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Re: A photo of a small roundworm found in the phlegm
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: A photo of a small roundworm found in the phlegm

I have the same type of phlegm
And I get three types runny lumpy and very big lumps that are chewy I coughed up a big chewy one about 4 weeks ago I was going to spit it down the loo but decided to do it in the sink I found a transparent worm about 3 inches long it was not moving so I guessed it was dead it had one end in a lump of supper phlegm that won't break down I have the same problem with the Dr he thinks I am imagining it all it was a Friday night I thought I would bring up more of these so I rinsed it down the sink. I have been checking my phlegm since but easy to see worms have not come up yet. I need to put one in a jar and show him. My problem started a long time ago I thought they were all dead now my treatment went wrong 3 years ago now here is what happened to me. This is 3 years ago.

I have had Ascaris for over 20 years. I also have cronic pancreatitis. I had big trouble getting crap out of me. So I had to start using a enima to get anything out. I found a Ascaris hanging out of my bum so called my Dr but he was on Holliday so the locum sent a prescription to the local chemist mebendizol 1 week. treatment after 1 week i had movment still so told my Dr when he got back he gave me anouther 1 week. I still had movement and lots of pain in my gut. He referred me to the hospital for tropical diseases it took 3 months for the apointment they gave me a sample bottle and sent me home. The really big worms 35cm instead of dissolving they turned brown and swelled up like balloon to over 1 inch in diamiter but the tails are covered in some thing like fingernail stayed the size they were. i got a tail piece out after enima so put it in the jar and took it to the hospital. I thought they would easily identify it. Sadly not they were only looking for eggs and I had given them a washed ex male tail with the hook in the down position of Ascaris worm. If it had stayed white they may have realised what it was. They decided I did not have worms but gave me ivermectin 1 dose of 4 pills as they thought I had scbies in my hands my weight is only 50kg. The movment finaly stopped in my gut but the ones that had swelled up had blocked my gut i discovered that I had a loop in my gut things were going round and round the males have very sharp hooked tails were really hurting and I had this endless path I managed to get about 1 ex-worm out a day my Dr refused to except the hospital got it wrong he never saw them. So I took a photo of a tail hook I got out he still refused even though you could see the curve was identical to lots of the pictures of male ascaris because it was not white and I was having supper turds that kept blocking the loo. I have lived with this for 2 years now i have a male stuck in my left hip blocking the pipe I have run out of luck I can't get my Dr to take this seriously there is a even worse male right behind it stabbing my gut every time I get any pressure in that part of my gut I got most of the easy ones out now just left with the big ones the bodies are also get very scachy as they get older have to massage to get them to move I have not got any hooks out for a few months but very dense bodies normally missing the tails I need urgent surgery to remove them. But until I get a lot sicker from this blockage they will not except it. So if I die from this my best friend says he will sue the British health service. And hopfuly they will learn from there mistakes
Well that was 3 years back now my weight is 48Kg I am 5'11" tall i have to use a powerchair as all my muscle strenth has gone i am still blocked in my hip pipe goes via my spine from left to right hip. I also get lots of problems with my eyes loads of clag feels like my lashes are going the wrong way. I get very itchy just before the full moon. Dont know how i am still alive pain in gut is real bad think i have more than one loop as the path things are going round has shortend from what it was doing and there was a bunch of broken tails that has not come back round for six months was almost making me cry to shift it once things get into my right side they don't hurt so much and go back to the begging of my small intestine.the supper sticky phlegm in my throat makes me gag on solid food so I live on ensure plus and well dunked biscuits and coffee. I have to get one of these worms out of my lung soon I get stabbing pains in them some times only last a minute or two. And it's the real chewy phlegm that hols the best chance of getting a sample I think it's like the best supper glue as well. Can take 3 days to get a whole turd out now sitting on the edge of the bath tub with a house pipe to help wash it out a pint at a time takes it to the first tight bend takes a few atempts when its bad. I do what i have to do to survive.

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