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Published: 13 years ago
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You're Destined to Find Answers

Fasting has its problems. People often feel like they're starving during or after a fast, for some reason. It may be that what they're starving for is good fats. See
Getting plenty of good fats in the diet apparently satisfies hunger better than other foods do. Coconut oil is said to be the best fat, but butter, olive oil, raw eggs, nuts, cheese, meat etc are good sources too. Carlson's fish oils are among the best for omega-3 fats, because they're cleansed of mercury and other heavy metals. Fish oil has DHA and EPA, which are important for the brain and nervous system, as are other fats too. Your emotions may be a sign of insufficient good fats.

I fasted 56 days in 1981 with a chiropractor who did it a couple of weeks longer. I'm 5'8 and I went from about 155# to 103. I intended to start a completely raw food diet at that time, but when I got off the fast I started compulsively eating french fries etc. A year later I succeeded at getting on a raw food diet. I found that blending about 4 bananas with water and flavoring, like carob powder, 2 drops of vanilla, or a few strawberries, satisfied my hunger better than any whole fruits or vegs, for some reason.

Puking ten times a day for a few months is bound to be unhealthful. The gastric juices damage the mucus lining of the esophagus, when one pukes. Also they lose all the digestive enzymes from the lost saliva etc. So the body has to go through the trouble to rebuild the supply of salivary and gastric juices, like amylase and hydrochloric acid. A low salt diet makes it hard for people to get enough hydrochloric acid by the way, which makes it hard to digest protein. I use Sea Salt , but the best is said to be Celtic Sea Salt , because it has good minerals. I found some in Boston 2 years ago for just a couple dollars per pound.

Dr. Schulze says fresh hawthorne berries are excellent for protecting the heart. Dr. West says natural Vitamin B4 is important for preventing cramps in heart muscle and maybe other muscles. [ says Vitamin B4, also referred to as adenine, is one of the many B vitamins. Many people do not know that vitamin B4 is one of the bases that help to compose both RNA and DNA. Vitamin B4 works alongside other enzymes in order to produce energy. So as you can imagine, without the proper amount of vitamin B4 you may run into problems as far as having enough energy is concerned. ... The best dietary option [for] vitamin B4 ... is fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and honey.] Dr. West says you can't get this vitamin from supplements, as it breaks down in processing.

Kefir can help restore your digestive enzymes. Some health food stores, or,
are good sources. It reproduces itself. All you have to do is add milk. It's a good probiotic as well as a source of enzymes and other nutrients.

I'd do the oil pulling, i.e. rinsing the teeth and gums with olive oil or other oils for ten minutes at a time at least once a day. It kills hidden infections in the mouth which tend to become systemic and to suppress the immune system. Restoring the immune system would improve your overall health.

Get yourself good water, with no chlorine or fluoride.

My guess is that you just have some of the above deficiencies, causing your emotions, nervousness etc. I'd say sleep as long as your body wants to. Sleeping allows it to heal and restore energy.

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