Blog: Raw Milk: The Whole Truth
by chef jem

Raw Milk - The Immunity Builder!

More people are suddenly awakening to the immune-building benefits of raw milk!

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May 22, 2020 - The Final Essential Variable: The "Host"! -

Four Variables for Pathogenic Illness -

Masks, social distancing, hand-washing, testing: in the last few months, America has awoken to a whole new reality with an awareness that a compromised immune system is risky and dangerous. We are now talking about immune systems and compromised immunity like never before. Yet, we haven’t been talking about host immunity, and why people have compromised immune systems.

We are the HOST and we have an immune system that protects us if it is strong. Bacterial, fungal, and viral pathogens need a host to survive and thrive, yet pathogens do not cause illness in every host.(i) Scientists and doctors agree that in order for a pathogen to cause illness, four variables must align:

A pathogen must be present

The pathogen must be virulent and capable of producing harmful effects

The pathogen load must be high enough

The HOST must be susceptible to the pathogen.(ii)

Misplaced Focus on Compromised Immune Systems -

Health professionals and the news media have avoided discussion of our host immune systems, which naturally protect us all the time from pathogenic threats. Instead, they talk about how people with compromised immune systems and co-morbidities (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity) are being disproportionally affected by COVID19.(iii) Our American lifestyle and diet has predisposed large swaths of our population to having compromised immune systems and co-morbidities.(iv)

Masks and social distancing aim to reduce the pathogen load, yet this narrative neglects the superior aim of strengthening the host.(v) We have little control over the strength of the COVID19 pathogen, and we can’t live behind masks forever, as we attempt to reduce pathogen load by social distancing and mask wearing But what we can do is strengthen the host, and that means strengthening our own immune systems.

The best way to immunity is through strong immune systems. -

It is rare that healthy people with strong immune systems are significantly sickened by COVID19. As more and more antibody testing is performed on broad sectors of our population, it is being found that huge numbers of people already have COVID19 antibodies, even though they had no idea that they’d been exposed. COVID19 has already become part of their adaptive immune response. “Herd immunity” is building whether we stand six feet apart, wash our hands or wear a mask….it is happening whether we like it or not. The bigger question is: Are Americans up to facing this HOST threat?[3]


(i) It is highly questionable whether "pathogens" ever cause illness if we consider the "terrain" and its innate immunity.
(ii) This fourth variable is actually "the terrain."
(iii) The "corona virus" has been determined to be identical to exosomes that are naturally produced in every cell as part of the cell's innate defense system. See the YouTube video: "Humanity Is Not A Virus."[4]
(iv) "Lifestyle and diet" is not mentioned by the main stream media and is not the focus of medical doctors and so it is not in the general public's awareness. However lifestyle and diet is the key to our immune system! The article mentions some of the major detriments to the immune system. Additional detriments include electromagnetic pollution (i.e. wi-fi and cell phones, especially placing the cell phone up against your head!
(v) This is very well worth repeating: strengthening the host is the superior aim!

April 10, 2020 - Build Immune System Strength With Whole Foods: Drink Raw Milk! -
Mark McAfee Raw Milk Science, Raw Milk and Health -

America invested $3 billion dollars and spent 13 years between 1990 and 2003 to figure out what makes us genetically human. The research project focused on discovery of the genes and genetic code that makes us what we are. This work was funded by Congress and led by the Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health. The findings were not quite as expected.

Our parents gave us each about 20,000 genes that give us our basic structure and shape. That was the easy part. That is our “hardware”. However, the “software” that runs our human machine gets a little tricky. It becomes very complicated and even inconvenient.

Rob Knight, founder of the Center for Microbiome Innovation and Professor of Pediatrics at the University of California San Diego, describes that,

“You’re more microbe than you are human.”

On a cellular level, we are only 43% human, with the balance of our cells being bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Genetically, our 20,000 human genes are vastly outnumbered by 2,000,000 to 20,000,000 microbial genes, which are mainly coming from bacteria. And most of these bacteria make their home in our gut.

At the cellular level, genetic information is shared between human cells and microbial cells. Genetic information is freely traded, exchanged and swapped around as an essential part of life and cellular function. The essential bacterial genetic information acts as “software” for the human cells, regulating the immune system, digestion, and manufacture of vital vitamins. This is how our human micro-biome functions.

I like to say “we are Bacteriosapiens”. What does this mean in real terms? How do we apply advanced science and use this information to better our lives? The bottom line is this:

We have great control over our optimal health.
We are not narrowly driven by the genes our parents passed to us. Those genes are important, but they are only a sliver of the genetics that truly drive our human machine. How we live our lives has tremendous impact on our microbiome and therefore our health. Were we breast fed, were we born by C-Section, did we receive heavy antibiotics early on? That’s just for starters. What we were fed as children and how do we continue to eat today? Don’t get into a guilt trip. That’s all old history. You can start fixing it today.

According to Dr. Anahid Jewett PhD at UCLA:

The healthy gut biome needs two things to reduce inflammation and keep you healthy:
A load of biodiverse bacteria
The whole foods that feed them
It comes down to nurturing our beneficial bacteria! How do we get good bacteria to hang out, colonize our bodies, and become our very best genetic friends? How do we get and keep our genetic software so our human cells can make good decisions and keep us healthy? Beneficial bacteria don’t hang around very long if we don’t offer them breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What nourishes our beneficial bacteria? Whole foods do. What is a whole food? A whole food is a food that is unprocessed and complete. Nothing taken away and nothing added. Whole foods grow right out of good healthy soils which are teaming with earthworms, fungi, and bacteria. Whole foods come right out of the cow or straight from a well-nourished animal.

Americans don’t eat many whole foods. Instead we eat the Standard American Diet (SAD). In doing so, we starve and deprive our beneficial bacteria! In fact, we Americans love our antibiotics, pharmaceutical drugs, preservatives, sugar rich foods, long shelf life foods and GMOs. Highly processed foods and chemicals are destructive to our gut biome and the bacterial diversity required for genomic health. So what does that leave us? Its leaves us with “hardware and no software to drive it”. We become genetically inept at the cellular level. We develop a whole range of diseases, including allergies, leaky gut, autoimmune disorders, depression, autism, and more. It’s really SAD.

Nourishing and healing our gut microbiome requires moving away from processed foods and pharmaceuticals, and instead moving towards whole foods.

Raw milk, raw cheese, raw butter, raw cream and raw kefir are whole gut biome superfoods. They seed the gut with diverse beneficial bacteria, while providing the enzymes, proteins, minerals, and good fats that bacteria love to eat. They are whole foods with biologically active elements and protein systems that protect the gut, and build and maintain our immune system. They are the first foods of life! Add fresh or fermented vegetables, grass-fed beef, chicken, eggs, and other direct-from-the-farm foods to make your bacteriosapien thrive!

Follow-on studies to the Human Genome Project continue today, including the Human Microbiome Project and the American Gut Project. It has become quite the clash of titans. The current medical and food processing establishments find this information to be extremely inconvenient. If bacteria are critical to life, then what are we doing with all the antibiotics? Sugars grow candida yeast and disrupt normal healthy bacterial colonization. Preservatives kill off bacteria in foods to extend shelf life and cause damage to the gut bacterial colonies. So does the widely-used glyphosate Round-up!

In the current ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, we have seen the lack of resilience in our gut biomes and immune systems.
While some people are not affected by Coronavirus others become deathly ill or worse. We don’t know exactly why there is such a difference in these outcomes and pathways. We have been given a big hint, though: in general, medical professionals tell us that COVID19 illness seriously effects those with compromised immune systems and poor health status.

When COVID19 is over, new threats will emerge. Viruses and bacteria continually evolve and adapt. Our immune system and gut biome must dynamically do the same. We must be adaptive and resilient to be able to address the ever present and evolving threats that will come to visit us. Will your immune system and genomics be up to the new threat? Vaccines are always late, come after the fact, and don’t have the most effective track record. A healthy adaptive resilient immune system is with you and working all the time.

There is a long list of studies that confirm the health benefits of raw milk. These benefits include significantly fewer colds (which are viral illnesses), less asthma, fewer ear infections, reduction of eczema, less allergies, and stronger general health. These findings confirm that:

Those who eat a whole food diet and consume raw dairy products have more adaptive and resilient immune systems.
Get to know your bacterial self. You are not alone. Give your new best friends breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They won’t ever let you down if you feed them well.

Drink your raw milk and eat your whole foods! Cherish your new bacterial friends. They are the healthy you![2]


This Blog-writer enjoyed a very healthy few years on a diet consisting of about 85% raw goat milk clabber, raw butter, raw cheese plus raw egg yolks and occasional some raw liver. He dreams of returning to the raw goat milk clabber in the near future.

March 24, 2020 - Raw Dairy Farmers Are Thriving Now! -

"... This last few weeks have taught us critical lessons. We now can see how resilient our local food systems are. We can also see and experience how backlogged and choked off our large big-box superstore industry systems are. Empty store shelves and panicked consumers.

At Organic Pastures Dairy Company (OPDC), we operate 20 of our own trucks to deliver to 400 stores across California. We are able to respond and adapt immediately to serve stores and customers. Here are the lessons of the coronavirus crisis thus far:

Consumers are demanding raw milk and other raw diary products to feed their families and build their immune systems.
Orders are many times higher than 60 days ago, a store that normally takes $1200 per week of product is now wanting $7500 per week and asking for more in three days.
The entire dairy case is stripped clean in many stores. But now the dairy case managers are stocking a large part of the shelves with OPDC products because there is a scarcity of the rest. Orders for pasteurized dairy products are backlogged in the over-stressed industrial food systems that are consolidated and centralized.

Consumers seeing the OPDC brand are grabbing raw for the first time and reading about the benefits of raw. Then they taste it and they love it.
Dairy case managers are strongly encouraging raw milk based on the testimonials from established OPDC consumers.
UPS orders are going crazy with farm shipments directly to homes.
This is an inflexion point with long-term effects. The very idea that you should see your doctor if you get sick right now is being questioned and people are thinking, I better not get sick to begin with, the doctor can’t help me!
Your immune system and your gut biome and virome are your personal responsibility! No one else can manage it for you.
It just GOT REAL and that means RAW.

This story is not only ours at OPDC, the entire Raw Milk Institute RAWMI Listed dairy community is reporting exactly the same local community demand phenomena. Farmers are directly responding to their connected consumers with raw dairy products. Our local food systems are thriving in the midst of utter collapse of the first world system. At its very core, this is a failure of the modern-day gut biome, loss of immune system strength, its ability to adapt and be resilient to all threats. This crisis is a direct result of ignoring nutrition and our gut biomes.

Protective bacteria (probiotics) and protective viruses (phages) are your best friends. When fed properly, these friends provide the basis of a powerful and adaptive immune system that works 24-7 all the time. This is not the last threat. Every year we are faced with new threats! There will be more. Will you be ready? Did you build your immunity?"




[3] "Immunity, the Immune System, and Raw Milk" By:
Mark McAfee and Sarah Smith:


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