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CDS treats just about everything Re: Has anyone had success using ozone for curing/treating colitis or herpes?
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Published: 8 months ago
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CDS treats just about everything Re: Has anyone had success using ozone for curing/treating colitis or herpes?

Just noticed this message is 14 yrs old.. have you found CDS yet? This written for another forum question, may help.

One SOLUTION is Chlorine dioxide (ClO2). Used globally for water purification (not the same chlorine molecule used in Western reticulated water to kill our gut biomes). It is safe (no one has ever died from it, unlike every pharmaceutical, including aspirin, ivermectin & HCQ - and it’s a sister of HCQ only better), highly effective and it is not only pathogen selective (targets diseased cells, will not harm healthy cells), it is attracted first to acidic areas in the body, whether the cause of the acidosis is cancer or Arthritis or parasites or anything else.

It’s a tiny molecule, capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, so it detoxes the brain also. It has >90% success rate with cancer (based on Jim Humbles field research), it’s dirt cheap, can be made at home, no doctors prescription required, targets mould, heavy metals, ‘viruses’, pathogenic bacteria and candida/yeast… It cures Malaria in a single 15 drop dose (of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement ) activated (w/15 drops 4% HCl but even lemon juice can activate it in a pinch - 15 drops Miracle-Mineral-Supplement is equivalent to 110 drops of 3,000 ppm of CDS (no additional activation/acid required, as it’s activated already), or 15 drops of 24,000 ppm CDS).

As a chemist and personal detox researcher wrt health restoration, it is the single most amazing molecule I’ve come across.

Easy to make: (description contains link to short course in CDS). innovated the CDS (chlorine dioxide solution) formulation which is easier to take, gentler on gut since ClO2 gas is already dissolved in the water (filtered water can be used, but with years of training and lab bench work, I always use distilled water only, it’s the purist (see table): simple home distiller is Waterlovers: ).

More info (many links):

One 🇦🇺 supplier

Simplified protocols CDS

Excellent Miracle-Mineral-Supplement CDS roundup:

Do study Jim’s original MMS Protocols, theory and safety info, his dedicated passion for 30 yrs - ‘MMS Health Recovery Guidebook’ av at (also see video on right hand side, documenting proof chlorine dioxide cures Malaria 100% of the time) - in 4 hrs.

My fav protocol is Protocol 1,000 Plus which includes DMSO (scrubs biofilm in order to access pathogen & has many other benefits, Eg reverses stroke, busts blood clots - as does ClO2). I buy 99.999% purity DMSO from USA - eBay Aussie supplier:

✅ DMSO (another most ‘amazing’ molecule IMO): 1.


We may not be able to buy these products soon - if those aware stock up, can help others down the track.

** No matter how effective any treatment protocol is, success will be hindered or impossible if EMF are not mitigated.

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