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Answers/options/knowledge - Re: Yes! All fits! But need to go...more...
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Published: 12 years ago
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Answers/options/knowledge - Re: Yes! All fits! But need to go...more...

Formales -

You are doing GREAT! ...and I am EXTREMELY excited and proud of/for you!  WOOHOO!! - you've dug in fast & hard and got your head around this EXCEPTIONALLY!!

You n' I are very similar spirits, we're "let's just get it done!" and "more is better" kinda folks...we want results, we know it works, and we get results, and we get 'em fast. GOOD FOR US!

Yet, we get ALL the 'results' fast (including the evidence of 'going fast'), and sometimes we just have to slow down and give our body a chance to catch up with our enthusiam.  And we're all on a major learning curve when starting these protocols.  It takes some time for us to adjust and be able to feel, sense and 'hear our doctor within' to really KNOW what is going on.

To everyone reading this:  Natural healing is NOT like going to a doctor or ND - each and every protocol, "prescription" or dosage is based ENTIRELY upon the body's state, which changes each and every day (and OUR ability to hear it and perceive the changes).  It is often that MANY people "jump in" and haven't yet had a chance to develop the intuition and perception that we haven't used all of our LIVES (since we relied upon others to 'treat us' and tell us what was wrong and what to do).  We develop that intuition BY "jumping in", that's the only way to do it.  We can't every hurt ourselves when we're using such natural protocols, procedure and foods, but we can frustrate ourselves immensely.  That's why we're/I'm here, and one of the biggest reasons I've wanted this forum.  By sharing our own 'learning curves' with each other, we can help each other learn & discern what's going on in their body and on their learning curves.   These protocols have been used successfully for decades...but sadly, the PTB (powers that be) have taken our teachers from us, and those that would have learned from them and become healers, that we could then go to for REAL "doctoring".  Nothing is "scary"; NOTHING is cause for alarm or panic - again, these protocols have been used successfully for decades, and being able to heal ourselves is a joyous miracle in itself.  I applaud formales for sharing so completely, so that (of course) he can get some support and questions answered, but also because it's tough to share about "enemas" and "poop" and critters coming out of us (and living in us).  The more we're all free to discuss, help, support and encourage, the more successful we'll ALL be.  THANK YOU FORMALES!!!



>>>One thing that hasn't been going so well for me in the healing process, and probably the most important thing, sadly is bowel movements. As I have been juice fasting, going is more important than ever to get rid of toxins.<<<



>>>I can take probably 20 IF#1 without getting more than one measly BM. I am basically OD'ing on senna, aloe, cascara sagrada, raw garlic individually as well as taking IF#1<<<

NOT so absolutely & fantastically true.  There's no such thing as "ODing" on IF#1 (please read/re-read? this):

Paying particular attention to this:


Dosage: Start with only 1 capsule of this formula during or just after dinner. This formula works best when taken with food or juice. The next morning you should notice an increase in your bowel action and in the amount of fecal matter that you eliminate. The consistency should also be softer. If you do not notice any difference in your bowel behavior by the next day, or if the difference was not dramatic, then that evening increase your dosage to 2 capsules. You can continue to increase your dosage every evening by one capsule until you notice a dramatic difference in the way your bowel works. There is no limit. Some people have even needed over 30 capsules to get their bowel working. It has taken most of us years to create a sluggish bowel, so let's be patient for a few days and increase by only 1 capsule each day.


Dr. Schulzes "record"? Over 50 IF#1's a day to get a bowel movement - at 20, you're not ODing, you're not even halfway to the record!!


--->>> Enemas are NOT for getting out daily fecal matter - they are not a substitute for the natural peristatltic action. <<<---

If we use enemas for the purpose of ensuring daily elimination, we take away every chance our intestinal muscular has to strengthen and restore.  IF#1 is what causes the peristalstic action that helps strengthens our colon...and of course, bile is our body's natural IF#1.   So, the colon has been clogged, stretched, impacted and sluggish for years/decades - AND the liver isn't producing/releasing enough bile (or the bile can't seep through the layers of filth to reach the intestines..or if it does, the intestines are too weak & compromised to squeeze correctly)


Okay, so the dosage instructions on the IF#1/IF#2 are to take the IF#1 until you're having 2-3 bowel movements daily - then start the IF#2.  Uhhh, what happened there, Mr Speedy?  There's no way you should be taking IF#2, if you haven't achieved a consistent 2-3 bms daily.  And now you're saying 20 IF#1's aren't achieving this?   If you've started taking the IF#2, you either need to stop it immediately or immediately add enough IF#1 to ensure 2-3 bms daily.  Many times when people start taking the IF#2 they have to INcrease the dose of IF#1. Other tips--

--take the IF#2 capsules at various times during the day, not just in the evening or at one specific time during the day

--open the capsules and take the herbal powder directly (mix it with some juice) so your body doesn't have to break down the capsules.  I did part of my first cleanse with encapsulized IF#2 (not a good idea) - and I found lots of 'black pebbles' in the stool, which turned out to be capsules that had never fully 'melted'.  Perhaps that's happening at some level to you, and part/majority of the IF#1 herbs are never even touching your intestines. 


--Perhaps (possibly  likely?) you've inadvertantly 'overdone it a bit' with the enemas.  When juice fasting (even with the IF#2) there's just not a lot of bulk to get out of there.  And if you've done a bunch of enemas over the last few days, you've removed most of the bulk via the enema...and now it's SEEMING like you're not 'going naturally' (or you're needing massive doses of the IF#1).  Perhaps the IF#1 IS working, but now there's just nothing in there for your colon to be squeezing out.   You could know this more clearly if you know you started with the IF#1/IF#2 combo correctly.  If you were easily able to have 2-3 bms daily with the IF#1 BEFORE the enemas, and now you're not, you actually might not be having a problem at all!

--for obvious reasons (no bulk/food) it's difficult for most people to have ANY bms daily without the IF#2 when juice fasting, but I sense it's possible that you started the IF#2 before you'd achieved 3 bms daily (I don't/can't know).  If that's the case, perhaps you'd like to stop the juice fast (and the IF#2), go to a totally raw, high fiber/bulk diet (lots of apples, well chewed carrots, "bulkly" lightly steamed veggies, and maybe even some popcorn) and get back to a solid foundation with the raw/bulky foods and get your dosage of IF#1 "correct for you" BEFORE returning to the juice fast & IF#2...and...

--continue with the coffee enemas, perhaps twice daily (the solution should be kept in the lower/sigmoid colon), coffee enemas are not for high enemas or colon cleansing (although, Dr. Kelley used them for it's not harmful to do high enemas with a coffee solutions...but it's not longer "accepted" by most - and it can increase the likelihood of too much caffeine in your bloodstream, your 'anxiety issues' certainly wouldn't appreciate that at all!)/  BUT coffee enemas done correctly DO increase/instigate peristalsis THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE INTESTINAL TRACT: 


Finally, the fluid of the enema itself stimulates the visceral nervous system promoting peristalsis and the transit of diluted toxic bile from the duodenum out the rectum (from the link above).


Many of us have seen evidence of the level of strength of peristalsis that a coffee enema can produce.  How else could something from the liver/gallbladder be seen in the toilet a mere 20 minutes after it was released??  From duodenum to toilet it less than 1/2 hour?  Now THAT is peristalsis!!! So it seems to me that coffee enemas (done correctly) would be a fantastic adjunct to increase the strength of our certainly would get them some exercise (just be careful NOT to depend upon them for normal bowel activity).  In fact, I always do my CE's right after a normal bowel movement.  (of course, teehee, I have 3 bms daily now, so that's easier for me to "time").


Formales, I'm guessing that's enough info for your & your doctor within to work with - be sure and let me know if there's any other questions or concerns -










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