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A few mistakes people make when flushing....
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Published: 18 years ago
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A few mistakes people make when flushing....

Not doing enough research is probably number one. Number two....NOT doing colon cleansing while passing stones. This would include doing enemas, colonics, etc.....

P&B shakes aren't really enough. You need water pressure to thoroughly clean the colon or lower colon out. If a large stone becomes lodged in the intestine, then this can really cause people a lot of problems.

Or, doing some extended colon cleansing BEFORE you ever attempt a flush is probably an excellent idea. Clearing the colon out before flushing will help insure that this doesn't happen.

Flushing can release a lot of toxins; it's very wise to never negate the importance of cleaning out the colon before and after a flush.

One more thing.....even "experts" in the natural healing arts vary in their opinions on what is the best flush. Personally, I think that taking the amount of Epsom Salts listed on the Clarke flush, or Andreas' flush for that matter is enough for a 6'7 300 pound man. It's totally unnecessary and uncalled for. I don't take epsoms, and found that when I did take them, I felt sick, weak, too tired to function, etc.....and it took me 2 days to get over a flush. That much Epsom Salts is just too hard on the kidneys, and too dehydrating. I also use safflower oil just because it's practically tasteless; olive oil is just nasty. I use ruby red grapefruits too, because they are so sweet.

The bile ducts can be dilated through a castor oil pack over the liver area; or.....some people like fsboeira take just one tablespoon in warm water and then follow the flush recipe at:

Everyone is different...however.....I personally feel that everyone really should do a lot of reading and tons or research before attempting a flush. Some people do that and still have problems, and I feel terrible for that. However, nothing can take the place of doing a lot of bowel cleasning before every doing a flush, and doing enemas or getting colonics after a flush. I really cannot stress the importance of this. I didn't know to do that, and after my third flush, I broke out like crazy and felt terrible. Then, I learned I should do enemas or get a colonic. I've felt the best when my liver is flushed, and my colon is clean.

I fought with candida for about 15 years before I found out about liverflushing....and I had done everything. Let's face it.....after a while, you just get so TIRED of trying everything, taking 55 supplements, and STILL being ill.

Oh yeah....I happened to get my mercury silver Amalgams out this year too, and replaced with composites. I detoxed the mercury using the BodyPure footpads, and cilantro extract.

I feel better now than I have in many years.

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