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Re: please help.anyone with knowledge on liver,lymphatic system. near the end. i would greatly appreciate any insight
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: please help.anyone with knowledge on liver,lymphatic system. near the end. i would greatly appreciate any insight

I read your post and felt compelled to reply. I think you're right about your liver. It does so much for the body, and it could be that its efforts have been compromised by the drugs you've taken, namely the allergic reaction that it seems you're having a hard time recovering from.

I'd like to steer you towards some excellent sites/resources -- I too suffer from some liver issues, nothing as serious as yours, and I recently got a lot from this site, which offers unique resources and chinese herbs for liver/gallbladder flushes, and a lot of great information about how the liver works in general. The woman who created this site has a background in chemistry and chinese medicine, and she embarked on her own journey to heal her liver/hormonal system using eastern and western modalities, so she speaks from educated experience.

I would also like to direct you to, which offers more great information as well as products that naturally chelate heavy metals and environmental toxins out of the body using very pure, silicate based clays. The Science behind this is tested. Warning: the use of these clays can thwart the efforts of prescription drugs -- they are that powerful.

This next site offers a complete program for weaning off of psychoactive drugs, and may be helpful to you:

As for diarrhea and candida, the best bet there is probiotics -- but probiotics in the form of naturally fermented foods. A supplement like bio-K would be helpful, but you should also try incorporating ferments into your regular diet. The probiotics will help beat back the candida and aid in the regrowth of your flora. If you're certain of candida, taking Sugar out of your diet could bring relief. Sugar = soda, pasta, white rice, potatoes, bread, jelly, fruit, crackers, as well as, well... sugar.

Eliminating additives, processed food, and common vegetable oils like margarine, canola, safflower, soy, corn, cottonseed, may also make a huge difference if you haven't done that already; as could eating more fresh food, juicing/smoothies, and following proper food combining. Google "food combining" and you'll come across a few charts that detail proper food combinations for treating digestive disturbances. There's a tremendous amount of Science behind food combining, despite what all the pundits may say, and everyone who tries it notes a difference. The basic rules are:

1) Don't eat starches and proteins together, but either can be eaten with green leafy veggies and non-starchy veggies. That means fish + salad = good, or brown rice + salad = good. BUT NOT meat + potatoes as we so often like it.

2) ALWAYS Eat melons alone.

3) Fats and starches are good. Yay for butter/avocado on toast!

4) Acids and starches are bad -- no tomatoes and pasta.

5) Fruit should generally be eaten alone as well, and mixing acid fruits with sweet fruits is bad (no bananas and strawberries, sorry), though all fruits can be eaten with lettuce, cucumber, sprouts, celery, fennel...

6) Acids and proteins is also not super great.

There are a few other rules, but those are the big ones.

Folks who have IBS, colitis, etc... often report a cessation in their symptoms in as little as 24 hours after practicing food combining!

And if you need some great recipes for all this, check out The current issue of their recipe book is not an anti-candida diet, but it may give you some good ideas.

Lastly, go for a walk everyday and choose life and being healthy inside your mind. Write "I AM SO HEALTHY" on a t-shirt in permanent marker, even if it feels like a joke. The words will resonate with all your cells, and you'll see it when you look in the mirror and inadvertently say it inside your head. Life with all its challenges is the best guru, and sometimes suffering is a gift because it teaches us that we can't fight suffering -- we have to accept it and move forward from there.

Good luck to you! Many blessings and much LOVE.

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