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On B&P Shakes-have a question on a great Probiotic + sharing my experiences...
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Published: 18 years ago
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On B&P Shakes-have a question on a great Probiotic + sharing my experiences...

Hi I have being on the Bentonite and P. shakes. This will be my 10th day on it. So far all is great. I have progressed to 1 in the mornings and just Bentonite at night. Sat. and Sun. I am off it.....but this Sun I just took bentonite. I juice my fruit and veg. And try to eat light. And lots of water! I find I don't want much food. I have energy, sleep better. My face is clear. :) I am loosing weight fast. I think clearer and just a cheerful person. I stopped eating foods with Sugar and white foods, and grains. No breads. I do eat plenty of fruits and veg.(juiced mostly) and salads. And fish. since I started jucing, I no longer buy juice in the stores. My son loves fresh juice. And I noticed a change. Everybody here has gone along with my meals. All for the better. Tonight I cooked fresh cooked apples with cin. and maple....they loved it. Last night I got the blender out for var.of fruit(apples oranges and ban. and a lemon) put it in the blender with the yogurt(live and active) with L. acidophilus.
We all drank it and it was great. I heard that it was a type of probiotic. Is this so? I am looking at sites that carry probiotics. I have read up on " Primal Defense", and it sounds nice yet costly....and you can take one a day for life.....Anyways I read some on coQ10....needing to read more on this. My Question is ... what is a good one to take. And did it do great? Also can anyone tell me a great online store that carries all(bentonite, psyllum, and the probiotic. Would be nice if it also carries the parasite cleanses.....Next question.....anybody can tell me a good parasite cleanse? Thanks for any help.
Related to my taking the bentonite....I have also took baths with Bentonite and also put on my face.....first time on my face I had a ring all the way around my face. Face was red. where it ended was pale. But went away few min. I soon will do another bath. I have had things that has came up on my skin (shoulders) for 4 years now.....all is gone except one..and it is almost gone. I have had back pain forever.......and I can now sleep in a ball and no pain..amazing!!!!!! I can sleep on my stomach....havent done so in years.. On my right side was a little swollen or bigger....near the right under arm and down the side ,, it is normal. My nuckles on my fingers are not as swollen...and almost skinny, normal. Head is clearer- no more pressure feeling. Back of my throat is sorta red, less swoolen....but I am thinking it is for I need to clean my dental work.. for I notice since being on this.....I have more aches(not to painful) around the areas. I can take a bentonite bath and my teeth (gums ache). I notice a nerve in the right fingers (thumb and the next.)...has some muscle spasms, and in right foot,big toe. I have had Capel tun. in my hands.....and hurt my right ank. three years back. So maybe it is healing it...but I have had this since I did the liver flush...I was laying in bed and a painful pain hit me in my left side in the chest area..above the br. I had to stay still some and later rub it til it went away. This is the only thing I can link to the muscle spasm. At times it irritates me. Anyways It is not coming from the bentonite....for it has happened since the flush..Maybe soon it will go away. I will stay on it maybe a few weeks longer..or just one. To give myself a break. I have days where I have nice BM and some less. But noticed less when I am not fast at drinking my much time inbetween on those days. If I drink my water with less time inbetween I am okay. I noticed veg. juice seems to help. And stoping for a day...But still drink intake in water. Can not say the Yogurt drink did me much good. I was so tired the next morning...and selpt more. Felt so out of it. So I wil try it again to see if it was it or I was just tired. I have had few days where I had felt a little maybe this is the toxics? Or maybe when less water intake. I am happy with it. Mom thinks I am ought to have saw her face when I showed her what I was drinking.:)My Child thinks it is funny and neat....boyfrind......well he is noticing a change and all...I want him to take bentonite....he is a diabetic. He went to the doctor for his 3 month checkup...said stuff is way up...and can go on a higher med. but next after is shots...:( I want him to take it....but not hurt his meds. in his body he is taking...he needs them. I read he can take a foot soak in bentonite...slowly. Anyway I think this has scared him. He now stopped eating wrong foods....bread, cheese, starches..any insight to his case....would be most grateful...I would hate to see him take shots. Soon I will wean my son off singular for his asthma...hoping I can help him without them.. and give him the foot soaks. Oh this is long and I am sorry...just wanted to share.....and ask bunch of questions....:) Thanks to you all and this has changed lives here....if you could of saw my appearance of the way before-when I was as i call it normal and happy, to most recent- when I felt awful and sad...- to now on my way what I call normal...and Happy. I almost feel like self again.:) Still waiting on I saw ropes, not certain) but feel it is near....Well I will end this long post....see ya soon. A much brighter day!!!

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