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Re: hemangioma of the liver (very large)

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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: hemangioma of the liver (very large)

I, too, have a hemangioma of the liver. I was diagnosed almost 10 years ago. It causes no problems, so they have not done anything. The "cure", so to speak, would be surgery. However, the surgery is high risk, and entails having tubes which would come out of the side of the body, in order to drain the bile. Then, since this surgery is usually done through the abdomen, the recuperation time is fairly long. They do not like to do this surgery unless absolutely necessary. The liver does reginerate though, so after surgery, the liver would be fine (barring any infections, etc.).
What I do have to do is stay away from any unnecessary "rough" play. I am not allowed to play any sport which would risk my getting hit in the side. If I am in a car wreck or other accident with a blow to the side, I must see a doctor immediately, otherwise I risk bleeding to death internally (since a hemangioma is a mass of blood clots and vessles). According to my doctor, I am also not allowed to visit any third world countries. Ha! Ha! I just go in every so often for CT scans and liver profiles to make sure my hemangioma is not growing overly much. If I ever feel bloated too much in one side and have extreme pain, I must seek medical attention immediately. It hasn't happened once. There are no meds to help that I know of, and no cure to my knowledge either. I take vitamins, watch my diet, stay away from alcohol for the most part (my liver has a hard time breaking it down), and watch my health overall. That's about all you really can do, I think.
Oh, my doctor said that it was probably congenital (I was born with it). I do have small hemangiomas on my body (look for small red mole looking things that pop up as you age...not age spots though!). I found the parasite and cyst idea quite interesting, however! I want to look into that one further!
Your husband did not give this to you, in my opinion. Yes, you may drink, but watch the amount you drink. If you find that you feel overly ill the next day or so, then you drank too much! I find that when I drink too much, I get WAY more than the average hangover.

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