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Re: cesium chloride. once and for all!

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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: cesium chloride. once and for all!

Selective blindness? I know a great optomitrist.

Cancer Cover-Up (Cesium Science): Cesium - A High Ph Therapy For ...

Otto Warburg was awarded two Nobel prizes for theories that cancer is caused by impaired cell respiration from lack of oxygen. Keith Brewer translated this ...

Stop Cancer cells with Cesium using pH Therapy

 Brewer Science Library--Brewer Articles

Articles written by A. Keith Brewer, Ph.D. on high pH cancer therapy with ... Introduction to Dr. A. Keith Brewer's High pH Cancer Therapy with Cesium ...
Testimonial: Bladder Transitional Cell Carcinoma Healed w/ High pH ...
Cesium and Cancer ~ Great Health 24/7 ~ Alternatives and Natural ...
In Germany it is considered medical malpractice if the cancer patient is not .... For additional in-depth cesium information, case studies and dosages, ... 
  • Oct 15, 2002 ... Also, I read a few articles on Cesium Chloride therapy from the ... Dr. Nieper of Germany, and others found in their studies that cesium, ... - 

Liquid Cesium Chloride - Targets and kills cancers cells, stops pain

Liquid Cesium Chloride / DMSO - Lack of Survival Studies ... Dr Hans Nieper of Germany, who also advocated the use of Liquid Cesium Chlroide as well as ... -

BioOne Online Journals - Rubidium Chloride and Cesium Chloride ...


 Hvavergerthi -  Please quit confusing people with all your microscopic view of the forest through the trees. If you really want the truth you would seek it and report all of it, not just your personall selections. Why haven't you brought to curezone these links above?  Do not these links resemble links you have posted that support your choice treatments that you like to promote? Why did you ignore these links,....all readers will want to know,...why?

Every one here can see you have avoided one question and one point. You cannot make this point go away.

Cancer is always more dangerous than cesium chloride!

Go on, I'm waiting for you to state this as false statement, go on say it is false!  LOL

Why do you ignore this very basic fact of life? Why do you gloss over this one hugely macroscopic issue?

 Stage IV cancer there is no time for confusion and chaos. People are suffering today, this morning!

Is there disease less dangerous than cesium? HOw come you wont say this?

Don't you understand that dying from cancer is an ugly thing? A bad thing?

Why would you scare anyone away from this wonderful cancer therapy? Why don't you encourage people to augment this therapy with the ones you like? There is nothing wrong with Ozone and cesium combined!

And please, contact Chasemiller on curezone like I have aske you to do,...painfully obvioius you haven't even tried, Chase is using it on his wife this morning, cesium chloride!

 Funny how she was coughing up blood and calling hospice three months ago from stage IV lung cancer, she has returned to work and looks as good as she did when he married her. Hmmmm! one more case history for you to ignore?

Go ahead, send him an email and have him stop by curezone with an update!  You obviously don't care about the truth if you haven't tried to contact him like I have asked you to do. I'll give you his phone number. Do you want it? His posting and email is here!

She would be in pain and waisting away waiting to die this morning instead of going to work! Why aren't you celebrating this miracle? Why aren't you smiling!

I would Think a man of your inteligence would be intrigued and investigate this one case history and place as much significance with this case history as you do with ones that appear to suit your twisted and unethical attempts to scare people!

Oh, I forget, you don't care about that!

After all who is it that condems traditional publications one minute and then quotes the same ones the next minute to justify your position?

I'll tell you who! A person who can't make money off of cesium chloride but prefers expensive ozone, rife units.

Or do you just have low self esteem a narcissistic disorder and can't be wrong on anything?

Keep on posting. You eventually show your true and dark colors! Anyone who reads through your bibliography can see your patterns and tendencies. They can see which questions you avoid and which ones you choose to answer. They can see how slanted and biased your postings are becoming?

If it makes you feel any better,...I still love Ozone, just can't afford the wait, the time, the money, the head aches of putting it all together and keeping it all running smoothly! And when they break, who refunds this money?

Oh, by the way,  My Father- in- Law has metastatic, small-cell disease. His tumor markers are 800. He looks like he is actively dying.   He started cesium chloride protocol last night as last resort!

Do you have any choice words for him as he is waisting away and in pain? As he is placing hope on this cesium therapy?

 How do you feel about the fact he is in pain and dying a miserable death?

Now that he is desperate and scared,... Would you like to scare him more that the cesium is going to be worse that the disease that is rotting his organs as we speak?

Would you like to sell him on how cesium is worse than his disease?

Maybe you can hook him up with a 3,000 dollar ozone unit that wont be of benefit for a couple weeks! Yes, that is your position now isn't it! Oh, yes it is!

Nice work Hveragerthi!  Keep it up! The lives you are costing are not your own!

Heaven has a place for people like yourself!

It's called hell!

ps. If you would like me to post more cesium studies and articles I will, but we all know you aren't interested in what they have to say! We all know you wont read them!



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