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Beauty - The Gene Keys First "Fractal of Love"

Who could ever have imagined this revelation by way of a turtle's design?

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April 9, 2015 -

Some days ago this Blog-writer started making connections with the teachings of Omraam-Mikhael-Aivanhov and now he realizes he was deeply impressed with what Omraam had concluded from a certain spiritual experience that he had: "It is beauty that remains in my mind as the one essential: neither power, nor knowledge, nor wealth, nor glory. Only beauty!"

"Only beauty." That has been impressing this writer to no end! Following that he was inspired to look at what Gene Keys has to say about Beauty. And just moments ago he was further inspired and energetically blessed with the thought of a progression of "beauty in speech, poetry and song".

Beauty in the Gene Keys is found at the Siddhi level of the first Gene Key. The first Gene Key narrative begins with an account of the discovery of "the most profound knowledge ever discovered by a human being". This knowledge "became the I Ching". Therefore the 1st Gene Key corresponds to the 1st Hexagram of the 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching.

This writer has known of the I Ching for at least a couple decades and have even "tossed some coins" on a couple occasions however, it wasn't until after he began living more consciously according to his Human Design and followed by his contemplations on the Gene Keys that he became convinced of the "most profound knowledge".

“The lower frequency of the 1st Gene Key – the 1st Shadow – is captured perfectly by the word entropy. A simple definition of entropy is:

“A measure of the disorder or unavailability of energy within a closed system. More entropy means less energy for doing work.”

Modern physics and the laws of thermodynamics are based upon the basic perceived law of entropy.”

From this point forward this transmission unveils the secret of the Gene Keys which "lies in harnessing and accepting the energy latent within each of the 64 Shadows." You may just have to read the whole 1st Gene Key for yourself as it sets the course for a most amazing voyage!

This writer has consistently applied a self-healing technique whereby the pain of a relatively minor bump is released within moments by returning the part of his body (i.e. head, arm, hand, etc.) that he had bumped to the object that he had bumped into and being still with that re-connection process until the pain completely disappears. It works every time! He's also applied the technique to more than just minor "bumps" and although the time duration for the re-connection is typically longer the benefits become very evident with as revealed in a more rapid healing process. He find;s this process comparable in a non-physical way to what the 1st Gene Key says: "When you suddenly find yourself blind and lost, the best thing to do is to stay still and allow it to pass gently through your system ...". This writer can see some correlation of this to the "Emotional Freedom Technique"[12]. There is a deep and profound wisdom that is accessible when embodying stillness.

This Blog-writer can not make any higher recommendation for a book than he can for "Gene Keys"![13] Here's another quote that he is further inspired with now: "If we learn anything about these two primary Gene Keys, (the 1st and 2nd Gene Keys) it is about the nature of duality itself - which is that life cannot exist without polarity." This writer thinks of communication anew from this perspective! He has said here at "Son of Truth" (and at a couple other of his blogs) that "communication is life!"[7] Now he is more deeply impressed with the polarity of communication - that he is now sees is the very nature of communication! Deepening his understanding of communication underscores for him the value of dyads (which he has also blogged on here and elsewhere).

He has his (somewhat dilapidated) copy of Gene Keys opened to the second level of the 1st Gene Key: The "Gift" of "Freshness" with the intention that he will continue his contemplation soon!

January 2, 2016 -

Just came from posting additional content at "The Whey, The Truth and The Life" Blog re: the Gene Keys and I guess the Mercury retrograde pre-shadow is now having an impact on technology because the blog inadvertently went into a hidden mode! So I will re-post it here.:

In my "Son of Truth of Self" Blogs I have presented some information to introduce Human Design; the amazing synthesis of several insightful systems that weave a spectrum from genetics to astrophysics! The Human Design System came by way of the original revelator: Ra Uru Hu who was supported by my initial teacher: Zeno and who subsequently returned to the original revelation of Human Design.[1]

I am working with additional materials that have extended from the original revelation. "Gene Keys" by Richard Rudd is devoted to the genetic transmutation component which is what the Human Design System literally comes down to.

At the time of this writing I am reading the 7th Gene Key description. I wish that all of humanity could read this as well and fully grok it! The 7th gene key is about leadership. Three primary levels of leadership are described (although there are more). The bottom level operates at a "shadow" frequency as "division". The "gift" level is "guidance" and the "siddhi" level is "virtue". But that alone does not begin to convey the content of what this Gene Key offers us! If you can access a copy of this book then please gift it to yourself!

See the titles of each of the 64 gene keys.[2]

November 6th, 2013 -

Gene Keys is all about consciousness.[4] "Consciousness, according to the teaching of Goethe’s metamorphosis, is a phenomenon of constant development and change, determined not only by heredity and environment, language and landscape, but also by impulses of individuals or generations which cannot be traced to physically visible laws of cause and effect."[3]

January 1st, 2014(?) -

Couldn't help hearing a housemate in conversation with another housemate regarding the condition of the world at this time and how it works with a very small percentage of people as the elite in somewhat of a dictatorship.[11] (At one point in that conversation I "chimed in" saying one word: "Synarchy" however I suspect I was not heard.) Later I told my housemate that I would like to have a conversation with him on the subject matter. Having said that I was motivated to review the Gene Keys transmission on "Synarchy".

Synarchy is "... the core principal of the Gene Keys. It's the natural fellowship that springs up between human beings with the same higher vision; followed by Syntropy as the economic principal that flows from Synarchy. It's what happens when the Synarchy nourishes itself, it fertilizes its own roots, it gives back into the organism so that the greater flowering can occur. This is a spirit of generosity and love." Richard Rudd[5]

I am designed for Synarchy! In addition to my self-recognition of this Synarchy is my "High Ideal" in the world that I call Cheeta.[6]

Jan. 2nd -

Just discovered this index for the Gene Keys as I continue the research on synarchy.[8]:

The 1st Gene Key: From Entropy to Syntropy: Entropy, Freshness, Beauty p.1

The 2nd Gene Key: Returning to the One: Dislocation, Orientation, Unity p.9

The 3rd Gene Key: Through the Eyes of a Child: Chaos, Innovation, Innocence p.15

The 4th Gene Key: A Universal Panacea: Intolerance, Understanding, Forgiveness p.23

The 5th Gene Key: The Ending of Time: Impatience, Patience, Timelessness p.29

The 6th Gene Key: The Path to Peace: Conflict, Diplomacy, Peace p.37

The 7th Gene Key: Virtue is its Own Reward: Division, Guidance, Virtue p.45

The 8th Gene Key: Diamond of the Self: Mediocrity, Style, Exquisiteness p.53

The 9th Gene Key: The Power of the Infinitesimal: Inertia, Determination, Invincibility p.59

The 10th Gene Key: Being at Ease: Self-Obsession, Naturalness, Being p.65

The 11th Gene Key: The Light of Eden: Obscurity, Idealism, Light p.73

The 12th Gene Key: A Pure Heart: Vanity, Discrimination, Purity p.81

The 13th Gene Key: Listening Through Love: Discord, Discernment, Empathy p.89

The 14th Gene Key: Radiating Prosperity: Compromise, Competence, Bounteousness p.95

The 15th Gene Key: An Eternally Flowering Spring: Dullness, Magnetism, Florescence p.103

The 16th Gene Key: Magical Genius: Indifference, Versatility, Mastery p.111

The 17th Gene Key: The Eye: Opinion, Far-Sightedness, Omniscience p.119

The 18th Gene Key: The Healing Power of Mind: Judgement, Integrity, Perfection p.127

The 19th Gene Key: The Future Human Being: Co-Dependence, Sensitivity, Sacrifice p.135

The 20th Gene Key: The Sacred Om: Superficiality, Self Assurance, Presence p.143

The 21st Gene Key: A Noble Life: Control, Authority, Valour p.151

The 22nd Gene Key: Grace Under Pressure: Dishonour, Graciousness, Grace p.159

The 23rd Gene Key: The Alchemy of Simplicity: Complexity, Simplicity, Quintessence p.181

The 24th Gene Key: Silence - The Ultimate Addiction: Addiction, Invention, Silence p.189

The 25th Gene Key: The Myth of the Sacred Wound: Constriction, Acceptance, Universal Love p.197

The 26th Gene Key: Sacred Tricksters: Pride, Artfulness, Invisibility p.203

The 27th Gene Key: Food of the Gods: Selfishness, Altruism, Selflessness p.211

The 28th Gene Key: Embracing the Dark Side: Purposelessness, Totality, Immortality p.219

The 29th Gene Key: Leaping into the Void: Half-Heartedness, Commitment, Devotion p.227

The 30th Gene Key: Celestial Fire: Desire, Lightness, Rapture p.235

The 31st Gene Key: Sounding Your Truth: Arrogance, Leadership, Humility p.243

The 32nd Gene Key: Ancestral Reverence: Failure, Preservation, Veneration p.251

The 33rd Gene Key: The Final Revelation: Forgetting, Mindfulness, Revelation p.259

The 34th Gene Key: The Beauty of the Beast: Force, Strength, Majesty p.267

The 35th Gene Key: Wormholes and Miracles: Hunger, Adventure, Boundlessness p.273

The 36th Gene Key: Becoming Human: Turbulence, Humanity, Compassion p.281

The 37th Gene Key: Family Alchemy: Weakness, Equality, Tenderness p.287

The 38th Gene Key: The Warrior of Light: Struggle, Perseverance, Honour p.295

The 39th Gene Key: The Tension of Transcendence: Provocation, Dynamism, Liberation p.303

The 40th Gene Key: The Will to Surrender: Exhaustion, Resolve, Divine Will p.311

The 41st Gene Key: The Prime Emanation: Fantasy, Anticipation, Emanation p.319

The 42nd Gene Key: Letting Go of Living and Dying: Expectation, Detachment, Celebration p.327

The 43rd Gene Key: Breakthrough: Deafness, Insight, Epiphany p.333

The 44th Gene Key: Karmic Relationships: Interference, Teamwork, Synarchy p.341

The 45th Gene Key: Cosmic Communion: Dominance, Synergy, Communion p.349

The 46th Gene Key: A Science of Luck: Seriousness, Delight, Ecstasy p.357

The 47th Gene Key: Transmuting the Past: Oppression, Transmutation, Transfiguration p.363

The 48th Gene Key: The Wonder of Uncertainty: Inadequacy, Resourcefulness, Wisdom p.369

The 49th Gene Key: Changing The World from the Inside: Reaction, Revolution, Rebirth p.377

The 50th Gene Key: Cosmic Order: Corruption, Equilibrium, Harmony p.385

The 51st Gene Key: Initiative to Initiation: Agitation, Initiative, Awakening p.393

The 52nd Gene Key: The Stillpoint: Stress, Restraint, Stillness p.401

The 53rd Gene Key: Evolving Beyond Evolution: Immaturity, Expansion, Superabundance p.409

The 54th Gene Key: The Serpent Path: Greed, Aspiration, Ascension p.417

The 55th Gene Key: The Dragonfly's Dream: Victimisation, Freedom, Freedom p.425

The 56th Gene Key: Divine Indulgence: Distraction, Enrichment, Intoxication p.451

The 57th Gene Key: A Gentle Wind: Unease, Intuition, Clarity p.459

The 58th Gene Key: From Stress to Bliss: Dissatisfaction, Vitality, Bliss p.467

The 59th Gene Key: The Dragon in Your Genome: Dishonesty, Intimacy, Transparency p.473

The 60th Gene Key: The Cracking of the Vessel: Limitation, Realism, Justice p.481

The 61st Gene Key: The Holy of Hollies: Psychosis, Inspiration, Sanctity p.489

The 62nd Gene Key: The Language of Light: Intellect, Precision, Impeccability p.497

The 63rd Gene Key: Reaching the Source: Doubt, Inquiry, Truth p.505

The 64th Gene Key: The Aurora: Confusion, Imagination, Illumination p.513

Glossary of Personal Empowerment p.520

Bibliography p.532

The 64 Gene Keys Spectrum of Consciousness p.534

October 11, 2016 -

The "Thought for the day" from the Omraam community[9] began with: "God is a bubbling spring" and inspired me to search the scriptures where I found "...with You is the fountain of life"[10] among my search results for: "the spring of life"love and light. Then I was inspired to search my blogs for "Spring" as I remembered having published at least one post about singing "Spring up o well of living water". This blogpost was among the latest each results and there are a number of "threads" here that can weave in with communications I have shared with others and that is impetus for me to add this here.



[2] here:

[3] The Gospel of Hellas -
page 18.

[4] "We are here to be conscious. And beyond consciousness, we're here to have the potential of awareness. And beyond awareness we have the potential of awakeness. But first one has to accept what it means to be conscious. That consciousness is about us being filters - we filter consciousness. And as it filters through us we then put it back out into the greater consciousness field. It goes through us and goes out.

We float densely in the neutrino ocean. The real magic is understanding what we are doing - we are taking in and reading the consciousness field. And we are reading the consciousness field in the way in which it relates to each and every one of us uniquely. Human design shows us how we are designed to filter consciousness, and that we can give guidance when we are correct filters. And every correct filter changes the way in which every one else gets information. We are changing the quality of the neutrino ocean.

Each of us creates a unique interference pattern. That's what differentiation is - a unique interference pattern. The interference pattern can actually be measured down into the minutiae."
Ra Uru Hu:

This is worth repeating: "every correct filter changes the way in which every one else gets information."

Parallel to the Human Design System is the Gene Keys Teachings offering a holographic profile of key activations from your Human Design. For more information on the Gene Keys teachings and to access your free Hologenetic profile please follow this link:

[5] "Asking the Synarchy":

(This link is to the most recent posts on Page 2.)





[11] Re: "dictatorship" - Truth be told about the history of the government of the "United States" is that it was set up as a dictatorship from the get go with George Washington installing himself as the first dictator as of the day that he gave an oral oath to become "President of the United States" in addition to his election as "President of The United States of America". I hope you caught the distinctions here!




Human Design System, Zeno, Gene Keys, consciousness, awareness, awakeness, guidance, unique individuality, interference pattern, differentiation, Synarchy, beauty, Gene Keys, I Ching, entropy, stillness, duality, polarity, communication, dyads, contemplation, emotional freedom technique, eft, 64 hexagrams

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