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Re: tin cans to the moon
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: tin cans to the moon

My retired friend from Nasa kept my book about the moon trips or I would give you the author. O think several tell all books exist. The one I had was by a senior engineer who liked to take lots of pictures of the crooks envolved and plenty of pictures of the experimental engines, etc. He worked on the engine that was thought to be able to send a man to the moon and he said it was considered to dangerous to try it. If it blew, Nasa believed it could have killed way too many in Florida and the engine had to be too large to ever be fitted to the rocket. This author gives you his complete history and all the pictures of him with the big shots that pulled the wool over everyones eyes. I guess France and other countries never went along with the cover up and maybe the reason the USA and France still can't get along today! The author did mention the people envolved were very well paid $$$$$ for life with soft over paid jobs and this fits the person I know that worked for Nasa at the same time period as one of their best engineers. All anyone has to do is look at the tin can ships and the shark skin uniforms and know if they all went to the moon, it was a miracle they made it make home in one piece.

I do have one question. I have a another friend that in 1950, he was chosen to see the Governments Top secret devices. He called it RED CLARENCE. That certain people in the forces were chosen to see certain things, no one seeing all, just parts. His chosen field was magnetism. He was shown a locamotive train that could be moved with the human hand because it was suspended by magnetism. He was taken to Europe and where these old air fields exit from centuries long ago, he was shown that when you took an object and propelled it upwards at certain points on these ancient landing fields the object would take off on its own at a fantastic speed and he was then taken to the otherside of the world at another type of acient landing field an was shown that the object travled around the world via a magnetic orbital belt so to speak. He also told me he was shown a map and this map was about 15 feet square and in one corner was the planet earth and on this map was thousands of planets/moons and each was named and distance known between each and that magnetic belts existed between each planet. He also stated that what was known in 1950 was more advanced than the Movies, such as Star Treck and the such. He said he could only imagine how advanced things have happened over the last 50 years. This man was given an easy job after his service over the water works of a very large city and his children all became well educated. I had a uncle that was an airforce hero of the Korea war and he also was given an easy high paying job in the State of Florida in exchange for flying secret missions into South America for many years, to the point he was extremely wealthy, he owned many coal mines, construction companies, manufacturing companies, etc. In his last years, the government that made him wealthy took all his possessions back. I have been to seminars put on by top scientist that claim they worked in such government programs and say Nasa and their tin cans are only a smoke screen. They want the people of the world to believe it takes a HUGE amount of fuel and a gigantic space craft to send a man into space. They claimed this needs to be done, because if the people knew how advanced man really was, the common people would never accept being the slaves they are.

Being raised on a farm in a part of the country that boys were raised to hunt racoon late at night for extra money, we all seen so many UFOs that they were every night occurances. Back then we had no idea what these ufos were, but today I believe they were all nothing more than the USA airforce playing with their toys and not from other planets at all.

Being a dairy farmer much of my life, I see the people that rule the countries are no differant than a farmer that rules a HERD OF COWS. The farmer does what is best for his needs and never allows the cows to know their true purpose! The powerful cow could walk through any fence and would, "IF" it knew its fate when the farmer no longer wanted it. Just as humans could not be stopped if they knew the truths, but like the dairy cow, they are controlled in a manner to make them feel free and wanted.

The farmer calls the market truck to pick up the cow that no longer produces the required milk while we call up Hospice to supply enough morphine and we accept both as being humane.

The poor uneducated will always be on the outside looking in wondering what is truth and what is not,

We are better off just having children and being as happy as we can and let the world to pass by as unnoticed as possible.
The Amish hobby is making children, they don't have electric, news papers, magazines, radio, etc. MAYBE they have a good thing Going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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