protein coating around the cancer cells so the immunity system has an easier time killing the cancer cells.

The problem with these treatments is that they typically work very slowly and many brain cancer patients do not have enough time left to live to use slow-working alternative cancer treatments.

This leaves as the only option alternative cancer treatments that kill cancer cells directly. But these treatments cannot work too quickly or too many toxins/debris will be released at the same time by dead cancer cells. This could also be dangerous for a variety of reasons.

Thus, the only treatments that are suitable for brain cancer are treatments that kill cancer cells slowly, but not too slowly. But these are the treatments that also cause inflammation and swelling.

Thus there is no ideal direction for brain cancer patients until a treatment is developed which reverts cancer cells into normal cells very quickly. While such a treatment has been released to the public (the "Overnight Cure For Cancer" article), it may be too risky for brain cancer patients at the current time because it is not known how many cancer cells are killed during the treatment.

Important Warnings

Note #1) If you are dealing with swelling or pressure of any kind in your brain, immediately deal with an oncologist or surgeon. Let them make decisions about relieving the swelling or pressure. Do NOT depend on ANY alternative cancer treatments to work fast enough to deal with swelling or pressure inside the skull.

Note #2) If you have Stage IV brain cancer, such as a glioblastoma, another fast growing brain cancer or tumor, a tumor in a very dangerous location, etc., and if you have not already read my article on Stage IV cancer treatments, then when you are done with this article, you should immediately read this article:
Article For Stage IV Brain Cancer Patients

Note #3) Any brain cancer patient on any orthodox or alternative cancer treatment that kills cancer cells should carry with them at all times anti-inflammatory drugs. The person should also have with them at all times someone who knows how to use these drugs.

Note #4) MSM (methylsulfonylmethane or methyl-sulfonyl-methane) is a superb treatment for reducing and preventing swelling and inflammation. I HIGHLY ENDORSE the use of at least 7 grams of MSM per day by any brain cancer patient on ANY cancer treatment. Children 12 and under should take half that dose or less. Here is an article on how to take MSM:
How To Take MSM

Specific Alternative Treatments For Brain Cancer

The most promising alternative treatments for brain cancer and brain tumors, that I have been able to find, are now presented.

Cesium Chloride / DMSO Protocol and Ozone RHP

For glioblastomas and other Stage IV brain cancer cases, the two best alternative cancer treatments are the Cesium Chloride / DMSO Protocol and ozone RHP.

Both of these treatments, however, kill cancer cells. Thus, for a brain cancer patient the doses of these treatments should be chosen by an expert in using these treatments on brain cancer patients. For example, in some brain cancer cases, the normal doses of cesium chloride are cut in half. For children the doses may be more than cut in half.

The only cesium chloride vendor I endorse for brain cancer is Larry of Essense of Life. He has considerable experience working with brain cancer patients and cesium chloride.

Here are links to the key articles, which discuss the recommended vendor/expert in these treatments:
Cesium Chloride / DMSO Protocol
Ozone RHP Treatment


Generally speaking, one of the most recommended treatment for Stage I, Stage II or Stage III brain cancer is a product known as Protocel. Its ability to get past the blood brain barrier, and to target cancer cells, is amazing. Its track record is also extremely good. I have written a special article on Protocel.

However, Protocel does not work fast enough for a glioblastoma or other fast-growing brain cancers.

In this article is a link to a book by Tanya Pierce called "Protocel and Cancer." In this book are a number of case studies (i.e. testimonials) of people using Protocel for brain cancer. A word of warning: Protocel causes some lysing (with lysing the cancer cell literally falls apart as it dies), thus there will be debris inside the skull with this treatment. For this reason Protocel should not be combined with graviola or Paw Paw, which also create lysing. The Protocel article goes into detail on these issues.

Here is the article:
Article on Protocel

Grape Cure

Because the grape cure contains so much glucose and other sugars, which feed cancer cells and get past the blood brain barrier, and because it is not known whether a sufficient number of the cancer-killing nutrients in grapes (to offset these sugars) get past the blood-brain barrier, I cannot endorse using the grape cure on brain cancer until more information is forthcoming.

Noni Juice

"A 32 year old man with brain cancer had his tumor shrink from the size of a baseball to the size of the tip of your thumb. A 73 year old man had his brain tumor shrink to half its size. Both took Tahitian Noni Juice."

Noni Juice is known for key nutrients that get past the blood brain barrier into the brain, such as Xeronine. But perhaps more important, the glucose in Noni Juice, like all glucose, easily gets past the blood brain barrier. Like grape juice, there is no doubt that this glucose carries cancer cell killing nutrients with it. Some of the brands of Noni Juice, including Tahitian Noni Juice, mix fruit juices in with the Noni Juice which contain Ellagic Acid, which combines with glucose. For brain cancer patients, it would be best to buy a brand of Noni Juice that contains berry juice (e.g. blueberries, strawberries, etc.).

Budwig Diet

This is from a posting on the internet: "I don't really know one type of brain tumor from another, but I can tell you about one man who was under direct care of Dr. Budwig. He followed her regimen excactly. His condition was far advanced with a tumor in his head called adenoma. He could hardly see anymore. He went to see Dr.Budwig and began his treatment in Oct, 1997. Two weeks later he began feeling better. Three weeks later his vision began to improve. Six months later he had the feeling that the tumor was gone. Sometimes later that was confirmed. He is well and active and runs his own business. I last communicated with him about two months ago. He was in good shape. But he is still following the Budwig regimen except not as quite as strict as before."

Here is a link to a testimonial passed around on the internet. It is actually a complete treatment plan with the Budwig Diet as the main element:

As with an Essiac Tea testimonial above, this treatment testimonial also included shark cartilage. See my notes below.

MGN-3 or MGN3

Since MGN-3 builds the immunity system, it is not necessary for any of its ingredients to get past the blood-brain barrier, the immunity system obviously gets past the BBB. Here is a testimonial:

* "On January 15, 1999, the patient presented with severe headache and numbness in the right limbs at a nearby hospital and was diagnosed with common cold. Her general condition worsened and the right half of her body was paralyzed in late January. She underwent examination at the brain surgery department of another hospital and was found to have a brain tumor. Lung cancer and metastases in lymph nodes were also discovered and the patient was told she had only 3 months to live. She had undergone surgery for Breast Cancer in 1989 so these diseases were considered recurrences or metastases. She refused the chemotherapy recommended by the hospital and was admitted to S Surgery, which provided complementary medicine incorporating dietary, psychological and immune therapies. She was given MGN-3 3 g daily as part of immunotherapy to activate NK cells. The activity of NK cells increased to 52.6% 3 months after start of treatment and all the tumors began shrinking. It is now 1 year and 6 months since she was told she had only 3 months to live and she continues treatment with dietary therapy, qigong and MGN-3 3 g daily and is living a normal life."

Raw Food

* "After more than 20 years of personal experience and research, I consider BarleyGreen the single most important food I put into my body each day. It is the most nutritionally dense food I know of on earth today, and it provides my body cells with all the nutrients they need to remain strong and healthy. I personally consume three to four tablespoons of BarleyGreen daily.

The second most important food in my diet is carrot juice. Presently I consume an average of 16 ounces of freshly extracted carrot juice from a Champion Juicer daily. During my bout with cancer more than 20 years ago I consumed one to two quarts daily as BarleyGreen did not exist at that time. At the Gerson Clinic today, they give eight 8-ounce servings of carrot juice daily to their patients along with 4 glasses of a green drink similar to BarleyGreen. Using this juice therapy along with a cleansing program, they are healing "incurable" diseases, such as lung cancer, brain cancer, spreading melanoma and more.

The third most important food I put into my body is the raw fruits and vegetables, which are consumed at the noon and evening meals. I eat no breakfast and haven’t for over 20 years. (A glass of BarleyGreen is my only breakfast food.) Thus, my average daily food intake consists of approximately 85% raw food. I do allow myself some cooked food at the end of the evening meal, which might consist of a baked white or sweet potato, brown rice or steamed vegetables, but this is more for its taste than nutritional value."

This is very good advice!

Among the many cancer treating nutrients in carrots, astaxanthin, a cartenoid, easily gets past the BBB.

Ellagic Acid

Ellagic Acid is known to kill cancer cells. Whether it gets past the blood-brain barrier is not important because it combines with glucose, which does get past the blood-brain barrier. In other words, when Ellagic Acid is used with a glucose-based food, such as grape juice, blueberries, strawberries, etc., it gets past the BBB. Ellagic acid is found naturally in purple grapes, red grapes, kiwifruit, blueberries, red and black raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and currants.

Coenzyme Q10 - CoQ10

Not a lot of different types of cancer have been treated with CoQ10, it is a fairly new and not well-known cancer treatment. However, like MGN-3 it works mainly by building the white blood cells, thus whether CoQ10 itself gets past the blood-brain barrier is a moot issue, because the white blood cells do get past the BBB. However, since CoQ10 is a major treatment for Parkinson's disease, which is a brain disease, it is clear that the effects of CoQ10 get into the brain.

Several vendors of CoQ10 claim they have developed a way of getting CoQ10 past the blood-brain barrier. Whether all this fuss is necessary or not, I do not know, it certainly cannot hurt. It is clear that CoQ10 would be a solid treatment for brain cancer in any case. Here are some of the vendors that make this claim:

Cayenne Pepper Tea

* "In a lecture by Dr Richard Shulze, master herbalist, we learned the following: A man had an inoperable brain tumor and told that he might have a 5% chance of survival with chemotherapy. He went home, did a colon/liver detox and started a regimen of ten cups per day of cayenne pepper tea. In three months he returned to his doctor and his x-rays showed a dried up, dead tumor in his head. Dr Shulze explains this cure thusly: Cayenne pepper contains many wonderful phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals. It cleans the blood allowing hormonal signals to make their way unimpeded through your system, thus the enhanced immune response. In countries that have some very hot cuisine, you find significantly lower cancer and heart disease rates."


Shark Liver Oil and Shark Cartilage (dogfish shark)

"Experiments in rats showed squalamine shrinks the deadliest form of brain cancer, glioblastoma. All cancerous tumors require blood vessels to feed their cells, and squalamine may be able to starve them to death. Like the research on angiogenesis inhibitors, the much-talked about treatment that blocks the growth of new blood vessels to tumors in mice, the investigation of squalamine is in the beginning stages."

"Squalamine, found in shark liver oil, blocks the in growth of blood vessels into a tumor, and therefore, it block's the tumor's growth- not because it kills the tumor cells, but it simply cuts off their blood supply if you will"
Dr.Allen Sill, Johns Hopkins University

But that's not all:

"One of the principle agents in Shark Liver Oil which helps to increase immune function are the alkylglycerols (AKG's). Alkylglycerols are found in the bone marrow, which is the heart of the immune system. Alkylglycerols serve three major functions: (1) cell membrane effects (2) antioxidant action preventing damage from radiation therapy (3) direct tumor suppression."

See also:

Antineoplastons (Very, Very Expensive)

See My Article:

Poly-MVA (Requires a Doctor)

See My Article:

Rath Cellular Solution

See My Article:


At the current time this product can only be obtained by someone going to Honduras.

* "Reports that slipped out in late 1999 showed that Anvirzel reversed AIDS, no matter what the phase of the disease, arthritis, psoriasis, hepatitis C, and even diabetes in some cases. Initially, Anvirzel was thought to work only on cancers found early, however, very positive results have been found in people given just weeks to live. To top this all off, Anvirzel seems to be the first cancer remedy to show positive results for leiomyosarcoma, probably the deadliest of cancers. Anvirzel also crosses the blood-brain barrier (like Poly-MVA) and gives hope to people with brain tumors."

Beta Glucan

A nutrient known to get through the blood-brain barrier.

* "I had a stroke a while back, and I was rushed to the hospital. The doctors found a fast-spreading cancer all through my body. They also discovered two brain tumors, one which was the size of a golf ball. My friend, Bill, came to see me and brought a bottle of Beta Gold with him. Later he told me that after he saw me the first time, he didn't expect to see me alive again. However, I took his advice and went on the Beta Gold taking 850 mg per day.The doctors started me on Chemo to slow down the cancer. The doctors were amazed that I didn't get sick on the large doses of Chemo they were giving me. Their next plan was to operate on the two brain tumors. Just recently I went in for "prep" for the brain tumors, and they were amazed to see that the X-ray showed that the tumors were so much smaller than earlier. The doctor said that he would like to take credit for these amazing results. "I've been in the medical profession for twenty years, and I've never seen anything like it." I said, "It's the Beta Glucan, Doc." Everyone had virtually given up on me, and now I have at least a 90% chance of surviving this cancer. The last report is that the two brain tumors are gone and have not reoccurred."

Beta Gold is now sold under the brand name of Beta 100's and Beta 500's.


Another beta glucan product is Immutol. See my article on the immunity system for more information:
See: Immunity Article

Hydroxygen Plus (now Oxygen Elements Plus) and MSM

* "... John, a 58 year old man who stage 4 osteosarcoma (cancer of the brain) and cancer of the blood. He was given 6 to 10 months to live with radiation and less without. “At this point in time, John could no longer walk or drive. As he was about to die, John was then told to ‘Get your affairs in order.’ ....

John immediately started taking MSM (organic sulfur), an increasing dosage of Hydroxygen Plus, changing his diet to an alkaline based diet, and drinking lots of clean water everyday. In two weeks time John drove to his doctor and walked into his office for a check up. to his doctor’s amazement, John’s swelling in his brain had been reduced by 90% and his speech, his vision and his walking had returned to almost normal. Remember this was only two weeks later! His doctors could not believe his progress, and they were very mad at John for driving a car and not taking his medication. Nevertheless, they told John, ‘Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.’

They still wanted to give him radiation because he had a particularly rapid growing aggressive type of cancer. John refused the radiation and told them that he was going to be just fine and that he was going to beat this cancer faster than anything that they had ever seen. John religiously continued taking the MSM and the Hydroxygen Plus. He also continued his strict diet and drank lots of pure water every day.

“Six weeks after his surgery John went back to his doctor for a MRI to see where the cancer was at that point. to his doctors’ complete amazement, they found absolutely no swelling in the brain. All brain functions had returned to normal and there was NO CANCER at all.”

Hydroxygen Plus is now known as "Oxygen Elements Plus." Here is their home web site:
Global Health Trax Home Site

Alpha Lipoic Acid and MSM

There are two MUST supplements for anyone on a brain cancer treatment program. They are MSM and Alpha Lipoic Acid. These are two key nutrients that are known to penetrate the blood-brain barrier. However, do NOT use ALA if using PolyMVA because ALA is already part of PolyMVA.

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