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Re: Where are the Raw Meat Eaters / Raw Paleo people in Curezone?

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Where are the Raw Meat Eaters / Raw Paleo people in Curezone?

Hello VX!, Thanks a lot for your valuable time and response, I do appreciate a lot.

>It's also possible you're suffering from dietary deficiencies. When you have time, do a hair analysis at "Doctor's Data" or "Genova" labs to get an idea if you have any.

1.- Deficiencies: for sure I was on a very restrictive Diet, and due to my lack of knowledge I had omitted all fats, except a little extra virgin olive oil. I will do the hair analysis.

>F you have Candida, there are strategies for dealing with this. Mostly using a drug called nilstat/nystatin and/or Threelac (special probiotic), or other probiotics (especially kefir made from raw milk).

2.- Candida: I do not take drugs, and Threelac not available here. I took a lot of things, including Kolorex. The last lab stool analysis done in Spain showed no Candida, but my allopathic doctor said the lab did it wrong, 8 days to make the culture it is not enough, it must be at least 3 weeks. Now I am back in my house in South America, in a month I will do it in the original lab where they detected it the last year.

3.- Cholesterol: This is unbelievable! A fall in 6,75 mg/dl per day during these last 8 days!,
3.1 On April 7th 2010 I did the Total Cholesterol, to have the measure just before the Primal Diet. I got 239 mg/dl.

3.2 On April 15th 2010 I did the Total Cholesterol again: 185!!!! mg/dl,† A fall in†54 mg/dl in just 8 days eating Raw stuff, not very compliant because I was eating about 250 grams a day of various white cheese, and 30 grams of butter, but with salt, the local cheese here is done more naturally, but we have a very hot weather so cheese comes with plenty of salt. Plenty of raw†fish and little raw cow meat, not organic, no chicken. I did not suspended my supplements.

I could not found the book in the big local Book Stores and there is a very tough foreign exchange control from government, so it is very difficult to get USD in the credit cards to purchase anything via web. So a big miracle!

4. I still have some minor water retention to resolve located in my feets only, my slimness and tiredness and my very low blood pressure: 90/60 I used to have it in 115/75. I guess this should be part of the deficiencies of the previous restricted Candida diet.

>You know, I wouldn't pay much attention to what (medical) doctors say.
5.- Doctors: You are right they have made me lose: all my money, my poor mother who is extremelly ill and 16 long suffering years of my productive life. Unfortunately they specialize in confusing the people with false data. This week when I was doing my non standard Primal Diet I was extremely concerned about my health with so ďhugeĒ daily intake of raw eggs and animal fats, due to my wrong misconceptions created by the doctors ďexpertĒ opinions, both allopathic and naturist doctors.

>Pasteurized milk was super bad for me and I had to stop drinking it. Butter is fine.
6.- MILK: Me too VX. But cheese and Butter always was good to me until I suspended them in the Candida diet. In 2008 when I was also in Spain I tested raw milk directly from my uncle's cow, I noticed my stomach a little warm but not discomfort nor gases, interesting...
6.1 I still wonder if mother nature made milk suitable for humans?, it is still a big question in my mind.

Thanks for your candida link, the zapper and herbs data, very usefull to me, I will try to get them from the US, I will see how.

>cravings. Several people need starch to detoxify, so next time, don't feel bad about eating them.
7.- Cravings: That explained why I celebrated my low cholesterol that day with a dessert done with: Raw Black Cocoa, soaked and cooked(sorry) quinoa,† soaked almonds and walnuts and raw honey, hummmmmm with my new love: ďRaw coconut oilĒ from pure tropical coconuts done with juice extractor, was my first time and it tasted to me to heaven :)

>For your own curiousity, I would try testing to see if you have Candida before trying anything. Try taking 100mg of nystatin 3 times per day for 2 weeks and notice any changes in your health. If there is no change, you don't have Candida, it's probably either amoebas or protazoa, which can be killed by Parastat.
8.- Die-Off/Herxheimer reaction: Last saturday night my naturist doctor recommended to take ľ teaspoon of baking soda with water, I had diarrhea from 4:00 am until next monday, I had to use cooked rice to stop it. I wonder what level of cholesterod I had reached without the rice :) I do not know if this means that Candida is still there.

>Good luck, please keep me posted as to how you are doing in the future. (No one ever does this, sigh).
VX, thanks a million for your kind and detailed answers and your willingness to help others :)
Best regards


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