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Blackmeat lobster and benzene - personal anecdote

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Mira528 Views: 3,242
Published: 11 years ago

Blackmeat lobster and benzene - personal anecdote

A poster over at Barefoot Herbalist is kindly allowing me to copy and paste his post on his/her personal experience in the Gulf situation here. Thank you, 131174.


The gulf of mexico is like love canal or cherynobyl, a toxic corexit polluted disaster zone, corexit is pure benzene, mixed with bio hazard chemicals that make it more toxic.

a company in naperville illinois dumped millions and millions of core exit/benzene into the gulf, for no sane reason.

You will never hear reports on the news or anywhere, there is way too much tourist money to lose. and property tax money, and real estate money....

I had a gulf lobster that was pitch oil black, had to cut away 80% of the white and organ meat, and I basically spit out the white parts I tasted. It had an off chemical taste.
I do not have lab testing ability, so it could have been black mercury OR black oil, all I know is I saw my first and last blackmeat gulf lobster

No odor or smell while boiling, just rot oil black once I cracked the lobsters shell. And the benzene/core exit is oderless and colorless, which makes it more dangerous then the oil, or mercury. at least mercury or crude oil turns black. benzene is clear and hard to detect.

People exposed to the gulf are getting deadly doses of corexit/benzene, which causes respiratory, lung, heart, organ failures, cancers, tumors, etc, these benzene poisonings accumulate and creep up slowly. I cannot believe the states of florida, louisiana, even texas, etc, gulf residents like to pretend all is okay, it is thier self interest, tourist money, property values, business, THEY ARE ALL IN DENIAL.

Its like being in chernobyl where everyone is dying of atomic radiation internal burns and the merchants and sales people are all running around saying, eat this, breathe this, buy this, it's safe, while handing you deadly radioactive atomic waste.

I do not have any scientific answers regarding the gulf and mercury, that data is SUPPPRESSED, big time, I do know I am afraid to swim in that water or eat fish from the gulf.

Give me a black lobster once, shame on you, if i taste a black lobster twice, shame on me.

Oddly, the president of the small community hospital in our small gulf town just got a pay raise to 700,000 dollars a year, that's a lot of taxpayer money to pay the president of a small gulf hospital, he is probably being paid to cover up corexit deaths. Minimum wage in the gulf is 7.35 an hour and the president of a small hospital gets $700,000 a year taxpayer money, something is rotten in denmark, er , the gulf.


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