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Re Rod Classs Latest
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re Rod Classs Latest

Rod Class on the need for a Corpus Delicti Hearing
& Demand for a Declaratory Judgment

Tonight’s topic is the trust. Everybody has been dancing around it. Nobody has ever come up with where they are getting their information from. And that has always hurt us. Its easy to talk. The problem is: when you are walking into that courtroom & the judge asks you a question, you better be able to give him an answer as to where this stuff is coming from, and not from “I got it from some guy off some internet radio or I got it from some friend that lives down the street.” That is not a proper response.

And that’s been the problem here. Everybody’s talked about the trust – everybody says the birth certificate is the trust. But when you ask them, “Okay, where is it stated that the birth certificate is the trust – where in the law did you find it?” And they never tell you, because, (1) either they don’t know, or (2) they don’t want to give up their trade secret.

For you new people… I don’t play that. You are entitled to know where I get my information from. Because, if you are going to walk into a courtroom, you better be able to sit down & explain it. The gentleman that taught me many years ago, whenever we talked about this – the ALL CAPITAL LETTER NAME. And I asked him, “Okay, you made the statement... Where can I find this?” And nobody had an answer.

Well, we found it. And we put it out on the airwaves. It is in Texas Administrative Code under Corporations, Chapter 79, Section 79.31, it talks about the ALL CAPs. The United States Style Manual gets into this.

Tonight, we are going to get into the Birth Certificate & we’re going to show you where all the fraud lies in all of this & how they are dragging you into the courtroom under a TRUST NAME or under an ESTATE.

Because we have been trying to find this for years, and, part of it has been that if you would go in and you got to say, “I am here for a ‘Special Appearance’.”

If I was a judge, and you were to tell me, “I am here for a Special Appearance” I would want you to explain it to me, so I know what is ‘special’ about you. People don’t have answers, people can’t answer that question – “I am here for a ‘Special Appearance’” So, what’s different about your paperwork that makes you ‘special’?

We are going to get into that tonight.

Let’s talk tonite about the Trust under the Birth Certificate on how they are dragging you & I into that courtroom under that ALL CAPITAL LETTER NAME. What I recently discovered in the District of Columbia State’s Statutes – this is where I found it. I also found in some of the other State’s Statutes, not quite the same wording, but what we found in Washington DC Statutes under Birth Certificate, and why we never went & looked under the State Statutes for birth certificate – on what the definition of a birth certificate is – what is the definition of a ‘live birth’. And what is a definition of a ‘Person’ under a Birth Certificate, and the fact that the Social Security Number is attached to the birth certificate at the moment the child is born. They automatically get a number, immediately.

Under DC Code Section 7-201 Definitions, if you go down to Section 9, it says ‘Live Birth’ means the complete expulsion, or extraction, from its mothers, of a product of human conception.

This is part of the problem we are having in a courtroom. They are saying something to you, and you’re not comprehending what is being said. Because you have your mind on something else, and not on what is being said.

Why would they use the word ‘its’, why would they not use – extraction from the ‘child’s’ mother? Now going down to Section 10 – Persons. ‘Person’ means an individual. Problem of it is, there is no definition that I have come across within the Codes for the word ‘individual’. It always refers back to a corporation, or trust, or an association. ‘Person’ means an individual, a trust. A ‘person’ is a trust, a ‘person’ is an estate, a ‘person’ is a partnership. A ‘person’ is a corporation, including an association, a joint stock companies… Now wait a minute, you are, at live birth, are now considered joint stock companies. It further goes in and says, an insurance companies – so you are an insurance company, not a living being… not a flesh & blood man. Everything that we’re going to get here – you’re not going to hear the word ‘living soul’, ‘living person’, ‘living man, living child, living son, living daughter’. You’re not going to hear none of that.

It further says, that a person – the district government, or an agency or instrumentality of the district government. This is what is under a birth certificate definition for the word ‘person’. So, you are listed, at the time you are extracted from your mother, as a trust, as an estate, as a partnership, as a corporation, including a association, joint stock companies, an insurance company, the district government, or an agency or instrumentality of the district government.

Now, if you were to get into Title 26 USC Code 7701, which is IRS, and it says under Title 26 Section 7701, subtitle (f) Chapter 79
26 U.S.C.

United States Code, 2011 Edition
Subtitle F - Procedure and Administration
Sec. 7701 – Definitions
a) When used in this title, where not otherwise distinctly expressed or manifestly incompatible with the intent thereof—
(1) Person - The term “person” shall be construed to mean and include an individual, a trust, estate, partnership, association, company or corporation.

You are classified as a trust, estate, registered to the State of which you were born at which point under the 1935 Social Security Act, Title 5 Section 501 & 502, under Grants to the State, the day that you came out of your mother & got a number, the State got X amount of dollars for your live birth & federal grant money for each fiscal year.

Now, I want you to think about what we are talking about here. There is the proof that everybody has been looking for to go back & prove that the birth certificate is the trust in this issue. Nobody has ever sat down and told you where to find it. So when you now go into these courts, what we are doing… and this is for those that are capable to understand this, in other words, do not go down this path until you get better knowledge behind you, when you are better prepared to be able to go ‘head to head’ in the courtroom. Because part of the problem that we are running into is this: When you are dealing with your paperwork, it says ‘The State of…’ You will never find an address under the heading of ‘State of…’. When you do paperwork, you are required to put an address. You are required to tell them where you live, so they know where to mail. What I have done in my paperwork, I have listed the United States of America as an unknown entity, with an undisclosed address. I went back in and used the ALL CAPITAL LETTER NAME as a registered government trade name, that is either a Ward, or is a Property of the government.

Now follow me with what we’re saying here, because this is important for you to come back in. This is why when I started out – you are to make a ‘Special Appearance’. If you are going to use the ‘State of…’, and you’re going to use that ALL CAPTIAL LETTER NAME, and you’re going to make a ‘Special Appearance’ – you did not take yourself out of the Trust side of this thing. If you just leave that name, and you don’t designate it as a government Trade-Name, as a Ward, or Property, or Trust – if you do not make the distinction between that ALL CAPITAL LETTER NAME & you.

This is where the problem is coming in.
Because when I did my paperwork in Washington DC, I ran some test runs, and I have given them some fits, because when I listed that ALL CAPITAL LETTER NAME as a government registered Trade-Name, as a Ward or Property of the government, then I come down and place my lower-case name, and I put it as a ‘Real Party of Interest’. And because of what we found on the Birth Certificate, and what we’ve found in other languages, I would never use the words a ‘Flesh & Blood Man with a Soul’ on any of my documentation, because I could not verify that.

Throughout the year that we’ve been doing this, we have said if you go into Title 7 under Agriculture of Section 136 >> << look up the word ‘animal’ it defines an animal as a vertebrate [and invertebrate] which is a man, a mammal, fish & shellfish.
d) Animal

The term "animal" means all vertebrate and invertebrate species,
including but not limited to man and other mammals, birds, fish,
and shellfish.

So, man is listed as an animal.

If you get into ‘Human Being’ under Title 1 Chapter 1 Section 8, Human Being is defined as Homo Sapien. If you get into the Latin side of this, and look under the Vatican for the Latin language, a ‘Human Being’ is considered a Monster, or an Animal.

Now, what we are doing is we’re asking for is a Corpus Delicti & Habeas Corpus hearing. Now why would I ask for such a thing? We’re going back in and we’re asking the judge to define the ALL CAPITAL LETTER NAME of RODNEY DALE CLASS & the lower-case name Rodney Dale Class. I want the judge to define which one is the Trust name, Trade-Name, Animal & which one is the Living Soul?

Because when the judge calls your name, he doesn’t say I want the ALL CAPITAL LETTER NAME of RODNEY DALE CLASS to stand up, or, the lower-case name of Rodney Dale Class to stand up, or the RODNEY DALE CLASS that is classified as an Animal to stand up.

Harvey: He also doesn’t say “I want the Rodney Dale of the family of Class to stand up.

Rod: Exactly. So, their coming in and using the name. So, what you’re doing is that you’re now coming in and you are going to ask for a Corpus Delicti & Habeas Corpus Hearing, and you want a Declaratory Judgment, because you want the Prosecutor to bring in the Accusing Party & you want the Prosecutor to identify the Accused – “Are you accusing the Trust Name under the Birth Certificate? Are you Accusing the Estate Name under the Birth Certificate, or are you accusing the Ward of the government? Because when you use the ALL CAPITAL LETTER NAME, it is a Trust, it is an Estate, it is a Ward of the government. So we are here to distinguish – are we talking about a ‘Monster’, by legal definition? Are we talking about an Animal, by legal definition? Are we talking about a ‘Person’ that is an Estate, a Trust, a Partnership, an Insurance Company, a Joint Stock Company? Are we talking about a ‘Person’ that is an Officer of a Corporation or an Employee of a Corporation?

Or, are we sitting here talking about a Living, Flesh & Blood Soul?

We need to clear this up on what we are doing, here. We need to clear all this up. So, we need a Corpus Delicti Hearing on this issue. We want the Prosecutor to come in & we want him to define. And, we want the judge to give us a Declaratory Judgment on what is being charged in this courtroom. Because, unless we get a Declaratory Judgment, until we find out WHO is the Corpus Delicti, they can’t move.

For example, in a child custody battle in a courtroom:
Is it not true that all Birth Certificates are Registered to the State?
Is it also not true that under the Social Security Act of 1935, the State receives federal grant money for that child being born?

When the State holds the child as a Ward of the State, then the State should pick up the tab. The same goes with an IRS case situation.

More on the mp3.


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