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Day 26 of Water Fast

My daily Journey to a healthier life style

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April 22, 2011

Day 26th! Yay for me! I can't believe that I have made it this far!

I got up early (at 8:00 a.m.) as I had things planned for the day. Mekong gave me a hard time, as she does every morning. I brushed my teeth and tongue. It was a little pasty white, but I have noticed it wasn't as heavy has it has been in the past. I have noticed that my skin is also very soft, and dry in areas like my legs, but it seems very supple. As I was getting dressed, I also realized that the size 6 Khakis are seemingly big on me as well. They hang off my hips that they seem much longer in the leg, then they were when I bought them. If I have the energy (and the time) I need to dig out my size 4 pants out of my closet and try them on. I drank a bit of water before I left, but not a ton, in order to make sure that I didn't have to go use the restroom while I was out and about.

It was almost 9:00 when I drove into town. My first thing on my day's scheduled list was going to a Yard and Bake Sale at a local church. It was really close to Christy's house. I thought I would go to it, since Christy said that she would be tied up until the afternoon. So I told her that I would come over in the afternoon. So I had to keep busy until at least 1:00 p.m.

I went t to this little yard sale and bake sale. They didn't have much, but I found a couple books that interested me. I also found a good devotional that I could be following. I found another weird fact book that I know that I really enjoy. Since it was for a good cause, I bought a little container of sweets (a flip top jar) that I could enjoy when it is my cheat weekend. I bought two little bars of peanut butter fudge, for Christy and her son, as I know they love it (as I do as well, but I won't be eating it.)

After the Yard Sale, I went to the public library. I had to wait a couple minutes, as I got there before they were even open. I was surprised to find other people waiting as well. I went to the teenage section, where they keep the Magna comics, which I enjoy reading, and found a comfy chair to read in. I picked out 4 books that interested me and started reading After the first hour, I realized that I probably should have bought my reading glasses, as my eyes were feeling really strained. I have noticed it more and more lately when I read. I must remember to carry a pair with me, so that way I have them when I read. I was at the Library for 3 hours. I thought I would go get something to drink, as I was becoming very thirsty, since I only had about 10 ounces of water when I got up.

As I was figuring out what I was going to do next, I tried calling Christy but I just got her voice mail. I ended up going to the little restaurant that I used to go to a lot for lunch when I work at the office. It is a little quaint place. I thought I could go there and have a cup of tea and some water, while I read some of my other book “Brisinger” as I am almost finished with it. It was hard going in there, because everything smelled so good. Marcella, the owner tried to get me to get something, but I told her that I just came to visit and have a cup of tea. They haven't seen me in a long while. Marcella asked me how I was doing. I told her that I was doing much better then I was the last time she saw me. She was very happy for me. She reminded me that I didn't need someone like that guy in my life.

I enjoyed my plain tea and water, while I spent another hour reading my book in the little busy place. I paid my little bill and left. But not until everyone there told me to come back soon. I told them I would try, but I just don't eat out much anymore. After I left there, I found out that it was raining a bit, so that dashed my hopes to maybe go to the park later. I tried to call Christy again, but once again got her voice mail. So I went the the next possible thing I could do. Go to Brad's book store. It is a little shop downtown, not far from Christy's house. I have a lot of memories in that little store. I have been going there since I was 14 or 15 years old. I used to be a die hard comic book collection when I was in my teens, and the owner, C. Bradley, remembers me. He remembers both me and Christy. LOL. I went in there, with no really thought of buying any books, but to just look around, as he has DVDs and VCR tapes there as well. I did find a lovely book called “Sarah” based on the Abraham and Sarah story in the Bible. I got that and a new movie. It actually is an old movie. It is the Robert Castle original classic “Thirteen ghosts” I love two of his movies. “House on Haunted Hill” and “Thirteen ghosts”. Both have become remakes, which I like too, but I am kind of partial to the original since it was the first one I saw as a teenager. LOL It was funny because last week over at Christy's we watched the remake of “House on Haunted Hill”

After my little rainy time at the book store, I drove to Christy's house, since she hasn't called me back or answered the phone. When I got there, she was up, but she said she hadn't been up every long, as she fell asleep again. She had hoped that Eddie (Brianna's father) would come and pick her up so she could do some laundry and play “WOW” but he didn't, so she fell asleep again. I hung out there for the rest of the day. I asked Christy where her daughter was. She told me that she allowed her to go spend the night over at the best friend's house. I asked her why she thought it was safe to do that. She told me that Brianna had been reporting in on time when she was told to come home and such. I told her that just because she shows up on time doesn't mean that she could trust her. I dropped it since she wasn't my child and it wasn't my problem. I just was a problem brewing since the true issue with Christy and the problem that Brianna has is really never addressed.

I spend the day talking with Christy, reading my book and watching movies. Later in the night, as I was reading, Jesse asked me to play “Life” with him. I told him that I would as soon as I finished my book (I only had 5 pages left). He set the game up while I was reading, so when I was done, we were able to start. Ashley was over, so she played too. It was funny. I went to college to become a Superstar and make $90,000.00 at every pay day. LOL I lived in a nice cottage. I got married and had one son, which I jokingly said that I named “Jaden”. My husband's name is Ryan, and once I got married, I made him drive. LOL It was fun. Ashley ended up having twins. Picked a boy and a girl. Nobody was having fun with naming them or joking around with it. At the end of the game, the millionaire was ME. I had over 3 million dollars, were everyone else had least then that. It was really fun. Jesse wanted to play again, but Ashley went home, so I told him that he would play again tomorrow.

Christy and I talked a bit after her boyfriend came home. He hugged up to her and went to bed. I found it sad that he had been gone all day, and didn't spend anytime with her. She told me that she doesn't desire him anymore and all they do is bicker back and forth about things. I then asked her seriously “Then why are you with him, then?” I know what her answer would be as I had heard it before “He keeps her company and she doesn't want to be alone.” I can really understand, because that was a fear for me, even when I was with the guy. I didn't want to be alone, but I realized only after he was gone, that I deserved someone that wanted to be WITH me, and not with someone that used me for their own benefit, like her boyfriend is doing. He has the same pattern that the guy had: Be gone all day, only come home to shower, eat and then go to bed. I have see her boyfriend do this more and more, as if he is avoiding spending anytime with her, yet when she questions it, he sucks up with her until she is okay with it again, and goes back to his old pattern. So much like the guy.

I went home around midnight. I told her that I would be over no later then 9:30 a.m, because the Easter Egg hunt started at 10:00 a.m. and we wanted to get there early enough. I told her I had to go to Lowes' and pick up my free tree for “Earth day” I stopped by that Krogers and bought a cantaloupe, a box of strawberries and two Jonagold apples for my break in my fast. I found myself lingering and wanting to buy more fruits and veggies, but I had to remind myself that I will in time. I just wanted to have in on hand since I am breaking my fast on Sunday and I want to do it properly. I thought cantaloupe would be nice and soft. I thought about watermelon, but it was all so delicious looking that I would have bought that as well as more, so I had to be strict with myself at least at first.

Boy, when I got home and realized how tired I was. I wondered if I could get up on time to get to Lowes. I was just really worn out that I didn't try to read my Bible. I just slipped into bed, with a movie playing in the background. Mekong was already to curl up next to me. I was glad for that.

EXERICISE: walked 2.90 Miles,

WATER INTAKE: 51 ounces of water

WEIGHT: 112 pounds

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