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Re: Identifying a shapeshifter
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Identifying a shapeshifter

Interesting post 0hfor0.

I grew up near decendants of the rothschilds family, thier home was like a museum, they showed me the first newspaper printed in america, they had it under glass in a frame, it was a pre confederate newspaper rag that they published and delivered to early american settlers, later used to engineer the confederate wars and sell lies and misinformation to the early colonial settlers. via thier inflaming 'rags' aka newspapers, that dispatched lies and fake information.
rothschilds like instigating wars between what they call,' dumb goyum ', which means 'stupid cows' or 'non thinking animals'. Divide and conquer was the name of thier war incitment strategy game. they bragged they engineered and financed the french/british war
and loaned the money to both the french and british to kill each other, dumb goyum will always kill each other said rothschild. rothschilds did not care if the french or british won or lost because either way both countries were in money lending debt to rothschild, munitions build up war debt to rothschild. So the rothschilds profited no matter who won or lost the war.

after banking, dentistry was/is a chosen profession for bloodline and non bloodline, via marriage, rothschild decendants, they liked to poison with, food, beverage, dental metals, injections and lies what they call the 'dumb goyum' as a business, medicine, candy manufacturing, paint manufacturing etc are other professions they liked as it is easy to poison 'dumb goy' in medicine, or by poisoning candy, foods, and by poisoning paint, lumber or other cosmetics, consumer and household goods. also rothschilds said the catholic church is borgeia 'poison cup' mafia central and rotten top to bottom with corruption. this rothschild family were creeps that liked to watch the godfather 3 vatican movie over and over because they said it was true about the corruption of the catholic church.
rothschilds are pondscum and anyone who kills or does evil work for a rothschild is just being a pawn for the devil on earth. the rothschilds invented the 20 dollar bill, if you sell your soul to a rothschild you will pay with your life and soul, as the devil/rothschilds EAT and kill thier own children, pawns, slaves, hirelings, thugs, shills and miseducated dupes first.
The best defense against a rothschild, reptilian, shapewshifter, creep, liar, devil, pindar is to be NON CORRUPTABLE and know the truth. btw- rothschilds and thier dupes all die early, tragic and miserable deaths. The only good? thing about rothschilds I saw was that they eliminate violent murderous misled miseducated male goy punks and out of control Godless murderous abusive ignorant goy men who are willing to follow satan aka evil and do harm to innocents. Rothschilds told me WW2 was started by rothschilds by hiring low class violent german punk kids to break windows causing crystalnight, which was blown up as war incitement via rothschild owned rag media and fake radio dispatches which fueled ww2. you can not lead good men to follow a liar robber and murderer like the devil aka pindar aka rothschild, only violent willing to rob and willing to murder dumb goy punks will follow evil liars and do evil, to thier own demise.
Evil is here to destroy other evil, as evil can only destroy itself. God has ALL power, satan is a loser, a fake, a fraud, a zero, a liar, a robber and a murderer, rebuke evil and error and know: God won.
I found much spiritual truth about all good Mother Father God at


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