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Do I NEED to vegetable juice fast to fight cancer/disease? it seems so impossible.
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Published: 9 years ago

Do I NEED to vegetable juice fast to fight cancer/disease? it seems so impossible.

My main question remains the subject of the post but if anyone reads the rest and has any ideas, thanks :)

Looking over the cancertutor site I see that vegetable juicing is the number 1 recommended requirement for inexpensive cancer treatments.

The most powerful treatment (or so it seems to me) that I can afford and want to try is Oleander supplementation.

Is juice fasting really required? I would like to juice vegetables occasionally but still maintain a diet of solid foods with pleasurable foods intermixed with these other treatments. I realize avoiding animal products and concentrated sugars is definitely required, but I can handle that.

The problem is that my digestive system is so wrecked (cannot process gluten, have issues with dairy I'm sure and constant gas indigestion etc) that I feel like if I were to starve myself by vegetable juicing I would just die since my body couldn't process any of that stuff it's not used to processing. (I barely eat vegetables. several times a week only)

so theres my fear, combined with the fact that I can't get a diagnosis, so abstaining from anything enjoyable is near impossible for me. Nevertheless, I do want to try and fight this and cure myself if possible, but I wanted peoples advice from here to see if they think juice fasting is ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED. ugh. it seems like the most impossible part and I don't have the money to buy the really effective expensive devices like the new photon protocol or frequency generators etc.

The treatments which I want to try (and think I can afford) are :

- Oleander supplements. kill cancer + viruses (if any)
- ginger - 6 teaspoons a day for 3 days. every 2 weeks.
- asparagus - 4 tablespoons twice a day.
- kelmun protocol - baking soda + maple syrup to get in cancer cells and kill the microbes
- honey + cinnamon - honey + various things to do same.
- msm + vit.c / msm Colloidal Silver / msm vit d3 - this seems another beneficial option which I think does same.
- sister mary treatment b12 + vit.c - this seems like another good idea.
-eniva vibe drinks - this is a bit expensive to me but i would like to try drinking vitamins/supplements/healthy juices like this too for better absorption.
-ozone. I don't have an ozone generator but I've started recieving insufflations from a naturopath. I realize that for ozone to work properly you need to be doing these daily not weekly but for now I hope it will help somewhat as I cannot afford an ozone generator. Please let me know if you think this is useless getting weekly ozone

Also let me know if you think trying ANY of this is useless without vegetable juice fasting too or if any other treatments might be better suited. To me it seems that Oleander supplementation is going to be the most powerful of these but that the rest of them should all work together, i think? Let me know if anyone has experience with oleander or any of these or if anything else might be better suited. Thanks!!

also considering dmso protocols and Colloidal Silver .

Recent medical problems which led me to want to try to get serious about fighting my illness :

I had a really bad fall about a week ago. Whenever I wound myself I end up with large growths which swell up (seemingly from the bone/bruising or etc) for the past few years. I've read all about how this is likely the response from having a primary cancer elsewhere (or weakened immune system too) and tumors form on the bone which receive any kind of traumas. I have no diagnosis and my blood tests still have no warning signs, which is completely unbelievable to me.

anyways, my legs have 3 or 4 swelled up wound/growths now and I am getting very scared. I have also been feeling nauseous and also getting crippling headaches in the direct center of my forehead which are really freaking me out. I feel like maybe these new growths have been diminishing my blood supply and particularly to my brain... or that there are forming growths in my brain. I want to try anything I can which is why I'm posting here.

I have many other serious health concerns beyond this but it is the most recent occurrence.

It's really irritating trying to figure out what to do with so many debilitating issues and no diagnosis. I realize I could have autoimmune problems like ms or other issues instead of cancer but how can I know. Thanks for reading and any ideas!!!


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