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Day 27 of Water Fast

My daily Journey to a healthier life style

Date:   4/29/2011 1:39:54 PM   ( 9 y ) ... viewed 1878 times

April 23, 2011

I really wanted to sleep in, but the more and more I thought about it, I realized that my body was just feel rough because my body is burning away nasty stuff in my body. I stumbled into the bathroom to do a couple things. Washing my face seemed to help me out a lot, as well as drink 16.9 ounces of water. My phone alarm went off at 8:00 a.m. so that way I could get ready and get to Lowes before 9:30 a.m. I was really slow at getting at it. LOL I still was feeling really rough, but there was nothing I could do about it, other then taking a sip of Powerade Zero with the hopes that a little bit of electrolytes would help me along.

As I was stalling to do what I said I was going to do, I called my mother and talked to her for a good half an hour. I told her that I was going to be going to Lowes to get a free tree for Earth Day. She told me to ask them since she couldn't be there, if I could get an extra one for her. It was funny because I did, and I got an extra one! It was a little Douglas fur tree. I always wanted to have a baby fur tree. So now I have two and I am going to plant then both in separate 3 quart containers, and grow them as best as I can until they get big enough to go somewhere else. I was running late at Lowes, because I was enjoying the plants and stuff. They had a really good sale on little pots of plants for 0.89 cents. I got one blue hyacinth, a pink hyacinth, two daffodils and one tulip that had 3 bulbs in it. So I called Christy and told her that I was on my way, that I could call her when I got to her house, so she could just come out to my car.

They didn't take long to come out when I called her again. Jesse was all excited about the Easter Egg hunt and he had his little blue basket to collect this eggs with. When we got there at the radio station (the same one that I listen to every morning), we could see that it was going to be very crowded. There were tons of children with their families. It was a bit hard to find a parking spot, but I was a little worried about someone else hitting me, because people were so packed in in places. It was in the field in front of the station, and they roped off three sections based on three age groups. We had to wait a bit, which I could see all around us, children getting restless. I was joking with Jesse, saying "Look, there is a egg, get that one, and that one over there, and that one too." It was funny because I think I was as excited as the kids around me. I noticed that some children had nice baskets. I even saw a nice wicker on. Then I saw children with plastic grocery bags and paper McDonald bags (which in one booth, they were giving out a slip to get a happy meal for $1.99 in one of those bags). I felt a little bit bad for those children that didn't have an Easter basket to carry. Since I was the one that went and got him a Happy meal slip, I looked all the families all around me. I saw one guy carrying 4 wicker baskets, while four little children milled around him. It made me wonder what my life could be like if I had a family of my own. I watched young mothers with babies and with toddlers. I drank in the one-ness that was around me between parent and child. It was a lovely thing. Walking back to Christy and Jesse, I noticed that Jesse's age ranger (7-10) had a lot of children, and the amount of eggs that I could see, would not be enough for the amount of children in the group. I expressed this concern to Christy and told her that we had to be prepared if Jesse came away with no eggs in his basket. As we were waiting, I saw that the kids from the across right corner dash into the square. I told Jesse to go, go go! He dashed forward and grabbed the one egg that I was teasing him about. LOL I told Christy the way all the children were scrambling around, he would be lucky to only get that one, since I did see him get at least one, as I saw one little girl had like 6! It was pandemonium which children scrambling around on the lawn. LOL. He did come away with 4 eggs! He was a little bit disappointed that he only got four and started complaining about it. I pointed out to him a couple children around him that didn't have any eggs at all. I told him to be grateful that he was blessed to get what he was able to get. If he complained about it too much, Christy might take his eggs away and give them to some kid that didn't get any at all. They would be grateful. He didn't say anything else after that. In the 4 little eggs, he got 2 erasers, and plastic ring and a piece of candy, each item in one of the eggs. It wasn't much, but it still seemed like fun, and I kind of wished that I had a child of my own to do things like that with. Developing and creating memories, is that my mother calls it.

We left the field early, not waiting to see if there were going to do it again. It was a pretty simple affair. I felt it was good to leave now, before everyone else decided to leave all at once, There were a lot of cars and tons of people. It was sad to see some families just showing up for the egg hunt and it was over. I felt bad for those children, as there was quite a few families coming late.

Going back to the house, we stopped by McDonalds to pick up Jesse's happy meal. I had no idea that Happy meals were no longer $1.99. They are $3.99! I couldn't believe it. I wasn't happy that it was fast food that Jesse was eating, as it it teaching him bad habits, but it isn't my child, so it isn't my business. It still bugs me. He is getting quick chunky for his age.

We went back to Christy's house to wait until around 1:00 p.m. for the next egg hunt at the Mall. I asked Christy were Brianna was. She told me that she wasn't at Katie's yesterday, as she had her stepfather check on her, since they live just behind Katie. He never called her back last night, but told her this morning. I wasn't happy that her stepfather waited until the morning to tell her that her daughter was missing. It seems that B. doesn't like using a cell phone and her mother was under medication so she couldn't call. What an excuse! GAH! Christy called the police and made a report, as she was checking all of Brianna's friends, which were saved on Christy's phone. She even went on her face book and posted something. Christy was really angry. I told her that it was about time that she took the reins of the horse and started taking charge. I hoped that Bri was okay. The police officer arrived and made his report and such.

So most of the day was taken up with Christy and her phone going off because of her missing daughter. We didn't get to go to the Egg hunt at the Mall because of the mass fiasco that Brianna had caused. So I hung out at Christy's all day. We played board games, watched movies, walked to the park while Jesse shot my basketball. Christy got very angry when she went to get the money she had laid back for work tomorrow night to find it gone. She knew who took it: her boyfriend. He had done it before, but she broke up with him and then took him back when he sucked up to her. I told her how many times is she going to allow him to do this before she takes action. She was already angry about her daughter, so this issue with her boyfriend was the last straw. A couple of our other friends, as well as I were really happy about it. Travis has been using her for a while, and it really needed to change. I re-assured her if I can survive a breakup and be positive about finding someone that is good to me, then she can too. We (me and Rosie) packed up all his stuff, while Christy told him (per text message, since he wasn't home) that she was angry at him about the missing money and that it was over because she is tired of it. He then tried to warm up to her telling her not to be mad, and that he will find out where the money went. She told him that around 2 p.m. Now, he was just around the corner, but he didn't come to the house to talk to Christy about it or anything, as if it wasn't important to him. I told her "Watch, he will avoid it all day and then come home and expect you to accept him in and sleep on it." He called once, when she was more worried about finding her daughter, that she didn't want to deal with his problems or his whining, so she told him that she would talk to him later. I told Christy that I would give her some money to replace what she needed for work to get her safety glasses and such, only if she stuck with her decision with Travis and not back down.

Well, Christy, Jesse, me, Ashely, Rosie and Andy played board games until really late. It was really fun. We played Life twice, Payday once, Scatagories once (it was 4 sessions), Therapy and Monopoly. It kept our minds off of things. Everyone loved Scatogories except Jesse who struggled with words that came up with a certain letter. He did so a good job, though. While playing games, Travis came home. It was 10:30 p.m. It was funny because Christy and him went into the other room to talk She came back in. I asked her where Travis was. She just shrugged her shoulders. She was going into the mode where she is just avoiding the situation. I have seen her do it before. After a half an hour, Rosie and I asked her what was going on with Travis. I told her that he avoided the situation all day and now he expects you to do nothing until you think about it a bit more. Rosie realized it too, as she said that Travis was hoping if Christy waited until the morning, then she wouldn't just let it slide all together. Rosie has known Travis since they were teenagers so she knew how he worked and what he did to his last girlfriend as well. Finally we got Christy to wake him up (as he was sleeping!) and tell him that he couldn't stay the night and tomorrow he could come and get his stuff. He left without much incident, but he called her on the phone 15 minutes later about "changing and stuff" Christy was pretty feed up with it. This I could tell.

After Andy and Rosie left and Jesse went to bed, I helped Christy make up the Easter baskets for Jesse. He had two, since the one was too small from all the stuff she got him. I was surprised on how much candy she was giving him. She must have seen the look in my eyes because she told me that he wouldn't be eating all of it himself, as she and others would probably steal a lot of it too. I told her that I understood, but it was a lot of candy, that he didn't really need. At least she did buy him some non candy things, like a poster for his room, a movie and a coloring velvet poster, that I helped pick out when we went to the Dollar Tree. I remembered the years my mother got me little things like that. I remembered the year that I got a Day-glow barbie in my basket, and my brother got a Ken doll. It reeked later, because anytime I wanted to play with the Ken doll,(because I didn't have one) he would hold over my head that it was his and a lot of times wouldn't allow me to play with it. LOL My mother might have been strict with raising me, but she made holidays special for me. She did the same thing around Valentines' day for me. She would decorate a box, fill with a little bit of candy and a special gift. I remember the year, I got the first edition comic book to my favorite comic book that I collected. I was so excited and happy! I hope to be able to do something like that some day with my own children.

Christy and I talked for hours while watching TV. I didn't get home until after 3:00 a.m. I wished her a Happy Easter and told her that I wouldn't be coming over to her house tomorrow, so to have a good day and stay strong. She thanked me for supporting her and helping her along with Travis. I told her I understood how hard it was and how she felt in a way, because I went through it with the guy, but just slightly different. I encouraged her that she could find a good man, that worked, and would help her with things, instead of using her up all her resources like Travis had. I told her that those type of wonderful guys are out there, we just have to be patience and find them. As well as be picky and watch out how men treat us. I repeated the one thing that my mother has been repeating to me for a year or so. Our own actions show men how they should treat us, so if I allow a man to treat me a certain way and I just accept it and don't take action against it, then he knows it is okay to treat me badly instead of good. I do believe this now, as I can see it more clearly then I had in the past. Why? I don't know. I have matured in the last couple months in ways that I wasn't mature before, as well as I have really changed. I am not the same person I was even a month and a half ago. And I am better for it. You can say that I am really beginning to love myself, which I had struggled with before. I remember wondering where the person I was 4 years ago that I really loved. I was happy then and confident to a point. I wanted that person back, but I knew that I would never get that person back, because I had changed out of frustration and pain that I was feeling. Well, I found myself even better now, but only through patience, God and believing in myself. Most of all, enjoy the small things in my life, which I had over looked in the last year and half with the guy.

So when I got home, I was really wondering if I would get up in the morning to go to church. I took a shower and got into bed, as I was really tired. I was a little excited that tomorrow is the big day. EASTER! A day that the Lord arose and saved me from my sins and death. As well as it is a day that I will break my fast.

It is so excited and I am excited where my life will lead me in the coming months.

EXERICISE: walked 4.04 Miles,

WATER INTAKE: 37 ounces of water

WEIGHT: 111 pounds

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